How Do You Say Alex In Russian

How Do You Say Alex In Russian – Alexander II (Russian: Алекса́ндр II Никола́евич, tr. Aleksándr II Nikoláyevich, IPA: [ɐlʲɪˈksandr ftɐˈroj nʲɪkɐˈlajɪvʲ) 8 April

Was Emperor of Russia, King of Poland and Grand Duke of Finland from 1855. March 2 until his assassination in 1881

How Do You Say Alex In Russian

How Do You Say Alex In Russian

Alexander’s most significant reform as emperor was the emancipation of Russia’s serfs in 1861, for which he became known as Alexander the Liberator (Russian: алекса́ндр осво extrem de, including reorganization of the judiciary, establishment of elected local judges, abolition of corporal punishment ,

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The promotion of local self-government through the zemstvo system, the introduction of universal military service, the granting of privileges to the nobility, and the promotion of university education. After the assassination attempt in 1866, Alexandru took a somewhat more conservative position until his death.

Alexander was also noted for his foreign policy, which was largely pacifist, supportive of the United States and opposed to Great Britain. Alexander supported the Union during the American Civil War and sent ships to New York Harbor and San Francisco Bay, presumably to deter Confederate naval attacks.

And sold Alaska to the United States in 1867, fearing that the remote colony would fall to the British if another war broke out.

He sought peace, distanced himself from belligerent France, when in 1871 Napoleon III fell, and in 1872 together with Germany and Austria joined the League of the Three Emperors, which stabilized the situation in Europe. Despite his pacifist foreign policy, in 1877-1878 he fought a brief war with the Ottoman Empire that led to the independence of the states of Bulgaria, Montenegro, Romania, and Serbia, sought further expansion into the Far East and the Caucasus, and conquered Turkestan. also stating plans leading to the Circassian gocide.

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Although disappointed in the 1878 Congress of Berlin, Alexander followed through on this agreement. One of his greatest domestic challenges was in 1863 an uprising in Poland, to which he responded by taking that country’s separate constitution and incorporating it directly into Russia. Alexander was proposing further parliamentary reforms to counter the rise of revolutionary and anarchist movements when he was assassinated in 1881.

Born in Moscow, Alexander Nikolaevich was the eldest son of Nicholas I of Russia and Charlotte of Prussia (eldest daughter of Frederick William III of Prussia and Louise of Mecklenburg-Strelitz). His early life gave little indication of his greatest potential; until accession 1855, aged 37, few

He imagined that posterity would know him as carrying out the most complex reforms in Russia since the reign of Peter the Great.

How Do You Say Alex In Russian

His uncle, Emperor Alexander I, died childless. Grand Duke Constantine, another younger brother of Alexander I, had previously renounced his rights to the throne of Russia. Thus Alexander’s father, who was the third son of Paul I, became the new emperor; he named himself Nicholas I. At that time, Alexander became Caesarevich, the heir to his father’s throne.

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During his life as heir (1825-1855), the intellectual atmosphere in St. Petersburg did not favor any change: freedom of thought and all forms of private initiative were strongly suppressed by order of the father. Personal and official corporations were common; criticism of the government was seen as a serious crime.

Cesarevich’s education as future emperor took place under the tutelage of the liberal romantic poet and talented translator Vasily Zhukovsky,

Unusually for that time, young Alexander went on a six-month tour of Russia (1837), visiting 20 provinces of the country.

(1837). During the trip to Russia, he also befriended the exiled poet Alexander Hertz and forgave him. Through Hertz’s influence, he later abolished serfdom in Russia.

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In 1839, when parts of it caught his eye on a trip to Europe, he met twenty-year-old Que Victoria and the two fell in love. Simon Sebag Montefiore speculates that a minor affair developed. However, such a marriage would not work because Alexander was not a minor European prince and had the right to inherit the throne himself.

He is described as looking like a German, a bit of a pacifist, a smoker and a card player.

