Grand Opening Advertising Ideas

Grand Opening Advertising Ideas – , opening a new business is a mountain of work, so when opening day arrives, it’s at work that seems like forever. But as far as marketing and promotion goes, this is just the beginning.

First impressions are everything and when it comes to a grand opening, you should do everything you can to make sure you make it big.

Grand Opening Advertising Ideas

Grand Opening Advertising Ideas

Build a customer base for your new location as soon as possible. Suggestions for grand opening ideas are all over the place, but we’ve compiled a mega-list of great grand opening ideas that any business, whether restaurant, retail, or service-based, can apply for a great grand opening.

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“3, 100, 000, 000, 000. That’s over 3 trillion miles — and that’s also how many miles Americans run every year.” – Larry Hintergardt, Sales at Air Advertising Promotions

How are you going to get all the traffic through your site to find out about your grand opening? Using inflatable balloons or special ads! hey

Displaying your products can be as simple as putting together a display for a catering service or showcasing a piece of jewelry. Is there a bakery? Pack a display box full of goodies – cake, cake, add as much as you can.

Fresh food attracts attention. Amazing pictures attract attention. Combine the two with salads, burgers, even desserts and look great in large, poster-sized prints.

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Pop-ups can be a fun way to display products in your store and attract the attention of people outside. How about such a gift?

A small round table offers a great opportunity to promote high-ticket items, memberships or just give away samples. Strategically placed where foot traffic passes, the conversion rate in this small area can set up more than its value.

(Bonus: Masks can be balloon makers, too.) Balloon makers are a fun addition for kids — they’ll line up for balloons and their parents will shop and buy while they’re there.

Grand Opening Advertising Ideas

So with all these ideas to create a grand grand opening, how will your staff manage all the festivities while serving customers at the same time? The answer is MC. It costs, but they are experienced in creating a crowd, as well as it allows your staff to serve all customers.

Grand Opening Of Bethel Business Captured On Film By Sand Dragon Media

Every business needs images to promote services, market products, share on social media, create brochures, the list goes on. You will not regret keeping the pictures.

A few funny mustache props, hats and glasses against the backdrop and you have a photo booth ready for customers to capture moments at your grand opening celebration.

It will be a toss up to see who will like the bounce better – the kids or the parents. One thing is for sure – kids will spot these things from a mile away!

When the kids sit down to get their faces painted, what do the parents do while they wait? Maybe go shopping, meet, buy things. This is another way to encourage them to ‘stay a little longer’.

Grand Opening Celebration

Have an employee who can create? Ask them to draw cartoons or funny pictures. Find some examples on websites like CartoonStock and see if they can copy them on the whiteboard. It got people talking!

Take a tip from Starbucks and the dentist’s office, community boards are a great tool in your storefront. Not only does this help other neighborhood businesses and organizations, but it also shows your location’s commitment to the local community.

At a time when references and friends’ opinions matter more than ever, testimonials are like gold. Create an area where customers can leave their 2 cents about their experience at your location. If they tell you it’s good, go ahead and ask them to leave a review on Google.

Grand Opening Advertising Ideas

Use a service like Balloons of Tomorrow and create balloons with your logo. Give them all!

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Every inch of real estate is valuable in any location, but especially if your location is in the center of the strip. Use the front window by adding some custom window graphics printed with your message.

No business owner would argue that signage is very important to a business. But what about smaller, custom printed signs and sidewalk signs? The same method is very important.

Have you seen the string of flags, usually from one end of a pole to the ground or to a pole of a building? They are a string of leaves and they are a fun, festive and inexpensive way to add delicious pizzazz to a large entree.

Nicole from Retail Minded offers this tip “As a small business owner, getting attention should be a priority — and it certainly is when preparing for a grand opening. To help, have a like-minded and non- Consider teaming up with a competing business to gain the attention of their customers. In addition, it also benefits other businesses by gaining the attention of new customers. For example, a local bakery could come And you can offer cupcakes to everyone at your grand opening and with purchases made that day, you can include incentives for customers to return to that bakery (such as a $5 gift certificate or a free cupcake with the next bakery purchase. cake) The ideas are endless here, but the main goal is to get customers to return to that bakery. Same business. Just remember that you have to give the business a reason to want to work with you. Well, so you just ‘take it.’ Can’t. You have to give too.

Grand Opening And Reopening Ideas For Any Business (2023)

Community involvement is always important. Also, there are people who are likely to attend the grand opening of a local business. Art exhibitions, college events, festivals, parades, dinners, local music events – these are the places where your market hangs out.

Take it a step further, does the local business community have an organization or association you can join?

Surrounding the office complex means many potential customers all in one place. Take advantage of a captive audience.

Grand Opening Advertising Ideas

What is a medical office? What about promotions with local pharmacies? Quick service restaurants are in a good place to partner with oil change businesses, as are office supply stores or clothing stores.

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A grand opening is a big event. Parking can be a problem. Or, it could be an excuse to talk to your neighbor’s business.

A chamber of commerce can be a great way to reach out to other businesses with similar goals. Plus Chamber also gives you access to other members.

Organize some food trucks during your grand opening – people love them and, besides, they attract attention.

A tax preparer or other business-focused service can be a great partner for spreading the word about your grand opening, especially if they can set up a display and give away some of their items.

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Decorate the walls of your space with artwork from local artists. This is a great way to bring the local community together and maybe even spread the word.

He really threw people out. Have you ever seen a slow car show? A parking lot full of classic cars attracts people every time.

Everything from how to frost a cake to how to arrange a bouquet and what to plant in the spring will attract interest (and customers) to your location.

Grand Opening Advertising Ideas

Print special coupons just for church members and they’ll be loyal from the day you open your grand.

Restaurant Grand Opening Ideas That Work

Many churches publish a weekly newsletter and subsidize the costs of allowing advertisers to run ads in it. The price is usually very low considering the exposure.

This will greatly increase your chances of getting press, and as an added benefit, the community will probably pay you back for your good will. Also, partnering with a nonprofit will help you build an initial customer network for your business.

Give the local high school dance team or local dance company the opportunity to perform. It would be great for this city, the sense of community.

“Ask the local school band to prepare and have a portion of the proceeds go to them on opening day.” -Amber Gavros, Sales Air Advertising Promotions

Opening Invitation Images

Do you know any local politicians? They may be willing to help. A grand opening is good for the local community.

Don’t forget your local council people. Being part of the local community is part of the council’s mission. This should definitely be on your grand opening invitation list.

Contact a local animal rescue center to see if they would like to participate in the opening. Show people that your business has heart and cares about animals, local towns and charities.

Grand Opening Advertising Ideas

The Rotary Club is an active organization full of dedicated members. Go to to find one in your area.

Grand Opening Ideas

48. Enlist the help of an honor guard from the local VFW to display the American flag

Imagine an honor guard presenting the flag with the effect of the national anthem. Thank you, give them all a discount or give them a freebie to help out.

Talk to a local school for a partner and let the teacher come

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