How Do You Say Wife In Russian

How Do You Say Wife In Russian – The men were bussed to a temporary mobilization station set up at the Roman Victyuk Palace in Moscow in late September.

Women in the Russian army who invaded Ukraine often receive their pay either late, incomplete or not at all, several female soldiers who have been recruited or mobilized told RFE/RL.

How Do You Say Wife In Russian

How Do You Say Wife In Russian

Ekaterina, who is from Ivanovo, about 300 kilometers northeast of Moscow, told North.Reality, Russia’s regional newspaper, that her husband Alexander was woken up on October 21 but had not received a salary for the past two months.

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“He wants a salary but only gets a contract. His bosses told him he just had to wait, but no money came in for two months. “, complains Ekaterina and adds that taking care of a child without relatives to help her only increases her worries.

“You probably know yourself that it is not difficult to raise a child on 20,000 to 30,000,000 rupees ($250-380) a month because you need paper, food and so on,” he says.

It’s not a private case. Ukrainian independent media outlet Verstka reported that it was monitoring social media in 52 regions of Russia and the illegally occupied Crimea.

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Verstka’s report said those affected included professional soldiers and recruits, as well as conscripts during the “partial mobilization” in Russia.

Valentina Melnikova, head of the Committee of Parents of Russian Soldiers, told Verstka that the inability of the Russian military department to cope with the large number of Russian troops was probably the reason for the payment delay.

“Never before have we had so many people in conflict. Neither volunteers nor conscripts have been [in the army before]. We have no experience working with such personnel,” Verstka quoted Melnikova as saying.

How Do You Say Wife In Russian

A “partial mobilization” of Russian citizens against the country’s invasion of Ukraine has sparked not only protests but mass migration since it was announced last September. Tens of thousands have fled the country by car, crossing land borders or buying plane tickets outside the country.

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In an effort to lure Russians to take up arms and take part in Russia’s ongoing offensive, the government of President Vladimir Putin – who was recently indicted by the International Criminal Court for allegedly kidnapping Ukrainian children – promised large salaries.

According to reports, the starting salary of a Russian soldier fighting in Ukraine is about 195,000,000 kroner ($2,535) a month – about 14 times the average salary in some regions of Russia.

Rusnak was woken up with a Russian flag at the Kazan Expo Center on October 23 before heading to the front lines as Moscow attacks Ukraine.

Elizabeth of Vologda said to Sever. The fact that her husband, Cyril, 25, saw a drastic pay cut is said to have put him on the back burner because he returned late after visiting home to see his newborn daughter.

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“He was paid 6,000,000 rupees ($75) in February; the rest were cut off. Our child is only one month old and we have no money,” she said, adding that commanders told her husband it was unclear when he would be paid back in full, although he said it was months ago.

“They used to pay Rs 220,000 a month, then less and less. January is 195,000,000”.

Yulia, from Ust-Ilimsk in Irkutsk, Russia’s Siberian region, says her husband signed a contract to fight in Ukraine but received less than a quarter of what he was promised.

How Do You Say Wife In Russian

“A salary of 30,000 rubles ($380) was the only one offered,” said Yulia, who, like Ekaterina, turned to Russian authorities for help and received a response.

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“I wrote everywhere. But he is not alone. Everyone who went with him is not getting [salary],” Yulia said.

“Yes, there could be many reasons. We can only guess, be patient and wait,” he said. “Russians are patient.”


The New York Times reported in late February that nearly 200,000 Russian soldiers had been killed or wounded in Ukraine.

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The Russian military said the death toll in September was less than the 6,000,000 people it recently confirmed were missing. Open source media has more than doubled the number of Russian deaths.

Ukraine, meanwhile, says it is investigating more than 76,000 Russian war crimes, including murders, kidnappings, indiscriminate bombings and gender-based violence.

On March 17, the International Criminal Court issued arrest warrants for Putin and Maria Lvova-Belova, a Russian children’s rights activist, on charges of illegally sending thousands of Ukrainian children to Russia.

How Do You Say Wife In Russian

In addition to being underpaid, Russian soldiers are often ill-equipped for combat. The men who were sent to Ukraine were asked to bring their own medical supplies due to shortages inside.

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The Guardian newspaper reported in October that with little or no equipment, families were forced to buy their own equipment, including fire extinguishers and flak jackets, from soldiers on alert.

Elizaveta from Volzhsky, an industrial town in the Volgograd region, said her husband was never paid for his work in January or February.

“Before, everything was going well: 195,000,000 every month on the 12th [of the month]. I never hurt anyone. My husband has been deployed [in the attack] since September; is a volunteer. “

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The Russian Finance Ministry announced on March 6 that Russia’s budget had increased to 2.58 trillion rubles ($34.19 billion).

Moscow relies on oil and gas revenues – about 11.6 trillion Rwandan francs last year – to fund its budget and had to start selling international stocks to fund the crisis, the US news agency said. Ukrainian invasion.

On March 29, Putin told government officials in Moscow that sanctions imposed by the West to punish Moscow for its invasion of Ukraine could have a “negative impact” on the country’s economy. It was an extraordinary admission by the Russian leader, who a few weeks ago – on March 14 – dismissed the impact of Western sanctions on the Russian economy, boasting that the country’s “economic sovereignty” was stronger than ever.

How Do You Say Wife In Russian

Economist Janis Kluge of the German Institute for Security and Peace Affairs estimates that Western sanctions alone “have reduced the Russian economy by roughly 10%,” a bigger impact than the current financial crisis. 2008

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In this filed photo, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his wife Lyudmila Putina wait for G8 leaders to have a special dinner in July 2006 in Peterhof, Russia. Guide/Getty Images hide captions

In this filed photo, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his wife Lyudmila Putina wait for G8 leaders to have a special dinner in July 2006 in Peterhof, Russia.

Russia Today reports that Putin and Lyudmila attended the Esmeralda ballet in the Kremlin, where they announced the news.

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According to Russia Today, the country said the English version of what Putin said was a “joint decision.” RT added:

Lyudmila Putina, who was asked to confirm whether it was a divorce, standing next to the president, told the media: “Yes, you can say that, it’s a cultural divorce.” … “We love our children, are proud of them and see each other often”, Lyudmila Putina

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