Easy Christmas Cards To Make Ideas

Easy Christmas Cards To Make Ideas – Our DIY Christmas Tree Cards are such a cute and fun paper straw Christmas craft for kids. This easy paper straw Christmas tree is such a fun holiday project!

Aren’t you glad it’s Christmas time? We are so ready and love so much for family and friends, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Easy Christmas Cards To Make Ideas

Easy Christmas Cards To Make Ideas

As you may know, crafting is one of our favorite ways to celebrate the holidays (see DIY Popsicle Stick Reindeer Decorations). This year we tried making handmade 3-D Christmas cards and they turned out so cute! This inexpensive holiday craft is an easy-to-follow tutorial and fun for kids to make a personalized card for their loved one.

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If you love holiday crafts and want to make DIY holiday cards this year, we have a fun and cool 3D Christmas card craft that you might enjoy. With just a few materials and a few willing participants, you can create these great paper straw Christmas tree cards at home with your family!

If you’re looking for easy Christmas card ideas, you’ll love this fun holiday project! All you need are paper straws, pom poms and a few other materials to make the cutest DIY Christmas cards for your loved ones.

First, collect all the materials. We found the paper straws and pom poms at the dollar store or you can go to any craft store and grab what you need.

Grab a piece of colored cardboard and fold it in half. This is a map, so pick a color you like. As you can see, I went with red because I knew it would go with our pom-poms decoration.

Diy Homemade Christmas Card Ideas

Next, we cut down the palms that came with our paper straw and started by cutting the longest piece of straw (the base of the tree). From there, we slowly and carefully measured each straw against each other and cut them smaller and smaller as we went. We ended up using a total of 10 straws and it seems to fill the map quite nicely.

We then cut out a rectangle for the stump and quickly drew a letter on our yellow paper and cut it out. Mind you, it’s not perfect and it doesn’t have to be! If you don’t want to draw a letter, you can always trace a stencil or use a sticker if you have them.

To build the tree, I suggest you first organize and place your straw, tree trunk and star where you want them on the card before gluing them. This way you know exactly how you want to place your materials in advance. Also, make sure the card is open to the left before sending!

Easy Christmas Cards To Make Ideas

To assemble the Christmas tree, we chose to start from the bottom and work up. When you’re done, glue where you want on the tree trunk and start gluing to the paper straw horizontally from largest to smallest, upwards towards the top of the card. Add a letter to the top.

Over 20 Easy Christmas Cards That Kids Can Make

Finally, glue small random pom-pom “decorations” from paper straws to the Christmas tree and let the card dry completely. We used mini pom poms in red, white and green Christmas colors, but of course you can use any colors you like. Alternatively, you can use other easy craft materials like sequins, small stickers, or even small beads as decorations for your holiday tree!

We hope you like this easy Christmas tree craft idea and can make these cards for your loved ones at home. The coolest part about this project is that the paper straws and decorations stick a little and make the tree three dimensional! Happy crafting this holiday season! Another day, another Christmas card idea – let’s make this Christmas tree card together! This card is very easy to make and has a wow factor.

Aside from being super simple, what we love most about this Christmas card is that you can keep it minimalistic like we did, or add lots of embellishments to make it even more fun. We think finger painting to decorate the Christmas tree adds a nice touch to this project.

If you don’t have a blank card, cut a piece of Letter or A4 paper in half. Fold in half to make a card.

Diy Christmas Card Ideas

Open the map. Fold the left side to the center (align the end with the middle fold).

Write your note on the card. If you want more contrast on the card, stick a rectangle of white (or another color) construction paper.

Done, you have created your Christmas tree card. We hope your children enjoy making them and that friends and family will like their creations.

Easy Christmas Cards To Make Ideas

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Recycling Christmas Cards Ideas

Christmas cards are an annual tradition for many, but we don’t always enjoy the usual storefront look.

Why not try these super easy DIY Christmas card ideas instead? They’re easy to make with very few supplies and most can be made pretty quickly if you’re short on time!

All you need for this idea is a dotting tool and acrylic paint! If you don’t have a dotting tool handy, you can use a q-tip or a pencil tip. Choose the colors that represent the season and start with dots!

The idea of ​​a festive wreath is traditional, but honestly, it’s so easy to achieve regardless of your painting skill level. Write your text on folded watercolor paper and apply various leaves and berries with a fine brush.

Printable Christmas Cards For Kids

This idea is perfect for kids of all ages. Simply print out the tree graphics, glue them to stiffer card stock, and let your kids color each picture. It adds such an adorable handmade touch and keeps your little ones busy!

This tutorial is one of our favorites. I have the full video on my YouTube channel. Vintage decorations are super easy to create and you can decorate them however you want. I used folded watercolor paper for the card.

This idea uses scraps of leaves/leaves to create a cute little wreath. You can add your own message to the card using a printer or your own handwriting. See the tutorial here.

Easy Christmas Cards To Make Ideas

This tree is so simple but looks so chic. Create a simple cutout using basic shapes and decorate it with stars! See the tutorial here.

Yarn Embellished Holiday Ornament Card

This tree looks beautiful and is quite easy to recreate! Use the paint of your choice (watercolor or acrylic, I say is best) and create long, nude brush strokes and different shades to complement the shape of the tree. Add dots for the lights and star and you’re done!

This folding origami Christmas tree looks great on the front of a card. All you need is a few sheets of paper, scissors and folding! Try using wrapping paper or different shades of the same color.

This card is so easy that anyone could do it. Choose washi tapes in different patterns, cut them to size and make the easiest Christmas tree card ever.

If you have small children, enlist their help in creating adorable deer handprint cards! These little guys are so cute and easy to make. See the tutorial here.

Cricut Christmas Cards Ideas

If you have a card stock and some paint, you’ll have endless holiday card ideas! This little Santa uses basic shapes and solid colors to make it very easy for anyone to try.

This idea is so unique and can be recreated using anything in your garden. Press some leaves and place the pieces into holiday-inspired trees and wreaths. Make sure everything is well secured with glue! Your recipient can easily frame it as a piece of art later!

A little bit of cardstock and some fine lining is all you need to create a Christmas card. These cute hand drawn characters are fast and adorable!

Easy Christmas Cards To Make Ideas

Such cards are easy to print from a computer. Choose the font and colors, print your designs and then glue them to a different color of sturdy card. So easy and customizable!

Fingerprint Christmas Cards

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