Can I Advertise My Business On Nextdoor

Can I Advertise My Business On Nextdoor – Last week I turned on the shower to heat the water before jumping in. When I tested the water with my hand before diving in, to my surprise the water was ice cold. My water heater was broken.

Before I called a local plumber, I got on Nextdoor, a private social media platform for neighborhoods, and asked my neighbors to recommend plumbing companies. You see, I am in the 92% of people who trust recommendations from friends and family over any other type of advertising.

Can I Advertise My Business On Nextdoor

Can I Advertise My Business On Nextdoor

If you’re a plumbing business owner looking for ways to increase sales and stand out from the competition, look no further than Nextdoor.

Marketing Tips To Generate More Revenue For A Home Care Business

Nextdoor describes itself as a “neighborhood hub for trusted connections and the exchange of useful information, goods, and services.”

In other words, they’re like an always-open local coffee shop, where everyone knows your name (because it’s on your profile).

Well, before owners can do anything on Nextdoor, they must first verify their account using a phone number or postcard. For plumbers, that means Nextdoor users aren’t bots from another company.

Nextdoor verified users bring an added level of security and trust to the platform, especially for local businesses that rely on consumers in their markets to generate leads and sales.

How Nextdoor Addressed Racial Profiling On Its Platform

While we hope you’re taking some notes for your Nextdoor advertising strategy, there are still a few things you should know about the platform.

In previous articles, we’ve discussed the importance of name, address, and phone number (NAP) lists and how their accuracy (or lack thereof) can affect your rankings on search engines like Google.

Because Nextdoor is so locally focused, recommendations (reviews) are more important. When someone sees that one of your referrals comes from someone they know personally or have already spoken to on Nextdoor, it makes the hiring decision that much easier.

Can I Advertise My Business On Nextdoor

Once you’ve uploaded your business (just like you would on Google My Business), you can manage your referrals, and if you rate high enough, you can earn a “Neighborhood Favorite” badge, which is another reason why someone in the neighborhood would contact you if you have a problem with your water supply.

The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets Of America’s Wealthy: Stanley Ph.d., Thomas J., Danko Ph.d, William D.: 8601419940790: Books

Because Nextdoor verifies its users, there is an overall level of trust in the app that is higher than the average Google My Business review.

As a Neighborhood Sponsor on Nextdoor, you have the ability to run two ads per month, which are then posted to users’ feeds.

Posts often appear like any other post and are disguised as advertisements. Plumbers who advertise as an Official Neighborhood Sponsor have the ability to:

Only five businesses can be Neighborhood Sponsors at a time, so this is a great opportunity to set yourself apart from competing water utilities in your area and a good source of potential new customers.

Nextdoor Helps Neighbors Spread Joy This Holiday Season With Its First Ever Neighborhood Give Back

Nextdoor Local Deals is a carousel of discounts, coupons, and ads from neighborhood small businesses. They are also a great way to complement the organic advertising you may already be doing on Nextdoor.

Just like sponsorships, local deals help keep your business in the spotlight of local owners (your potential customers) and help you generate more leads.

Plumbers can launch their local quotes within 10 miles of their workplace and even see the number of verified members in each neighborhood and the cost to get the job done:

Can I Advertise My Business On Nextdoor

Businesses that choose to participate in Nextdoor sponsorship receive two posts per month that are embedded in the newsfeed and also placed at the top of Nextdoor’s weekly newsletter.

How To Advertise On Nextdoor

Only five businesses can be Neighborhood Sponsors at a time, so this is a great opportunity to set yourself apart from competing water utilities in your area.

If you’re looking for a digital marketing company with experience managing local deals and neighborhood sponsorships on Nextdoor, you’ve come to the right place. Blue Corona has partnered with Nextdoor to provide more affordable advertising options for plumbing companies, so there are no barriers between you and being the first in your area to run Nextdoor ads.

Need help or have questions about how Nextdoor can help you grow your plumbing business? Contact us today!

About the Author: Brandon is the Marketing Director for Blue Corona and oversees the company’s growth initiatives. He is passionate about building the Blue Corona brand in the home services marketing space and contributing to the growth of the company. Outside of work, Brandon enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter at any of Charlotte’s local breweries and completing DIY home improvement projects.

