How Do You Advertise On Linkedin

How Do You Advertise On Linkedin – LinkedIn is one of the effective marketing platforms for B2B marketing. If you are looking for awareness, lead generation, or content promotion in the B2B space, then Linkedin is the channel for you.

In this article, I’ll talk about the different LinkedIn ad formats, how to create them, and what effective targeting methodologies will help you succeed with LinkedIn ads.

How Do You Advertise On Linkedin

How Do You Advertise On Linkedin

Sponsored content ads are posts on a LinkedIn page that can be advertised on the LinkedIn network. These ads can be monographic ads, video ads, or carousel ads.

How To Create Linkedin Ads: The Complete Guide

You can use Sponsored Content ads if your goal is to drive interest in pieces of content on your LinkedIn page

In-post ads are ads that appear in users’ LinkedIn inboxes. These are advertisements that are sent directly to your inbox.

These ads have higher conversions because they go straight to the inbox with a higher open rate. Below is an example of mail advertising.

Text ads are text ads that appear at the top or right side of the screen. These ads include a title, description and image.

How To Run Linkedin Advertising On A Small Budget

Dynamic ads are ads that appear on the right side of the news feed. These ads target Linkedin with the user’s profile picture and refer to the user by name.

Direct Sponsored Ads are ads that you can display directly without being posted to your LinkedIn News Feed. It looks like a sponsored content ad in the news feed.

Now, before we jump into creating a LinkedIn advertising campaign, let’s take a look at how to create a LinkedIn advertising account.

How Do You Advertise On Linkedin

Now fill in your account information including account name, currency and define your company page as shown below

Facebook Vs Linkedin Advertising For B2b Companies [infographic]

Now the next step is to choose a campaign goal. Below are the different types of goals you can choose from:

Brand Awareness – If you want to increase awareness of your product or service on Linkedin, you can achieve this goal.

The target type is ideal if your business is new to the category and you want to tell consumers about your business.

Visit the website. This type of website visit targeting can be used when you want to drive visitors to your website or landing pages to tell them more about your business.

Of The Best Linkedin Ads Examples

Engagement – The Engagement goal type can be used if you want to promote your content to your audience on LinkedIn.

If you want to increase the number of followers on your company page, the interaction type is the ideal option you should choose.

Video Views – You can use the type of targeted video views if your goal is to promote your video on Linkedin.

How Do You Advertise On Linkedin

Lead Generation – You can use the targeted lead generation type if you want to generate leads for your business. According to the purpose of this campaign, if the user clicks on the ad, the form itself opens with the user’s information filled in the form fields. Users are not redirected to a website or landing page.

Live Workshop: Introduction To Linkedin Ads

Website Conversions – You can use the Website Conversions target type if your goal is to generate website conversions or drive actions that are valuable to your business.

In order to track conversions on your website using Linkedin campaigns, you need to set up a statistics tag.

Job Application – Companies can use the job application target type to hire people for different profiles in their company.

In this article I’m going to create a lead generation campaign for a Real Estate brand to show you the different placements, options and targeting in Linkedin Ads. So I’m moving forward with lead generation

B2b Linkedin Ad Examples For 2021

The next step is to choose where you want to show your ads. Therefore, I choose the following locations for my campaign.

The next step is to choose a language. You can choose the language of the country you are in. I choose English for my campaign.

The next step is to define the target audience. The target audience is the people you want to reach. You need to make sure you are targeting decision makers on LinkedIn who would be interested in your products or services.

How Do You Advertise On Linkedin

There are a number of audience targeting options to choose from to target your audience on Linkedin and these options are further divided into several sub-options as shown below

Linkedin Ads Dashboard For Business And Marketing Agencies

With the Company Audience Targeting option, you can target your audience by Company Contacts, Company Followers, Company Industries, Company Names, and Company Size

Company Contacts – This will help you target the 1st degree connections of employees of the company of your choice. This target will only apply if the company has at least 500 employees.

If you want to increase the visibility of your business, you can take advantage of this because the employees of the company you choose will also have 1st degree connections in the same industry.

Company follower – with this option, you can target followers of your company page. Your account must be linked to your business page for this option to work.

How To Use Linkedin Ads To Boost Your Business

If you want to retarget the audience that is linked to you on the Linkedin page, you can use the option.

Company Industries – With this option, you can reach users in specific industries using the primary industry of the company the user works for.

This is useful if you want to reach as many users as possible in your company’s industry.

How Do You Advertise On Linkedin

Company Names – You can contact users by listing their company name as their employer.

Linkedin Brings Dynamic Ads Into Campaign Manager Platform

Company Size – With this option, you can target your audience based on company size. Company size is defined as the number of users listed on the company’s Linkedin page.

If you are trying to attract potential customers to your business, one of the characteristics to consider is the size of the company, as this also gives you information about whether or not the company can accept the price of your product or service. .

With demographics, you can target users by age and gender. This is useful if you are recruiting candidates, but not useful for generating leads for the products or services you offer, as age and gender are not very important here.

With the educational audience, you can target users by their grades, majors, and participating schools.

The Beginner’s Guide To Linkedin Ads In 2022

Degrees – With this option in the Education section, you can target users with a specific degree, college, university, or any other educational institution, such as: Stanford, Wharton, or Symbiosis.

This targeting is useful if you want to hire candidates from certain universities or with specific degrees

Fields of Study – With the Fields of Study option, you can target users by their major field of study.

How Do You Advertise On Linkedin

So, for my targeting, I added job titles as a targeting parameter because this is real estate and I want to target senior management professionals.

Linkedin Ad Specs

With this option, you can add more audience parameters so that if one parameter doesn’t match the other, your ad can trigger a show. Let’s take an example and understand this.

I added job titles as my target audience, so now if I say OR and add work experience, my ad can be activated if any of the targeting parameters match. Below is an illustration.

When narrowing your audience, you can use a combination of two or three different targeting parameters to target. In this case, all the targeting parameters used must match before the ad can trigger the display.

For example: Let’s say if I use three targeting parameters including jobs, job titles, and company names. Now my ad will run only if all tree parameters match each other. Below is an illustration.

How To Find Real Estate Investors Using Linkedin Ads │ Gower Crowd

Never expand your audience as Linkedin will automatically target more people similar to your audience.

Next, you need to decide on the format of the ad. Since my campaign is a mail ad campaign, I choose the mail ad type.

Next comes placement, which includes the Linkedin audience network. The Linkedin Audience Network includes Linkedin-related locations for advertising. So it’s not relevant for my kind of campaign goals, so I skip it and move on.

How Do You Advertise On Linkedin

The next step is to determine your campaign budget and schedule. Below are the definitions, you can define them according to your campaign budget.

How To Promote Your Business On Linkedin

Main campaigns don’t require conversion tracking, but if you’re using website conversions as a goal, you should set up conversion tracking before starting the campaign.

The next step is to decide on the form of attracting potential customers, as this is a campaign to attract potential customers on Linkedin. You need to note the following aspects

A post that defines lead form questions, that is, form fields on your lead form. This is the information you want from your customer.

Next comes the confirmation option where you need to define the thank you message, landing page URL and call to action for the thank you message

Is Linkedin Advertising Right For Your Business? (how To Know)

Once you have entered all the information, you will see a preview on the right. Below is what my lead generation form looks like

LinkedIn lead generation advertising is very effective advertising if you are looking

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