Employee Engagement Activities For Blue Collar Workers

Employee Engagement Activities For Blue Collar Workers – Team building activities are a great way to build an engaged workforce (especially new hires), but only if they are well designed. Remember that the best time to use team building activities is when you need strangers to talk to each other or when you want to increase employee engagement. With that in mind, we’ve put together a few ideas that could be well-received in blue-collar companies.

Divide your team into smaller groups and see who can complete the escape room the fastest. Or go to Dave & Busters and see which group can win the most tickets. Race for the fastest time on special racing karts. Play the laser tag to get the highest score.

Employee Engagement Activities For Blue Collar Workers

Employee Engagement Activities For Blue Collar Workers

A key consideration for this type of team building activity: Deliberately divide your team into groups of employees who don’t know each other well or work directly together.

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Breaking bread is a form of social bonding and is most effective in a small group of 3-5 people. Anything bigger than that and you run the risk of not everyone being able to participate in the conversation.

A key consideration for this type of team-building activity: Make sure you send or offer them with a company credit card (and agreed-upon spending limits) in hand.

Just like a small group lunch, chili cook-offs and other types of cooking competitions bring employees together to bond over a meal. Because letter writing is larger in scale than small group lunches, and it’s more difficult to promote the same kind of intimate discussion, turning letter writing into a contest can stimulate more engagement and participation—especially when there are bragging rights and prizes involved. . is stock.

A key tip for this type of team-building activity: Be sure to provide food gift cards for employees who cook for the trip, or reimburse them after they’re done.

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Do you still see the food theme? The difference here is that a pizza party or cupcake surprise doesn’t require work or participation from your employees, which means participation should be high! You just have to deliver the food, then they can eat it in a break while socializing with their colleagues.

A key tip for this type of team building activity: Many managers don’t see this as a formal “team building activity,” but many employees find free food and free time to socialize as their favorite (and most effective) way to train. They report themselves. Teammates know

A lunch and learn usually lasts an hour, lunch is usually provided and a subject matter expert presents on a topic. Topics can be work-related, but they’re often more successful and engaging when they’re not.

Employee Engagement Activities For Blue Collar Workers

For example, you could bring in a financial advisor to show employees how to save for a down payment on a house or car. You can bring in a nutritionist to show workers how to plan meals and prepare meals so they don’t have to eat gas station food for lunch every day.

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You can also ask employees to lead lunch-and-learns and offer their hobbies or areas of expertise. If Linda runs a cake baking business on the side, she lets others learn how to ice a cake professionally. If Joe runs marathons in his spare time, ask him to talk about how he trains and where his interest in marathons came from.

A key consideration for this type of team building activity: If you absolutely can’t spare the extra time, meetings can be held after hours, but if you schedule these meetings for lunch, you’ll see much more participation.

Learning together—work-related or otherwise—is another great way to strengthen a bond with a colleague. It’s similar to a lunch and learn, but a little more in-depth and hands-on.

Since there are so many types of classes available (cooking, welding, glass blowing, painting, etc.) you’ll want to poll your employees to determine interest in the various options. You can email them or have their managers ask in a team meeting, but we think SMS surveys are the best way to reach blue-collar workers.

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A key tip for this type of team building activity: Because it is time-consuming and may require travel from site to class, you may need to schedule this type of activity after work hours, but make sure that Still considered for participants. !

Take your team on a tour of an industry-related museum or visit a partner company’s facility up or down your supply chain.

For example, if you manufacture auto parts and live in or around Michigan, you can go to Detroit to visit the Henry Ford Museum. Or you can travel to visit the manufacturing plant where your parts are assembled to make vehicles.

Employee Engagement Activities For Blue Collar Workers

One key tip for this type of team-building activity: With the costs of transportation, meals, and a day of lost production, it can get expensive quickly. Make sure it’s what the majority wants, and make it clear that this is a special, one-time event.

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Giving back to your community can be a meaningful and memorable experience, giving everyone a chance to interact with each other in a different (but equally productive) way.

A key consideration for this type of team building activity: Any type of nonprofit will work, but it’s even better if the organization is in or related to your industry.

Nominate a different person each week for two truths and one lie. This game is great because it requires no special skill or physical ability, everyone learns something interesting about one of their teammates every week, and it takes less than 10 minutes to play.

A key consideration for this type of team-building activity: set the featured person a week ahead of time (ideally right after the previous week’s game is over) so they don’t get caught off guard or put on the spot.

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Before implementing any of these, make sure you read our article on planning team building activities for blue collar workers. It covers all the reasons why people don’t like team building activities and includes seven pro tips for planning an inclusive event that all your employees can enjoy. Sign up for our newsletter to get future preservation information like this delivered straight to your inbox!

Want our latest and greatest delivered straight to your inbox? Subscribe to our newsletter and receive regular deliveries with one click. Blue collar workers are the backbone of many organizations across Australia and the world. However, the growing shortage of blue-collar skills is a cause for concern.

According to a study by the Australian Industry Group, this shortage will only worsen as our working population ages. This means that now, more than ever, we must focus our efforts on recruiting, retaining and attracting blue-collar workers.

Employee Engagement Activities For Blue Collar Workers

One of the best ways to attract and retain employees is to have a transparent and thorough recruitment process. Being honest and upfront will give potential employees all the information they need to make the right decision for you, and vice versa.

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Specify the number of interviews required, who will be interviewed, and your expectations of the role and responsibilities. Walk them through their onboarding process so they know what to expect when they get started.

Encourage open communication throughout the process and answer all questions honestly. And be sure to actively promote all the benefits you can offer as an employee.

Many employees are eager to work in organizations where there are opportunities for growth and development.

By providing training and skills, you show your employees that you are invested in them and their career. Encouraging and supporting them to step into a more senior position or take a lateral step means you’re also benefiting from their enhanced skills.

Ideas For Blue Collar Team Building Activities

Talk to your employees about their career goals. Discuss the type of education or study they would like to do or feel they would benefit from and discuss how you can support them.

Provide ongoing on-the-job training and notify them of upcoming workshops or vacancies that may be a good fit for them.

Employees who feel disconnected or undervalued are often those who have little or no communication with their managers. Without regular and open communication, many feel forgotten and have nowhere to go when problems arise.

Employee Engagement Activities For Blue Collar Workers

Encourage open communication by being available to talk to your employees. Make it clear that you are always interested in hearing their thoughts, ideas, or concerns. The more you clarify this, the more trust you will build. A regular meeting can help.

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Maintain other forms of communication by sending emails, printing flyers for bulletin boards, and announcing the company to everyone.

Everyone likes to be recognized for a job well done. Therefore, implementing a reward program for employees is a good idea. It can be as simple as an employee of the month award with a symbolic gift or something bigger for a goal that has been achieved over time.

Encouraging employees to recognize and thank each other is often more appreciated than a gift. Use gratitude boards in break rooms, thank you cards, or flyers in meetings for display

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