Best Way To Advertise On Linkedin

Best Way To Advertise On Linkedin – What does success look like? It’s easy to outline the characteristics of a great ad, but nothing paints a clearer picture than a real-life example of a campaign that produced remarkable real-world results. .

Well, we won’t give you a real example. Instead, we’re giving you 10 great examples of some of the best ads we’ve seen in terms of effectiveness. Either way, you can gain strategies and best practices to maximize your impact on the world’s largest professional network.

Best Way To Advertise On Linkedin

Best Way To Advertise On Linkedin

By using different types of ad formats in creative and often unique ways, these businesses have received demonstrable improvements from the platform’s powerful advertising tools. Read on for insights on how to do the same.

How To Create A Company Page On Linkedin (step By Step Guide)

Because Adobe lives in the digital world and counts marketers among its most valuable audience segments, it faces stiff competition when it comes to attracting attention. Fortunately, the membership includes a group of individuals in Adobe’s wheelhouse, and the software company was able to reach many of them with a targeted Sponsored Content campaign that highlighted research, infographics, and entertaining videos. Post-campaign measurements show significant improvements in Adobe’s reputation as a thought leader and media optimizer. Learn more.

As a commercial B2B real estate company, CBRE has already run successful advertising campaigns, but wanted to take a more consumer-centric approach to the Urban Photographer of the Year competition. Leveraging the network’s precise targeting filters, CBRE places compelling message ads to amateur and professional photographers and delivers direct, one-to-one conversations that have proven fruitful. The campaign achieved excellent open and click-through rates, with contest entries up 41% year-on-year. Learn more.

Graduate programs are always looking for the best candidates, but finding and joining them is not always easy. By leveraging unprecedented demographics, Utah State University was able to set targeting parameters related to geography, skills and career level to reach a highly valuable subset through display ads and message ads. The link caught on as the campaign delivered a 20-to-1 ROI and converted more than 70% of clicks into RFIs. Learn more.

Australian software company IR has had consistent results with its sponsored content campaigns, but they’ve gotten started by making their landing pages more mobile-friendly and implementing lead generation forms. The latter solution allows marketers to set up pre-populated forms for seamless data collection without forcing users to navigate from and IR sees those forms change — or then at the same rate as the landing pages they navigate through optimized for years. Overall, the efforts have nearly halved IR’s cost per lead (CPL). Learn more.

Introduction To Linkedin Ads

As a leading marketing software provider, HubSpot does a great job of improving itself, but is always striving to discover new audiences and customers. After seeing mixed results with advertising on other social networks, HubSpot saw a 60% increase in click-through rate by serving short, to-the-point text ads. “There’s no confusion — members are there to do business,” said Dan Slagen, HubSpot’s head of paid marketing. Learn more.

Enterprise software solutions company CA Technologies created a white paper and wanted to get it out to the right people. Frustrated with how their clicks on other channels were converting, they turned to a personalized dynamic ads campaign that matched members’ profile pictures to brand assets. The promotions turned out to be extremely engaging, resulting in a large increase in conversions and a 68 percent reduction in CPL. Learn more.

VistaVu Solutions is an enterprise management software company serving a specific line of business: Oilfield Services. With attractive content designed to grab the attention of a clear category of users, VistaVu uses display ads and news ads to drive more results. Nineteen of the 20 leads won in the first week converted into sales as qualified leads, while the campaign’s CPL was one-fifth of the company’s typical benchmark. Learn more.

Best Way To Advertise On Linkedin

Recruited by a client to connect with chief learning officers and top HR managers at Fortune 500 companies, marketing agency Clever Zebo serves display ads based on job, seniority and company size. click rates possible. The effort paid off as the campaign generated a solid 15% conversion rate and garnered plenty of quality leads. Learn more.

Examples Of Linkedin Ads That Totally Crushed It

When thought leadership is the goal, promoting the right content can significantly raise your profile. Aspect, a customer service software provider, is looking to further build its credibility and capabilities in this space. By using sponsored content to extend the reach of its educational whitepapers, infographics, and webinars, Aspect achieved massive engagement with a 290% increase in referral traffic and a 17% increase in page follows. Learn more.

Some companies lack clearly defined professional labels in their customer base. Such is the case of Integrative Therapeutics, a manufacturer and distributor of nutritional supplements sold in integrative medicine clinics across the country. The job titles of the people who benefit from their products vary, so targeting them in a traditional way can be difficult. But by combining well-known titles and relevant skills, they developed the right audience and targeted them with a mix of message ads, sponsored content and display ads. Integrative Therapeutics sets the stage for maximum impact in the featured eBook by first researching the issues that are most relevant to the industry. As a result, the company increased its email database by more than 25% and achieved excellent click-through rates. Learn more.

Find ad tips and best practices to optimize your own campaigns on Success Hub. Here’s our best advice on everything from managing your budget to measuring your results. Whether you want to browse tips based on ad format or want to optimize your targeting strategy, you’ll find it all here.

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