Christmas Gift Basket Ideas For Business

Christmas Gift Basket Ideas For Business – Cookies, cakes, muffins, breads…who doesn’t love high-quality baked goods? Take the guesswork out of choosing a gift and send a basket of buttery, sweet goodies to your loved ones this holiday season! From rum and fruitcakes to artisan donuts and tiered dessert bars, to Danish specialties and Ube treats, these baked goods gift baskets have something for everyone on your list!

Make the most of the season with a top-of-the-line gift basket filled with some of Harry & David’s best gourmet food and baked goods. Along with Royal Riviera pears, these elegant red tins with gold detailing are stacked with heady sweets like traditional fruitcake; delicious cinnamon rolls; chocolate mint cake and more. From Moose Munch Premium Popcorn milk chocolate, soft chocolate cherry and yogurt topped pretzels to pumpkin cake and more, these gifts offer plenty of goodies to share.

Christmas Gift Basket Ideas For Business

Christmas Gift Basket Ideas For Business

Want to impress this holiday season? Send these awesome baked goods gift baskets filled with hand-picked goodies from Harry & David, Simply Chocolate, Wolferman’s and Cheryl’s Cookies. These elegant wicker baskets are filled with Cheryl’s crunchy chocolate chip cookies and her famous round frosted cookies; milk chocolate covered nuts and cherries; sweet and juicy Royal Riviera pears; and the famous High quality English muffins, selected from a range of delicate flavors and enriched with added preservatives.

Best Gift Baskets In 2022 For The Holidays And Every Occasion: Harry & David, Amazon, Williams Sonoma

For the donut lovers in your life, crush them with this gourmet assortment of 12 of Stan’s famous handmade donuts! From old-fashioned cakes in quirky flavors like lemon pistachio and cherry to classics like apple cake and powdered sugar cookies, there’s something for everyone. Love chocolate sprinkled donuts? Red velvet cake? Your traditional glass? Everything is freshly baked and waiting to be eaten. Packaged in an unmistakable Stan pink box, perfect for gift giving!

Have you tried ube? Delicious purple flavor widely used in Filipino and Asian desserts? If you haven’t, you’re missing out! Ube is a purple sweet potato that is perfect for grilling. For those ube obsessed, send them a Goldilock Ube Obsession gift basket containing a Ube Roll (soft sponge cake filled with ube filling), Ube Hopia (mooncake-shaped cake), Ube Polvoron (Filipino shortbread ), Ubelicious Ensaymada (sweet ube bread), Ube-filled Ensaymada, Ube Crinkles (chewy cake), Ube Loaf (sweet bread with ube swirls).

These adorable gift baskets are filled with enough baked goods and desserts to last you through the holidays! Designed with gold stars, this festive basket contains Butter, Cheese, Caramel, White Cheddar, Corn Fusion, Chocolate, Cinnamon Sugar, Cranberry Kettle, Holiday Cookie Dough, Ranch Cheese, Morels, Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt, and Salted Bourbon Caramel Popcorn – each individually wrapped. Includes Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles; Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Caramel Boxes; Cheryl’s Holiday Tree Cookies; Chocolate Whoopie Pie; Strawberry Cobbler; Sea Salt Caramel Milk Chocolate; Layered Pretzels and other sweet treats.

Freshly baked with love at family-run Sunnyland Farms, this range of festive cookies is absolutely delicious! Comes with three different cakes, this is a lovely gift for anyone who loves premium baked goods. Inside is limoncello bread, which is made by pouring a citrus batter over sliced ​​ground almonds. After baking, the bread is still warm in the oven and is smothered in a light but tart limoncello glaze. This is followed by a light fruitcake loaf, a traditional fruitcake made with real butter, orange juice, lots of dried fruit and Georgian pecans straight from Sunnyland Farms. Finished off with rum crunchy bread topped with sliced ​​sweetened coconut and small pecans. Drizzled with a rum butter sauce, these moist buns stay crunchy and satisfying. delicious!

Good Christmas Gifts Baskets

Known for its Midwestern roots and Danish heritage, 70-year-old O&H Danish Bakery highlights two fan favorites in this luxurious gift basket. Wisconsin Kringle and Wisconsin Christmas Coffee Cake. Wisconsin Kringle mixes Door County cherries, Wisconsin Montmorency cherries and fresh local cranberries with cream cheese to fill a signature 36-layer Kringle cake and top it with buttercream icing. Wisconsin Christmas coffee cake combines local cherries and cranberries with cream cheese and is topped with streusel, honey glaze and frosting. This is perfect for Christmas!

