How Do I Advertise My Business

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I’ve seen my fair share of failed companies that had amazing products and services, but business didn’t work out.

How Do I Advertise My Business

How Do I Advertise My Business

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Where Should I Advertise My Business Online?

The only problem – I didn’t know how to market my stuff and get customers! Starting an online business is only part of the process, you still need to market it.

If I had this guide my life would have been so much easier because I would know exactly what online marketing strategies to use.

1. SEO-optimize your content: If you have written content on your blog, you definitely want to optimize your content for keywords. This will bring you a lot of search traffic. Need blog SEO tips?

2. Build an attractive website: A good looking website will help you create a brand that stands out and makes a good + professional impression. If you need a website but haven’t been able to create the website of your dreams yet, check out your amazing website, my exclusive website kit that comes with a premium Divi theme at a fraction of the price.

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3. Build Social Media Profiles: Today even your grandma looks for a social media presence to see if a business is reputable. It goes without saying that social media is a great place to market your business.

4. Build an email list: Building your email list is important. Badly. Do it. If you need confirmation/help with that, here are some related posts:

5. Connect your personal Facebook profile to your Facebook business page: This does a few things. Your personal contacts will see your company and may give you a recommendation. In fact, if you link to other Facebook business pages or in Facebook groups, they will go to your profile and try to learn more about your business. You can do this by adding your Facebook business page as your current workplace and setting its privacy to public.

How Do I Advertise My Business

6. Go to Facebook Live / Periscope / other live streaming tools: In today’s noisy internet world, LIVE drowns out all the noise, allowing you to engage with the crowd -listen to you very quickly. And that’s what you want, right?

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7. Conduct a webinar: Online workshops are a great way to warm up cold traffic and market your products and services. (Sideplug: My Top 3 Strategies to Boost Your Blog Traffic and Email List Just the Way You’ll Like It!)

8. Run a viral sweepstakes: Not just any sweepstakes – your sweepstakes should have a viral component. Give more points to people who share the contest. If your prize is truly valuable, your business could explode

9. Ask past clients for referrals: People will always trust their family and friends when they see ads. This is a FREE and FAST way to get more customers. The question is: will you do it? 😉

10. Post a recorded video of your offer: In minutes you can tell someone 1) what you do, 2) how you can help them, 3) and why they should buy. Have the video used as marketing material – as an advertisement, on your social media profiles to engage your audience.

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11. Create an infographic and share it: Well-designed infographics are in high demand. Create a great-looking infographic, upload it to Pinterest, and share it online to various communities. Infographics have a very high chance of going viral.

12. Join Facebook/Linkedin Groups: Effectiveness depends on what industry you are in. Join groups that have a crowd of your best customers, this will help you understand the problems customers face. You can also interact directly with members and promote your business.

13. Share on Google+ Communities: Google+ may be dead, but Google+ communities are still very much alive. Depending on your specific location, this may not work for you. Google+ communities work like Facebook groups – your best customers could be there.

How Do I Advertise My Business

14. Get on Twitter and Talk to People: Use the search bar and look for people who are tweeting about relevant keywords related to what you do. Click Reply. bam

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15. Start joint ventures with other people in your community: These people should be non-competitive – you can both share your audience and grow together. For example, you could get someone with a larger audience to co-host a webinar with you, and then you can offer a great freebie from you as part of the joint venture webinar.

16. Join someone’s program and be a star student: They will be motivated to promote you and mention you because it puts them and their product in a good light.

17. Don’t hesitate to give praise to your competitors (or anyone else): If you’ve tried a certain technique that someone taught and had success, let them know. You can be featured!

18. Be a guest lecturer in someone else’s program: This shows your expertise and positions you as a leader in your field. You can also showcase your product/service as a supplement to your offering as a guest teacher. For example, if you’re a lawyer, you could teach people how to protect their legal estate… then sell them sample contracts or counseling sessions.

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19. Do you have social sharing plugins on your website: Ask people to share your content. Most of the time people don’t share because they think you don’t need their small share. Make it clear that your company lives on these shares and ask for them. Some of the free options are Sumome or Shareaholic, but I personally use and like Social Warfare because it’s so easy. I highly recommend Social Warfare if you are looking for a reliable social sharing plugin 🙂

20. Create giveaways and again ask people to share: When you’ve created something great, people naturally want to reciprocate by sharing your work with the world. Focus on creating a lead magnet that is amazing.

21. Run a free challenge: Create an actionable challenge (for example: like my free 7-day blog startup challenge) to engage your audience, you can even send a product in later.

How Do I Advertise My Business

22. Give people free seats on your course/calls for free: Most people are afraid to give away stuff for free because they fear it will “diminish” them. their brand. Let me ask you – would you rather be invisible or help someone and have them love you? If you’re just starting out and can’t get anyone to pay you *yet*, I think it’s smart to offer free sessions, get results, and have lots of testimonials to prove it you know your stuff. They actually recommend new customers for you, PLUS you now have testimonials to show customers. The same cost? your time or the cost price of your product.

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23. Use holidays to boost sales: People are in a shopping mood and it gives them a natural shopping date!

24. Get on directories like Yelp and Google Places: This is a MUST if you are an offline business looking to market your business online.

25. Paid Social Media Traffic: Don’t have the patience to wait for organic traffic or word of mouth? Paid traffic is the fastest and most effective way to market your business. You could have a profitable business tomorrow if your position and contribution is right. There are many different ways to do this on social media: Facebook ads, Twitter ads, sponsored pins, etc.

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26. Other Paid Ads: There are other ways to get paid traffic, not just social media. Examples: Google Adsense, banner ads, etc.

27. Create your own affiliate program: This is a wonderful way to attract – get – more customers

28. Guest posting on larger sites: By guest posting on larger sites, you can tap into someone else’s audience. Guest posts also have a very long shelf life. You will continue to receive subscribers from the guest post as long as the post is still available.

How Do I Advertise My Business

30. Create a content summary, email these influencers and they will share it with their audience. (Check out my: 101 Tips from Top Experts for Starting a Successful Blog)

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31. Host a great launch party when you’re doing something new: it creates hype, draws people’s attention to you, and puts you on the potential client’s radar.

32. Republish your content on Medium: Medium is a great platform to share your ideas, and you can repost your posts there to give your content even more exposure after publishing on your site.

33. Use Wisestamp and update your email signature: Wisestamp is a walking billboard for your business when you send and respond to emails.

34. Make friends

How Do I Advertise My Business?

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