Coronation of Emperor Alexander II and Empress Maria Alexandrovna in 1856. August 26-September 7 In the Dormition Cathedral in the Moscow Kremlin, painting by Mišelis Zichy. The painting depicts the mother being crowned empress by the emperor.

How Do You Say Alex In Russian

Encouraged by public opinion, Alexander began a period of radical reforms, including an attempt to move away from the landed aristocracy controlling the poor, efforts to develop Russia’s natural resources, and reforming all branches of administration.

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Boris Chicherin (1828–1904) was a political philosopher who believed that Russia needed a strong and authoritarian Alexandrian government to make reforms possible. He praised Alexander for his range of fundamental reforms, stating that the Tsar was:

Called upon to perform one of the most difficult tasks that an autocratic ruler can face: to completely transform the brutal state entrusted to his care, to abolish the old order based on slavery, to replace it with prudence and civil liberty, to establish justice in a country which has never known the meaning of legality, to reorganize tire administration, to introduce freedom of the press into the context of unfettered government, to invite new forces at every step, and to place them on a firm legal basis. , to put a repressed and humiliated society on its feet and give it a chance to flex its muscles.

In 1855 after the death of his father, Alexander II took over the throne. Like Cesarevich, he was a supporter of his father’s reactionary politics. That is, he always obeyed an autocratic ruler. But now he was the autocratic ruler himself, and was fully willing to rule as he thought best. He rejected any move to create a parliamentary system that would limit his powers. He inherited the great disorder which his father’s fear of progress had created during his reign. Many other European royal families also disliked Nicholas I, who came to distrust the Romanov dynasty itself. Moreover, no one was more prepared to bring the country together than Alexander II.

The first years of his reign were devoted to the prosecution of the Crimean War and, after the fall of Sevastopol, to peace negotiations led by his trusted adviser, Prince Alexander Gorceakov. The country was exhausted and humiliated by the war.

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The Emancipation Reform of 1861 abolished serfdom on private estates throughout the Russian Empire. Serfs gained all the rights of free citizens, including the right to marry without acquiring const, own property, and run businesses. This measure was the first and most important of Alexander II’s liberal reforms.

The Polish landlords of the Lithuanian governorates petitioned, hoping that their relations with the serfs would be settled in a manner satisfactory to the landlords. Alexander II allowed the establishment of committees “for the improvement of the condition of the peasants” and established the principles of land restitution.

Alexander, without consulting his usual advisers, ordered the Minister of the Interior to send a circular to the governors of the provinces of European Russia (elsewhere serfdom was rare) containing a copy of the instructions given to the Governor-General of Lithuania, praising the presumptive. the good, patriotic interests of Lithuanian landlords and suggests that landlords in other provinces may express a similar desire. The allusion was this: emancipation committees were created in all provinces where serfdom existed.

How Do You Say Alex In Russian

Emancipation was not a simple goal that could be achieved instantly by imperial decree. It contained complex issues that greatly affected the economic, social and political future of the nation. Alexander had to choose between the various measures recommended to him and decide whether the serfs would become agricultural laborers, economically and administratively taxed to the landlords, or whether the serfs would be transformed into a class of owners in independent communities.

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The Emperor approved the latter project, and the Russian peasants became one of the last peasant groups in Europe to break free from serfdom. The architects of the Emancipation Manifesto were Alexander’s brother Konstantin, Yakov Rostovtsev and Nikolai Miliutin. in 1861 on March 3, six years after his accession, the Emancipation Act was signed and published.

The Tsar appointed Dmitri Miliutin to carry out significant reforms in the Russian armed forces. Other important changes were made in industry and commerce, and the new freedom thus afforded led to the creation of many limited companies.

Plans were made to build a large railway network, partly to develop the country’s natural resources, partly to increase its defensive and offensive powers.

Before the new regulation, from 1861, conscription was compulsory only for peasants. Serfs conscripted by owners had a 25-year conscription, which was generally considered part of the way of life.

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Other military reforms included the expansion of reserve forces and the system of military districts, which divided Russia

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