Shuk Shuka is an online marketplace dedicated to a wide variety of high-quality Middle Eastern dips, baked goods and more, offering specialty holiday gift boxes for the foodie or sophisticated chef. Package contains a large Yalla chocolate babka stuffed with a decadent Nutella swirl; hardcover cookbook,

; four mini metal dipping sauce spoons; Shuk Shuka dipping sauces including On Everything Tahini, The Greenest Tahini, Spicy Kick Zhug, Goat Cheese Labneh; and spices including Sunflower Za’atar and Cured Sumac. These special gift boxes are perfect to bring to a holiday party or enjoy at home with loved ones!

Christmas Gift Basket Ideas For Business

Dessert Gallery, a women-owned bakery in Houston, Texas, recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. They’ve recently added jarred desserts to their menu, which are lovely and absolutely delicious! Not only are these treats easy to transport and share in glass jars, but they also feature many of Dessert Gallery’s fan-favorite desserts, from dulce de leche to brownies. Plus, they have boxed party pies including Southern Pecans, To-Die-For Fudge Pecan, and more, making the ideal gift for any host or hostess! Dessert Gallery also specializes in hand decorated butter and gingerbread cookies in a variety of festive designs!

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Made using a secret family recipe, this sweet homemade baked good has amazing marzipan flavor but is nut-free! Not a cake, not a cake…it’s a unique baked good that makes a delicious gift for those who love the classic Jewish shortbread almond cake known as a mandel. There are also DIY kits for the holidays that come with bread in addition to festive sprinkles, peanut butter, and marshmallow fluff.

Want to pamper yourself but want to stay in shape? Check out a 12-count box of Eat Me Guilt Free Holiday Chocolate Brownies! These rich brownies are topped with delicious white chocolate chips and topped with delicious green and red sprinkles, making them the perfect holiday treat for you or your recipient this season. Each bar is high in protein, low in carbs, and under 220 calories per serving!

These freshly baked treats are made with premium ingredients such as rich chocolate, fresh creamy butter, whole eggs, pure cocoa and herbs, premium fruit and nuts, and aromatic spices. Festive treats include holiday-shaped mini butter cookies wrapped in white candy and decorated by hand; delicious layered dessert bars in flavors including Classic Fudge, Peanut Butter, Coconut Milk and Caramelized Hazelnut; Brownies and Blondies and more! I call it. Christmas shopping is done! I had to tell myself to “officially” quit or I wouldn’t give up my heart until that day.

But I really can’t help it. I love giving small gifts to teachers, neighbors, mail carriers, and garbage collectors. This is a big reason I love this time of year, not for receiving but for giving.

Gift Baskets Toronto, Canada

This year, with the economic situation causing families to tighten their budgets this holiday season, I decided to put together an “experience” for our neighbors in the form of unique gift baskets.

I don’t want to give people “stuff”. I want to create moments for them, whether it’s a movie night on the couch, a morel night in the backyard, or an afternoon in the kitchen decorating a cake.

So I’ve rounded up 8 fun gift basket ideas if you need some out-of-the-box ideas for a friend, family member or neighbor.

Christmas Gift Basket Ideas For Business

If you need a quick holiday gift wrap, you can pick up many of these gift boxes from Walmart, Target, or the grocery store the same day.

The Best Gift Baskets For Everyone On Your List

This one is especially fun for large families with kids grilling together in the kitchen. Maybe throw in some Christmas themed cookie cutters. To make it even more personal, add your own DIY cake or muffin recipes. It’s a food reward with the option to eat it later if they don’t want to eat it right away.

This basket is perfect as a housewarming gift. After unpacking and setting up your new home, sometimes you just need a relaxing evening with a good movie and some junk food. Include your family’s favorite Christmas movies (or include a $10 Amazon gift card so they can rent the movie on Prime).

If you have a Java lover in your life, this book is sure to be a hit. Fill a jar with biscotti and add a bag of your favorite ground coffee. (Even better: visit your local coffee shop and see if you can support their small business by picking up a bag of locally roasted beans). I

If someone on your Christmas list is always building stuff or taking part in other home improvement projects, get a basket full of some DIY essentials. (We always lose

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