Christmas Gift Ideas For A Business Woman

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Christmas Gift Ideas For A Business Woman

Christmas Gift Ideas For A Business Woman

I really love giving gifts and I’m sure it’s my main love. I’ve always been told I’m good at giving gifts. Getting a gift is also nice as long as it’s intentional, but I don’t get as much joy as I do from giving no. So this holiday season, I’ve decided to share and feature some of my favorite gifts I’ve given over the years…as well as things I’ve received and loved. It is my hope that you can find some gift ideas on this list that can bring great comfort or joy to someone you love and care about this Christmas!

Gifts For Chocolate Lovers

The gifts I suggest for women for Christmas are actually prepared directly from the things I have and love or things on my personal wish list. You see, some of the stuff with the red heart logo just means it’s something that interests me the most. This is on my personal holiday wish list!

During the holidays I always think about comfortable clothes, cold weather makes me want to be extra warm! I added this True Grit sherpa bra because it’s crisp, cozy and comfortable, and something that will make a great gift for a mom, grandma or teen – there really is a lot to choose from! I also included some of my favorite pants or shorts or panties that I found very warm. If you’ve never tried jeans or jeans (or leggings), you’re missing out and grab a pair! You’ll also find some of my favorite shirts and sweaters that I can’t live without. And finally I added a great winter garden that I snagged last year and thought would make a great Christmas present.

Sherpa sweater | Moonlight | AE Tan Leggings | AE Black Pants | Plaid jogger sweatpants | Tummy-Control Black Leggings | Comes with gray jeans | AE Shirt | AE Ribbed Henley | AE Oversized Henley Sweater | AE Fleece Hoodie | Winter Parka | Linen Pajamas Lounge Set | Long Sleeve Evening Dresses | Aerie Sleep Jogger

I wear shoes so much in the winter that I have to add a new pair to my Christmas list every few years! I also included two pairs of my favorite boots – my Sperry Saltwater Boots and my Chelsea Rain Boots from Target. And finally, I just joined the Vans family this summer with sneakers, so next on my list are neutral shoes. Recently I was visiting Chicago for a girls trip, I found these amazing sneakers at the Nordstrom Rack and excitedly tried them on and my feet immediately said they had to come home with us! Sounds crazy, but I told my husband they were like Dr. Nice Scholl for your feet. 😆

Best Amazon Christmas Gifts To Shop In 2022

Sperry Shoes | Hard Sole Gray Shoes | PB Booties | PB Sneakers | Chelsea rain boots | Vans Slip-ons | Adidas Cloudfoam Net

High on the wish list for this year is a lovely olive branch necklace – my son’s name is Oliver and I think it’s too cute. I’ve also had this OrbitKey organizer on my wish list for the last few years – I find their products both practical and stylish. Also add some scarves for winter as I always think they make a great gift! And these bags are all cute and serve a purpose – each one will make a special gift this Christmas!

Olive Branch | OrbitKey Organizer | Grass Flower Ring | 3 zippers | Scarves | White scarf | Black and Red Scarf | Face mask | Lo & Sons Catalina Bag | Wallet | Leather Backpack | Necklace collection | Jewelery Tour Planner | Macrame Note | PuraVida Bracelet | Macrame Keychain | IndieLaneHandcrafted Headband | Luxury Braided Velvet Headband | Convertible backpack / canvas tote bag

Christmas Gift Ideas For A Business Woman

I think it’s safe to say that this year is beyond crazy… and we can all use a little extra self-care! I’m really excited about this category for gift ideas because I think there are some things in here that the special women in your life will really like! I have a big swimsuit and I always feel special wearing it. And you can’t go wrong with some bubbles for your bath or your phone tray or wine in During the bath, treat yourself. I also included some of my favorite personal care items, nail polish, makeup brushes, shaving cream and a razor along with my favorite toothbrush!

Best Christmas Gifts 2022

Bathrobe | Bubble Bath | Wooden shower tray | eos Christmas Gift Set | Essie nail polish | Sonia Kashuk Brush Set | Quip Toothbrush | Shaving cream | Flamingo Razor Set | Bubble philosophy | Steam boiler | Hair Flyaway Tamer | Aveeno Unscented Lotion | Burt’s Bees Kissable Color Set

With the rise of TikTok, what better gift this year for someone’s stock than this adorable phone selfie bulb?? I picked it up from the sale bin at Target the other day and just loved it. I also got this case from Amazon for a great price and love the quality – my little guy is still chewing on the case and hasn’t broken it yet (yet!) I also included some AirPods and a nice case. Cool together with a Bluetooth speaker (a little upgrade from what I have in the kitchen) and a Google Home Mini. And I just had to combine the quality record player with my favorite Christmas album – such cute and romantic gift ideas!

Selfie light for mobile | IPhone case | AirPods | Rifle Paper Co. AirPod Case | Bluetooth Speaker | Google Home Mini | Quality vinyl board | Mini Turntable | Vinyl album | OneTable Phone holder made of clay

I like to have practical appliances in the kitchen. I came across these adorable black cups and spoons (thanks Joanna Gaines!) and immediately added them to my list! (Also thanks to my husband for breaking up the other sets so I had a reason to list them – haha.) I also checked out this beautiful knife set because I needed some new small knives. And can you have too many cup options for coffee and tea?! I have this set of gold burners and I love them – along with the Pistachio Kitchenaid green mixer I got for my birthday. My birth a few years ago. Does anyone else feel like they live in a nightmare disorder when it comes to coverage? Your plastic container?! I really wanted to try these storage options, so I just added them to my wish list this year. And most importantly, my favorite tea for the holidays…it tastes like Christmas and is paired with cookies from all seasons!

Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Women (2022)

Measuring Cup Set | Measuring spoon set | Knife Set | Glow mug | Stanley travel mug | Gold bread | Joy to the World Tall Mug | Give me Jesus mug | Cover Cover | Pan and lid Storage | Kitchenaid mixer | Happiness & Happiness | Avana water bottle | Simple Modern Marble Flooring | YETI Rambler Mug | YETI Rambler MagSlide Valve | Wooden recipe box | Cooking bookcase made of wood | Stasher Silicone Pouches | Silicone tubing | Wooden spoon | Silicon Spalas | Bread | Whiskey | Acacia wood serving tray | Hearth and Home Crock Pot | Hearth and home dutch oven

It’s not uncommon for houses like this to have the most items on my wish list for this Christmas season! Especially now that I spend a lot of time in our house – at work and at home with our son – I’m always thinking of things that can be useful and beautiful in our home! From candles, rugs or mats to a warm blanket or blanket, I’m sure these ideas will make great gifts for the ladies on your list this year! I also added this cute family.

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