How Do You Say Advertisement In Spanish

By | May 10, 2023
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How Do You Say Advertisement In Spanish – Using Google to translate an English text into Spanish is a trick high school students use to avoid doing their Spanish homework — not something you’d expect to see from candidates for the highest office of the country.

Yet some White House hopefuls appear to be doing just that. They publish Spanish sections on their websites that bear a strong resemblance to the output from Google’s translation service, and appear to do only minor cleanup before publishing the transcript on their sites. While Google Translate can serve as a viable starting point, more often than not it requires a human hand to produce Spanish that stands up to the composition of a native speaker.

How Do You Say Advertisement In Spanish

How Do You Say Advertisement In Spanish

All campaign pages reviewed had errors, from minor typos to truly incomprehensible passages. Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar’s website, published shortly after her announcement on February 20, addresses her mother with an adjective masiel. Senator Kamala Harris wrote at one point that she had “spent” her life defending American democracy. And Julian Castro’s website promises the possibility of building an “America” ​​that works for everyone, who does not seem to realize that he is making a promise about the entire American continent.

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The Spanish-language sites represent an effort by Democratic candidates to appeal to the growing Latino electorate, which Voto Latino, a group that works to register Latino voters, estimated at about 27 million. But good intentions aside, mistakes risk having the opposite effect, leading Spanish speakers to wonder how seriously candidates are taking them if they can’t even get a basic translation from English to Spanish.

Harris’ website misused the verb “gastar”, prompting her to say that she “spent” her life defending American values. The error was corrected shortly after a congressional staffer reported it on Twitter.

“This is the front door to the campaign. And it’s indicative,” said Lisa Navarrete, a consultant with UnidosUS, the oldest Latino advocacy organization in the United States. “If you’re not investing in that… it’s going to signal to us that maybe you’re not taking the other aspects of community communication seriously.”

The review looked at everything from basic grammar, to the use of idioms, to how well the text compared to the often poor Google translation. The candidates fell into three rough categories: top performers, average performers, and those who are really struggling.

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Three candidates, Pete Buttigieg, Andrew Yang and John Delaney, received failing marks for having no Spanish websites at all, while the websites of Beto O’Rourke and Senator Bernie Sanders were incomplete.

Although all candidates made at least a few mistakes, some were much better than others. Harris got off to a rough start with his Spanish website. In late January, a former congressman spotted her misuse of the word “gastar” — the Spanish verb “to waste” — meaning she spends her life “defending the values ​​of our country.” The former employee, Frederick Velez III, questioned why the campaigns didn’t make more of an effort to hire a diverse staff.

Harris recovered from the stumble. Its Spanish website is virtually error-free and has taken the extra step of providing real-time translation

How Do You Say Advertisement In Spanish

At a March 1 town hall in Nevada. Harris has also hired Latinos in several key roles, including campaign manager and digital planner. Her campaign chair is labor rights icon Dolores Huerta.

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Booker did just as well: He gave one of the first interviews after his announcement to Univisión on February 1, speaking entirely in Spanish.

Booker’s website has some obvious changes from the output of Google Translate, which shows that a lot of cleaning has been done to make the language more familiar and easier to read.

When Cory’s parents tried to move into a neighborhood with a good school district, no one would sell them a house because of the color of their skin. A group of volunteer lawyers, who had witnessed what happened on Bloody Sunday in 1965 and were inspired to help black families in their own community, stepped in to help the family get their home.

Cuando los padres de Cory tried to move to a neighborhood with a good school district, no one read the house because of the color of their skin. A group of volunteer lawyers, who had seen what happened on Sangriento Sunday in 1965 and were inspired to help black families in their own community, intervened to help the family keep their homes.

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When Cory’s parents tried to move to a community with good schools, no one wanted to sell a house just because of the color of their skin. Luego de ver loocurrido en el Domingo Sangriento de 1965, un group de abogados voluntarios se inspired a ayudar a familias afroamericanas en su comunidad y se ofrecieron a prover ayuda a la familia de Cory para obtener un hogar.

A reference to football on your website should translate to “fútbol americano”, otherwise it makes no sense to show a picture of yourself wearing shoulder pads if you used to play football.

Univision. The former mayor of Newark, N.J., learned much of his Spanish through a language course in Ecuador, where he lived with a host family, and previously also studied the language in Mexico.

How Do You Say Advertisement In Spanish

Two lesser known candidates also show competence. The Spanish website Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) has a relatively clean copy, and she shows cultural sensitivity by using the phrase “voluntario/a” to include both the male and female genders. The Governor of the State of Washington, Jay Inslee, who is concerned with the fight against climate change, uses the most relevant terminology on a very technical subject.

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Castro, former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, has a complicated relationship with the Spanish language. The only Latino in the field, he announced his candidacy in both English and Spanish at an event in San Antonio, Texas, to the sound of mariachi trumpets.

But Castro admitted that he is not fluent in the language. Therefore, he represents a large group of Hispanic immigrants who grew up entirely in the United States.

NPR’s LatinoUSA podcast in February, where he also talked about the abuse his mother, a Chicana activist, faced in Texas, including being physically punished for speaking the language. “We were beating the Spanish from the families. Because of this, families often made the decision to focus on teaching their children English because they thought it was the ticket to ensure they could move forward.

But his website still contains some rookie mistakes, such as calling the United States “America” ​​instead of “Estados Unidos” and being inconsistent between informal tú and formal usted.

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Articles on Castro’s Spanish website also resemble Google-translated text, leading to awkward phrases.

Castro’s translation mostly matches the translation generated by Google, but in his case the sentences are coherent. However, other errors are evident on the website.

America is not just my home and my country – it has always been the promise of a better life. A promise that every American deserves.

How Do You Say Advertisement In Spanish

My path to public service did not start with me. It started when my grandmother, Victoria, came to the United States at the age of seven. She never got past the fourth grade, but she worked hard to teach her family the value of hard work as she cleaned houses and worked as a maid.

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The United States is not only my home and my country, it has always been a promise for a better life. A promise that all Americans deserve.

Mi camino al servicio público no camenz conmigo. It started when my grandmother, Victoria, came to the United States a year ago. He never passed the fourth grade, but he worked hard to teach his family the value of working hard while cleaning houses and working as a domestic employee.

The United States is not just my home or my country – it has always been a promise for a better life. A promise that all Americans deserve.

Mi camino al servicio público no camenz conmigo. It started when my grandmother, Victoria, came to the United States a year ago. Nunca superó el cuarto grade, although you can do it for enseñarle a su familia el valor del trabajo duro mientras limpiaba casas y trabajaba como empleada domestica.

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Castro makes an effort to write well, but could benefit from having someone else proofread his work.

Other parts of the website include misspelled email and phone number fields, grammatical errors in his blog, and repetition of formal and informal pronouns in his listserv registration form.

Castro also maintains a blog on his website, but the Spanish version is riddled with typos. And most of the English posts are not translated into Spanish at all.

How Do You Say Advertisement In Spanish

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand once had a strained relationship with the immigrant community, having supported a measure earlier in her political career that would have made English the official language of New York, where 19 percent of the population is Hispanic, according to Pew.

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, the Spanish-language website for the now-presidential candidate featured a video that introduced readers to Gillibrand’s background, but offered no translation or subtitles for it, making it inaccessible to Spanish speakers. Other video campaigns also have this flaw.

Before relaunching the website, she also left a policy proposal with a title that mixed both English and Spanish.

“Service Members and Veterans, National Security