How Do You Say My Birthday Is In Spanish

How Do You Say My Birthday Is In Spanish – When it’s my big day, I always pray for myself to reconnect with God and express my gratitude for all He does for me.

Happy birthday cards from friends, family and others will make your special day unforgettable, but connecting with our Creator is something that cannot be replaced.

How Do You Say My Birthday Is In Spanish

How Do You Say My Birthday Is In Spanish

Each new birthday makes us reflect on the previous year and gives us a fresh start and new energy.

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I am sure you will agree with me that such a special day is an excellent opportunity to thank the Almighty for the great gift of life.

I want to encourage you on such an important occasion to open your heart and let God know what is on your mind.

My beautiful collection of 120 birthday prayers collected from various sources will help you find the perfect examples to use right now!

1. “Dear God, you are the one who carefully created my entire existence. You created me and you know me better than anyone else. Father, give me the wisdom to see my potential and worth. That’s what I pray for on my birthday. Amen.”

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2. “Dear God, please always protect me and keep me; Please give me the strength to resist temptation and help me become a better person. Happy birthday to me!”

3. “Thank you for another year. I pray that my plans, decisions and actions are based on my values ​​and beliefs. I pray that my mind, body and spirit will be alive, healthy and full of love. Happy birthday to me.”

4. “Please, Jesus, keep me alive and healthy so that I can enjoy the results of my efforts. Please send your holy angels to watch over me today and forever, Father. Amen.”

How Do You Say My Birthday Is In Spanish

5. “Birthdays are a time to celebrate, and yet when I look around I see so many less happy people that I pause for gratitude. On this day, I pray for abundance in all areas of my life. Happy birthday to me.”

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6. “Merciful Lord, thank you very much for this day. Thank you for your divine presence in my life. Lead me to the life you have planned for me. Please remove sadness and anxiety from my heart and mind. Bless me for a long life full of joy, health and progress. Fill my days with love and happiness. In the name of Jesus, please.”

7. “This is another year of my life when I have to recognize God’s goodness in my life. You were my comfort and my hope. Thank you for always being with me in my life.”

8. “God, you gave me health and happiness. Help me to achieve all my goals in life. I dedicate all my victories to You, my Lord. Amen.”

9. “I know that life is like a book. With each new chapter I learn and grow towards what you want me to be. Bless me now, on this day and hereafter. In the name of Jesus I beg. Amen.”

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10. “Lord, may Your presence surround me like the warm arms of my mother. May you be with me during my birthday celebration and may your spirit bless my life every day. Happy birthday to me!”

1. “Dear God, today I am asking you for the courage to continue in life and fulfill the destiny you have given me. Happy birthday to me!”

2. “May we thank You every day – not only on special occasions like today – for the wonderful gifts You have given us. Amen.”

How Do You Say My Birthday Is In Spanish

3. “Today I will fast to remember You instead of honoring myself, and I will also take the opportunity to humbly ask for Your inestimable mercy.”

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4. “I do not notice what awaits me, but whatever I encounter in life, I ask You to always prove that I am worthy of Your protection, love and affection.”

5. “Reflecting on the day I was welcomed into this world, all I want to say is how lucky I am to have been given the precious and precious gift of life, which is without a doubt the best birthday present I could have received. Today I celebrate my birthday!”

6. “I thank You for increasing my joy as well as my years, and I ask You to prepare me for a long and successful future. Thank you God.”

7. “God, give me health and wisdom to be a successful and happy person for all the years I have left.”

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8. “On this special day, O God, I humbly come to you asking for special blessings. May misfortune never befall me. May Your protection and grace always be with me.”

9. “I appreciate every day of the life you have given me, dear Heavenly Father. Please bless me with even more of this priceless gift as I celebrate this great day in my life.”

10. “With every new day you create, let my trust in you grow stronger and stronger. Thank you for answering my prayer.”

How Do You Say My Birthday Is In Spanish

11. “Dear father, thank you for giving me the opportunity to see this day. I am amazed by all the love and kindness you surround me with. Who am I that you care so much about me? Even in my sin you still see me worthy of your love. Thank you, Father, for the grace you have given me. From now on, help me to live a life that will glorify you, Holy Name. Let me be your vessel and use me as your instrument to do your work. Amen.”

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12. “At this moment, I remember how much you love not only me, but all of us, and, using the authority of your birthday, I ask you to grant us all long life and prosperity. Thank you, dear God, because I know that you have heard my humble prayer.”

13. “I always celebrate my birthday, but I never forget to thank God for the many wonderful things I have received in my life. May he bless me every day of my new year.”

14. “I want God to grant me many more birthdays that bear the great seal of His love and that I may continue to live long in the stream of His infinite mercies so that I can spend my days singing. his. Happy birthday to me!”

15. “Dear God, today as I celebrate my birthday, I pray that you will go ahead of me and level all the mountains in my path.”

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16. “Happy birthday to me! May God continue to keep me under his care! I know that every day of my life there is someone who looks down on me.”

17. “May God bless me on this special day of mine and may the affection of others shine upon me. Above all, let abundance of peace flow in my life, happy birthday!”

18. “I beseech Thee to heal me of every disease that may afflict my soul, so that I may approach all the coming days of my life in perfect health.”

How Do You Say My Birthday Is In Spanish

19. “Dear God, I pray that you will stand up for this special time, remove all darkness and negativity from my world and make this my best birthday ever.”

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20. “Lord, You know the desires of my heart, and I am asking you to bring new friends into my life and help me make the right decisions at work. Thanks again for this birthday Lord. May this new year be filled with your blessings.”

21. “I pray to God for many such ecstatic days. Few people have the opportunity to add a new year to their calendar. Only by Your grace can I rejoice today. I wish myself a happy birthday.”

22. “I pray that I find more happiness, fulfillment and joy in all my relationships. Happy birthday to myself!”

23. “Dear God, thank you for this day. Give me the strength to find what I need to be happy. Happy birthday to myself.”

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24. “I know I’m not a perfect child or a perfect person. However, I believe that change always comes with time; and with each passing day, changes will eventually change my earthly path. Happy birthday my beautiful.”

25. “Dear God, thank you for every day you gave me and every incredible moment of it. Thank you for my life and my family. I know that this day begins a new chapter in my life. Help me make the most of today by doing what I thought I would never be able to do.”

26. “Lord, today I celebrate the special day on which my life began. It was a rollercoaster that I enjoyed every moment. I am asking you to protect and save me from all evil and evil.

How Do You Say My Birthday Is In Spanish

27. “God, thank you for this special day. I pray that I experience extraordinary things in a positive way.

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