How Do You Say Thanks In Turkish

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Learn how to say thank you in Turkish easily. Here’s a very simple trick that the locals taught me so I always remember how to say thank you in Turkish!

How Do You Say Thanks In Turkish

How Do You Say Thanks In Turkish

I lived and worked in Istanbul for three months one summer. I had no idea I would last this long until I arrived and many nice Turks offered me help.

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Of course, one of the first things I learned was how to say thank you in Turkish. It’s best to learn it in any language, but since I’ve lived and worked here it’s come a long way. Also learning how to say “no thank you” is probably just as important so you can avoid problems with the attention you expect from Turkish men.

If you learn just a few words in the local language of the country you’re visiting, it really makes a difference in how the locals treat you. How to say thank you in Turkish

, pronounced tesh-i-kur eh-deh-rem. An easy way to remember this is to say “tea, sugar, a dream”. It’s not exactly the same, of course, but you can use it as a tool to remember words.

Many shopkeepers I met in one of the best quarters of Istanbul, the old city, Sultanahmet, told me this. Not only does it sound like a phrase, it’s also poignant because drinking tea is a way to connect with the locals in Turkey (or many other parts of the world).

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It’s the perfect way to say “thank you” and a great way to really think about the Turkish people who have been so hospitable and friendly. At first you may be overwhelmed (especially as a woman) by the many Turkish men and shopkeepers talking to you, trying to sell you carpets and offering you tea, but once you get to know the Turks, they are extremely warm, generous and giving. .

It’s also good to know that a more informal “thank you” is teşekkürler, pronounced tesh-eh-koo-lehr. And frankly just as important now is saying “no thanks”, which

In Turkish, there is a slight difference between sağol and teşekler. Sagal has a deep meaning that wants the person to live well and healthily.

How Do You Say Thanks In Turkish

Just wanted to take a second to thank everyone for their thoughtful responses to my last post about whether I should stay in Istanbul or start traveling again. I was so touched by all the wonderful and heartwarming comments I received – some from old friends from “way back when” and others from new friends I recently met on my travels.

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It’s amazing to me to be so far away and yet so many friends drop what they’re doing to email me for honest advice. It brightened my mood tremendously.

The most common thing I heard was how many people were surprised that I hadn’t had these reflective moments before. I think I get them here and there, but not so intensely because I have a lot of time to get lost in my own mind in Istanbul – a sometimes scary, scary place!

I try not to think about “what am I going to do when I get home…or the rest of my life” now. It’s not always easy, but I want to live in the moment and that’s what I should do. I’ve really enjoyed the journey and find myself smiling as I tell others about it – so I know it’s been amazing.

Instead of starting a “visa run” after my three-month tourist visa expires, I’ll probably say goodbye to Turkey and head north to parts of Eastern Europe, starting with Romania. I love Turkey and could easily live here… but there are a few other places I’d like to see before I “complete” my trip.

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I stayed here longer than anywhere else on my entire trip and I really like Istanbul. It is full of some of the friendliest and most helpful people I have ever met anywhere in the world. And I’ll probably cry the first few days after I leave too… because I’ve made a nice circle of really good, kind friends here – who even pulled my ass out from under me in the dump and made me feel better. It’s great to always have friends around me physically and in spirit even though I’m far away!

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How Do You Say Thanks In Turkish

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When learning Turkish, one of the most important things you need to know is how to say hello.

You can say “Hi, how are you?” There are many different ways in Turkish, and many Turkish ways to say hello. In Turkish, how to say hello is a matter of knowing which phrases to use and where to use them. Soon, you can become such a confident Turkish speaker that you can walk into a smoky, dimly lit cafe in Istanbul and say hello in Turkish to a group of elderly gentlemen playing backgammon…

How To Learn Turkish (with Pictures)

” Young people gathered on a bench for a butt in Turkish. Wouldn’t that be nice? By learning how to say hello in Turkey, you can conquer both worlds: the world of the traditional, formal person and the modernist, more relaxed youth.

To avoid awkwardness with both of them, it’s important that you know the differences between the different ways to say hello in Turkish, both formal and informal. Fear not… we bring you the ultimate guide! Here’s “Hello, how are you?” Turkish vocabulary, how to say “hello” in Turkish and many other common Turkish greetings!

The classic Merhaba (hello in Turkish) is a good choice for almost any situation. Type “hello” into Turkish Google Translate and it’s the first word you get, not to mention that hello is the most common in Turkish texts, for good reason.

How Do You Say Thanks In Turkish

The word hello in Turkish comes from the Arabic marhaban and is widely accepted as a Turkish greeting. It means “I receive you kindly / I welcome you.” You really can’t go wrong with a decent one

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And a smile. Young and old, rich and poor, traditionalists and modernists use expressions without thought.

When addressing a group of people, however, it is acceptable to do so. It is a linguistically interesting fact that if you address a group of people in Turkish, a single

A good rule of thumb when in doubt is to be formal. Turkish people are warm and welcoming, but they are traditional at heart and believe that elders and women should be respected. People who behave too casually or speak disrespectfully are generally discouraged, even the young and rebellious.

Back from a group. It means “peace be with you all” and recipients are expected to answer in a chorus. You’ll probably get extra credit for it! This will make you sound like you have a fairly advanced level of knowledge of the Turkish language and culture.

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Depending on the time of day, you can wish people a good day/evening/night. While this seems pretty straightforward, there are a few ways to do it.

İyi güner: This phrase is equivalent to “good day”. Obviously, it can be used during daylight hours. It’s a more formal greeting than that

. In fact, if one were to use it among close friends, it might seem cold or formal, however considerate

How Do You Say Thanks In Turkish

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