Hair Product Promotion Ideas

Hair Product Promotion Ideas – If you’re like me, it takes a lot of time, effort, and risk to find a new salon to trust with your hair. If you’re like my dear friend Allen, it’s better to shave your head than spend time trying to find the right salon. I have such a hard time finding a good hair stylist that I often drive back to Philly to get my hair cut (yes, a 6.5 hour haircut. I’m crazy.)

But if you run a salon, you want to stand out from the crowd to connect with buyers like me! Here are some recruiting marketing ideas to grow your client base and stay on top of your marketing game.

Hair Product Promotion Ideas

Hair Product Promotion Ideas

Personally, I like it. Once I find a hairdresser or beautician I like, I can recommend them to all my friends. Why not give your customers a little bonus by advertising for free and referring new customers the way you like them? I recommend sending an email or postcard with a nice note that says, “Thanks for referring your friend Jane to us! We are so pleased with how you thought of us that we want you to know that we are thinking of you too. Here’s $15 off your next visit.”

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Like referral discounts, it’s always good to recognize good customers. My hairdresser cut my hair long enough to remember when my sister got married, what business my brother started, and how my aunt’s broken leg would sing. I also love hearing about her two young children, her husband’s obsession with Penn State, and her crazy family stories. Show your customers that you don’t just hear their stories, you care about them! Offer a discount on the 11th for every 10 visits. Or, if they’ve been with you long enough for service prices to go up, consider offering them an introductory price. Customer loyalty is very important to any business, but salons can easily exploit it.

If you don’t want to shout, you probably won’t be interested in new business from millennials. It’s easy to list your business, add photos, and respond to customer reviews. You can also offer discounts to customers who come to your area or bundle deals, i.e. manicures and pedicures with 10% off.

Whether you use Facebook or AdWords, targeted ads should be your best friend. You don’t want to send an appointment request from a client in California when your salon is in New York! Need help setting it up? We have great guides on AdWords and Facebook targeting.

Like geotargeting, mobile ads can be very useful, especially with the new AdWords bidding features that allow users to set different bids for desktop and mobile devices.

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I like to sit in the waiting area at the salon and look at the magazines for ideas. I also love that I can direct any photo and know that my stylist can do it! Instead of putting magazines on the table, try creating a collage of the styles and cuts your staff have done – maybe a collection of photos from your Instagram!

I don’t know about you, but I hate wedding references. They’re annoying, usually a little gross, but totally worth it. It’s so nice to have all your wedding photos easily accessible via hashtag! A bonus for the salon? You can use them to be careful. With so many couples announcing their #engagement on Instagram and Facebook or planning bachelor/bachelorette parties, you might as well be careful with the wedding hashtag! Simply search for an activity, find the owner of the referral, and insert their direct message into your sales presentation.

When I was in high school, we received day planners at the beginning of the year with a schedule for the year and various coupons from local businesses strategically placed in the planner. Every year, all the guys rented prom tuxes from the same place, and all the girls got their hair and nails done at the same local salon (there were two locations, but it was still a big crowd). It’s a great way to take advantage of a great money making event and get involved in your community!

Hair Product Promotion Ideas

It is great! I usually look for new hairdressers when I’m burning up during my travels, when it’s probably not worth talking on the phone. And talking to real people to make an appointment is outdated. If an online booking system is not available, consider adding an email address to your contact information where people can contact you to make an appointment.

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This is a simple and powerful marketing technique. Getting emails is like getting the keys to the kingdom – you can use them for appointment reminders, newsletter updates, referral bonuses, and Facebook remarketing lists.

One of my guilty pleasures is watching videos on Instagram. It’s usually for people who cook delicious food, but also beauty tutorials! I love seeing someone’s hair cut short and dyed purple, extensions, or artistic nails. Use your skills and register your clients; with permission, of course. Even better, let your customers share videos on their personal pages to attract their friends to your salon!

Instagram has a very useful “share” button that allows you to share all your reviews and videos on both platforms! If you have long tips, try starting with Facebook, as users are more open to spending more time on a single post. You should also try the carousel ads! The perfect way to showcase your work and appointments. Facebook advertising lets you target your audience by interest – try targeting an upcoming birthday with an ad that says, “Treat Yourself!” or the person responsible for the ad that says, “Let’s make you sweet for your big day!”

One of my favorite salon marketing ideas is the flash sale! Twitter is the best place to promote it. Tweet: “$10 hairstyles for anyone willing to let our new addition show off their skills!” and give it to the first respondent.

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Who doesn’t like to be spoiled on their birthday? By asking a customer for their birthday date or month, you can send a birthday offer—perhaps a discounted vacation or a beauty session. Another way is to celebrate your salon’s birthday by running special promotions for a week or month.

Salon Marketing 101: Be Your Best Advertisement. What? Have you ever had a stranger compliment your hair or nails on the subway or while shopping? Not only is it nice, but it’s also a great way to say, “Thanks! I made it myself, here’s my business card if you’re interested in the same treatment!”

It may sound silly, but the content can be anything from silly blog posts about nightmare makeovers and high-speed adventures to educational videos. If your employees keep up with the latest trends and are constantly getting new certifications, use their skills to become an expert on your audience. Something as simple as “How to cut bangs the right way” will get you a name and you can welcome anyone who needs extra help with that bang.

Hair Product Promotion Ideas

This might be the funnest salon marketing tip ever! Throw pamper parties; for love, birthday or bachelor; it can be a great opportunity to connect with customers and learn about your salon.

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Many of these are the same strategies I teach in my marketing education courses for salon owners.

And today you will get an overview of these activities so that you can also start to attract more new customers and grow.

I have met many talented hairdressers, nail technicians and hairstylists who are amazing at what they do. They may be among the best in their field. But they are still struggling to build the right clientele and make their salon profitable.

The Ultimate Guide To Product Marketing In 2023

But we need to go beyond providing good service. People also need to know that your salon exists. And they need to understand that what you are offering is not a cheap product, but a benefit that is worth paying more for.

I have compiled a list of proven salon marketing strategies, salon advertising ideas, and salon advertising examples used by profitable salons.

It’s quite a long list. Some of these are quick and easy salon marketing ideas that you can implement today. Others are salon marketing strategies that will require more implementation.

Hair Product Promotion Ideas

I don’t expect you to implement all salon marketing ideas at once. Pick one today, take action, and come back later for new salon strategies.

How To Promote Your Barbershop

Let’s start with some great salon marketing strategies before diving into some quick marketing tips and ideas. Because everything starts with the right foundations.

If you don’t show up when people search for your type of salon in your area, you

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