How Much To Advertise On A Podcast

How Much To Advertise On A Podcast – Every year, media groups like Statistica, Triton Digital, and Edison Research conduct digital media surveys to measure trends, track podcast growth, monitor listener behavior, and share valuable podcast insights from a global perspective.

We update this post monthly with the best podcast stats so you can stay informed about the industry and make informed decisions about your podcast!

How Much To Advertise On A Podcast

How Much To Advertise On A Podcast

The industry grew with the advent of smartphones, smart speakers (Amazon Alexa, Google Home, etc.), mobile devices, and indoor entertainment systems.

Why Marketers See Audio As A ‘strong Format’ Worth Investing In Next Year

The overall consumption of audio (talk radio, podcasts, audiobooks and sports) is increasing. According to Edison Research’s Spoken Word Audio Report, spoken word media consumption among Gen Z (ages 13-24) increased 214 percent in 2014 compared to people ages 13-34.

Historically, the demographics of podcasts have not been consistent with the US population. In 2011, 68% of podcast listeners were white, but that is starting to change.

The US accounts for 47.9% of podcast listeners, followed by the UK at 6.3%, and Canada at 5.0% (full ranking here ).

There is no doubt that podcasts are very popular in the US, but they are not the first place to grow or listen.

The 19 Best Podcasts Of 2022

Most podcast consumers listen to audio content using their phones and play episodes through a mainstream podcast app such as Apple or Spotify.

Most people (26%) listen to podcasts from 10:00 to 14:00. The next time to listen to podcasts is before 10 am (25%).

According to a Statistica study, 22% of podcast listeners in the United States prefer comedy as a genre.

How Much To Advertise On A Podcast

As of December 2022, Apple Podcasts is number one with 38.6% of all podcast listeners and 44,194,930 podcast downloads.

Types Of Advertising Methods & How They’re Used

People who listen to podcasts for at least five hours a week behave a little differently than the average listener. The Edison Research Super Listeners 2021 survey revealed that super listeners:

Over 50% of podcasts are between 20 and 60 minutes long. Less than 10% of episodes are shorter than ten minutes, and about 17% are longer than 60.

A recent Podchaser study analyzed six months of data to determine the best day to release a new episode. The results showed that weekdays are more popular than weekends, but that no particular day of the week is better than another.

Podcast listeners have many ways to find new content. Here’s a breakdown of how listeners discover new podcasts:

How Do Podcasts Make Money: 10 Ways To Monetize Your Podcast

This data highlights the importance of two key podcast marketing strategies: quality SEO and word of mouth.

Podcasting is a very effective marketing tool for big name brands, small businesses, and entrepreneurs looking to expand their reach.

The Super Listeners 2021 survey by Edison Research revealed the advertising preferences of 1,000 people who consume podcasts at least five hours a week. Here’s what they found:

How Much To Advertise On A Podcast

Edison Research and NPR just released their 2022 Smart Speaker Voice Report. The study revealed these statistics about smart speaker owners:

Podcast Advertising Stats

The podcast industry is growing at a rapid rate. Here are some industry predictions for 2022 and beyond.

Alban Brooke is Head of Marketing at Buzzcast and co-host of Buzzcast. Do you have questions about this guide? Contact on Twitter.

As of 2022, podcast listeners as a group have grown by 29.5% over the past three years. There are currently 120 million podcast listeners in the United States and over 420 million listeners worldwide. Experts predict that by 2023 there will be 160 million podcast listeners worldwide.

According to the latest survey, 57% of US consumers listen to podcasts, and 78% are familiar with the medium.

Best Motivational Podcasts To Listen To Right Now

Getting the right podcast number is more complicated than you might think. Not all podcasts are public RSS feeds, and some “dormant”, inactive podcasts can affect the number. Taking all factors into account, experts estimate that there are about 4 million podcasts.

The Joe Rogan Experience is the most popular podcast in terms of monthly podcast listeners (data taken from Q4 2021-Q3 2022). We get it, podcasts are your passion from brainstorming to networking with like-minded people. But even your passion can get a little expensive after a while. So, wouldn’t it be great if you got paid to do what you love? But the question remains, how do podcasts make money?