Why Your Remodeling Business Should Be On Nextdoor

The information on this website is for informational purposes only; believed to be accurate but not guaranteed. It does not constitute professional advice. All information is subject to change at any time without notice. Contact us for more details. New, easy-to-use advertising platform helps small and medium-sized businesses grow their business, achieve their marketing goals, and participate in an active and valuable community

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, April 7, 2022 — Today, Nextdoor (NYSE: KIND) announced Nextdoor Ads, a simple expansion of Nextdoor’s proprietary self-service campaign management platform designed to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to advertise on Nextdoor. By providing a guided experience for creating and managing effective ads on Nextdoor, Nextdoor Ads empowers small and medium-sized businesses to build stronger brands with local audiences, convert neighbors into customers, and grow their businesses through neighborhood advertising. .

“Neighborhoods are one of the most important communities in our lives, and when local businesses thrive, neighborhoods thrive,” said Kiran Prasad, Nextdoor’s chief product officer. “Small businesses need a simple solution to reach customers in their local area at scale. At Nextdoor, small businesses are trusted and key members of an active and valued community – it’s a place where they can interact with their neighbors when and where it matters most and ultimately grow their business.”

Can I Advertise My Business On Nextdoor

The launch of Nextdoor Ads supports the company’s broader product strategy of building an active and valued community where neighbors, businesses and utilities can trust and depend on one another to share valuable information, goods and services. From home services to restaurants, SMEs can use this platform to reach active local customers.

Are Nextdoor Ads The Best New Way To Gain Local Customers?

“Nextdoor has helped me grow my business exponentially and 50 to 60 percent of my customers are through Nextdoor,” said small business owner Bill Evans of Clayton-based Flowing Current Electric. , North Carolina. “Running a small business keeps me pretty busy, so being able to create an ad just once and have so many new customers was amazing.”

Nextdoor is a powerful platform for SMBs looking to grow locally. Nearly 1 in 3 US households are already on Nextdoor, and these neighbors are motivated to support local businesses. Before the pandemic, 88% of residents* visited a local business at least once a week. Now, 72% of American adults** prioritize supporting local businesses more than they did before the pandemic. Neighbors next door love to spread the word too – they’ve already shared over 55 million local business recommendations on the Nextdoor platform. Nextdoor not only connects businesses with this active neighborhood audience, but also helps them build trusted relationships with an especially engaged local audience and increase their word-of-mouth reputation.

“Small businesses are at the heart of successful neighborhoods. We are excited to offer a suite of advertising solutions for small businesses that remove the barriers to entry in campaign management, enable ad creation in just a few steps, and reach neighbors in your immediate neighborhood and beyond,” said Heidi Andersen, director of Next Door. Revenue Officer. “Most of the neighbors who visit Nextdoor at least once a month do not regularly use other social networks. With Nextdoor Ads, small businesses can increase sales and reach the real people in the neighborhood who matter to them.”***

Nextdoor Ads should be fully launched in the US in the coming weeks, allowing small and medium-sized businesses to quickly and easily create ad campaigns to engage with their neighbors and grow their business on Nextdoor. To start advertising, SMB users with a free Nextdoor business account can log in to choose their objective, create their ad, select their target audience, set their daily budget and ad duration, and post. Campaigns can be launched with just a few clicks, delivering your brand and message directly to targeted neighbors and neighborhoods. SMBs can easily monitor campaign performance from their Nextdoor Ads Dashboard.

Nextdoor Updates Its App To Allow Businesses To Link To Fundraisers, Gift Cards And More

Nextdoor provides an easy-to-use advertising platform and also hosts a number of marketing resources to help SMBs in a variety of business sectors, including:

Today, Nextdoor is a neighborhood network providing scale with 69 million neighbors worldwide by the end of Q4 2021. The expansion of Nextdoor’s campaign management platform with the launch of Nextdoor Ads will provide businesses of all sizes, including small and medium-sized businesses, access to the same ad inventory on Nextdoor.

*Data from Nextdoor survey conducted in February 2020. Total sample size was 2,000+ US Nextdoor users.

Can I Advertise My Business On Nextdoor

**Image by YouGov Plc on behalf of Nextdoor. The total sample size was 14,904 adults (of which 2,469 were US adults). The field work was carried out in the period from August 31, 2021 to September 17, 2021. The survey was carried out online. Figures are weighted and are representative of all

Neighborhood Watch Goes Rogue: The Trouble With Nextdoor And Citizen

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