First, you may not be turning in dough from your podcast (and that’s okay). But that doesn’t mean you can’t start building your community and monetizing your content now. Never had a better time, seriously!

How Much To Advertise On A Podcast

Start setting yourself up for monetization by growing your community and choosing the right hosting platform. These two components are the basis of growth. Once you’ve got these out of the way, you might consider making money through affiliate marketing, sponsorship deals, and now more tangible ways like programmatic advertising.

Podcast Statistics And Data [december 2022]

Whether you’re a beginner or you’re here to take fundraising a step further and make it your full-time job, we’ve got your back. But, before we get into the details, let’s review some aspects that are critical to your podcast participation, so it’s good to start making money.

We mentioned that choosing the right platform and growing your community are critical aspects before making money. For one, choosing the right podcast platform will streamline your podcast management and grow your audience at the same time.

Podcasting is a powerful medium because it creates feelings of intimacy between podcast hosts and their listeners. When people listen to a podcast, they feel like they know the host and are in the room with them. Listeners enjoy podcasts because there is a level of reach and trust with the hosts and if you can use that in the right way, then you can grow your show and make money depending on the size of your audience.

For podcasters and So you want to start a Podcast author, Kristen Meinzer, an active audience is crucial to the financial success of the podcast.

How Much Does Pinterest Advertising Cost In 2022?

“With your great content and smart listener engagement strategies, people will come back week after week. Then learn all you can about them.”

“The more you know about your audience and the more loyal they are, the more likely you are to get advertisers.”

But remember, don’t use your audience to make money. Instead, develop real relationships with your listeners and use those relationships to earn money. There is a difference. Don’t prevent your listener from feeling like they’re participating in the podcast experience if they don’t value it. It has to be a symbiotic relationship and it cannot work if it is one sided.

How Much To Advertise On A Podcast

Highly engaged listeners who are emotionally connected to your podcast listen more, promote more, buy more, show more loyalty and become brand ambassadors.

Reach A Tech Audience

There are many hosting platforms on the market, however, not many allow hosts to use programmatic ads like Spreaker does. This is a huge advantage for any podcaster who wants to monetize their content, so be aware of this when choosing your podcast hosting platform. If you are thinking of moving your podcast to Spreaker if you can use programmatic ads, and you have a full catalog of shows, you can start making money almost immediately by placing ads in your entire back catalog.

Ultimately, it’s important to choose a platform that can meet all your needs throughout your podcasting journey. For example, as you grow older, your podcasting needs and desires will also grow and expand. Therefore, you need a hosting platform that provides the right tools, knowledge and support to succeed as a podcaster.

At Spreaker, for example, our professional offering includes everything from editing, publishing, social media distribution, and monetization opportunities (among other things) to give podcasters more control over their content. We have also developed tools such as our automated logging tool, including an advanced silent detection system.

Finally, choose your podcast host wisely. We encourage you to check out what Spreaker has to offer.

Times Square Story And What Is Times Square Advertising Cost

There is no better time to think about monetizing podcasts than right now. But let’s be clear. You can make money from the start, but that doesn’t mean you can make money from your show from day one. See the difference? Let’s break it down.

As soon as you can, you should lay the foundation for monetization, which is a strong community of listeners and the right hosting platform. Then as your audience grows you will start to see the benefits.

You can create a Patreon account for your podcast before you launch your first episode, but don’t expect to get fifty Patreon subscribers per episode from day one. In fact, you can only get two. A good way to build your community is to promote your community groups together to connect your audience. For example, when a listener joins your Patreon account, you should send them to your Facebook group where they can talk with other listeners about their experiences, thoughts and opinions about your podcast, which will strengthen your community.

How Much To Advertise On A Podcast

Now, as the old saying goes, “everything great takes time” so be patient with yourself in this regard.

Why Are Ad Sales Slumping Before The Economy Slumps?

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