Best Safety Glasses Brand

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What do a construction worker, a chemist and a DIY carpenter have in common? The need for good safety glasses. Of all the supplies and equipment needed at work, safety glasses are the key to preventing occupational hazards from affecting vision and overall eye health, and few workplaces don’t have them.

Best Safety Glasses Brand

Best Safety Glasses Brand

Even if you don’t work in an industry where you have to wear safety glasses and goggles all day, household chores can often be done with a pair, whether it’s weeding, sanding or cleaning. Some sports even recommend having a couple or two on hand just to be safe (racquetball, anyone?). Simply put, good safety glasses are essential to staying protected.

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Much of the process of choosing safety glasses depends entirely on what you intend to use them for. People exposed to fumes, smoke, bacteria, viruses and other small particles may need something that hugs their face and provides 360° protection. Those who need protection against larger objects may need thicker lenses and flexible frames to withstand potential impacts.

Safety glasses should also be approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), especially if you use them in more dangerous situations, such as when working with heavy equipment or machinery.

Everyone from construction workers to scientists to home improvement enthusiasts can find the perfect pair of goggles in our top picks below.

For construction workers and other contractors, these 3M safety glasses tick a lot of boxes. They meet ANSI requirements and feature anti-fog and anti-scratch lenses, with shields that wrap around the sides of the head. Their completely clear composition also means that no part of the glasses blocks your visibility while you work. “Good lightweight eye protection for my carpentry shop and family members in the medical field,” wrote one reviewer.

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Scratches are inevitable when working with sharp objects, but the special coating on these Strive Performance glasses prevents the formation of scratches in the delicate eye area. They are ANSI approved, and the rubber temples and toe also provide added comfort and a better grip. Also, some liked that the colored temples made them easier to find than the fully transparent glasses. “These goggles fit well and are comfortable on my head without feeling like they’re going to fall off when I’m active,” explained one reviewer. “Many of my goggles have lenses so cheap they seem to distort my vision. These glasses are crystal clear!”

Women, children, or anyone with a narrower face will benefit from these Locsee goggles, as a handful of reviewers say the design is smaller than most on the market. One person even mentioned that those with higher cheekbones find these glasses more comfortable. And while they aren’t as wide as some other lenses available, the lenses themselves are large and wrap a bit more around the eyes for extra protection. The ear cups are also adjustable, so you can make them longer or shorter depending on the size of your head.

Foggy glasses (safe or not) are an annoyance at best and a crippling nuisance at worst. Erogdyne’s anti-fogging pair saves you from the pain associated with defrosting and allows you to work in wet or cold conditions. With ANSI approval, these not only repel vapor, but you also have the option of customizing the lenses and opting for tinted lenses instead of clear lenses for added shading and glare resistance. A surgical technician working in the operating room was very impressed and stated, “The eye shields my employer provides fog up very badly and you have to time your breathing to see what you’re doing sometimes while judging… These work great. They are crystal clear and don’t fog up!”

Best Safety Glasses Brand

Although this set from DeWalt falls into the “goggles” category, they are undeniably comfortable and work just as well as goggles. This style is ideal for those who work with chemicals, paint or small dust particles and need insulated protection. But full coverage also protects against debris and other large objects that may be thrown at your face while you work. The band on the inside molds to your face and closes tightly around the eyes, and many customers have found that glasses can be worn under these glasses without any problems. “I use them while woodworking,” said one satisfied reviewer. “I’ve also used them to remove bad paint from my bathroom walls. They protected my eyes from flying debris.

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These goggles flex and move with you, whether they’ve been slipped into your back pocket, thrown onto your desk, or hit by flying objects. Made from durable polyurethane, the frames can withstand a lot of pressure and not only hold the polycarbonate lens in place, but are designed to move sweat and moisture away from the eyes. One person wrote: “These are thoughtfully designed, comfortable and light, and the lanyard to keep them around my neck when not in use was an added bonus.”

You don’t need to wear readers under your goggles when you have this 3M pair in your arsenal. The built-in diopters have +2.0 magnification, meaning the tiny, barely legible instructions don’t require you to stop and remove protective gear mid-project. In addition, these glasses do not rub or cause pain after hours of use thanks to the nose piece and soft temple tips. “I’ve used this reader brand for a few years and have been very pleased with the convenience and ability to easily read what I need on the job site,” explained one reviewer.

Nurses and other healthcare professionals love these goggles for several reasons. First of all, they are anti-scratch, anti-fog and anti-splash, allowing you to protect your eyes from unwanted liquids and sprays. Second, they’re 2.6 inches tall and 7.87 inches wide (and they wrap around your face), so they can accommodate almost any pair of glasses if needed. In addition, the padded nose piece, headband and the tips of the swag also prevent fatigue from wearing this pair during long working days. One reviewer who works 7-8 hours a day in a hospital praised these goggles for their comfort and portability. “These glasses are the perfect solution. They’re so comfortable I forget I’m wearing them. I have full vision because they don’t fog up yet and there’s no edge or border in my peripheral vision.

The lenses of these Pyramex glasses are flanked by a taller temple bar and wrap-around shields for ultimate protection. Although they are less expensive than some other options, they still offer safety and are ANSI compliant. Many reviewers were impressed with its comfort and the rarity of fogging. A reviewer who had an unfortunate eye accident swears by this particular pair. “I put them on and started using the sander and these worked perfectly,” they wrote. “Didn’t fog me up the one time I wore them. Loved them so much I bought an extra pair to wear at work.

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With the right safety glasses, you can work efficiently and stay protected, whether you like Erogdyne’s anti-fog pair or you want extra magnification with 3M safety glasses. We hope that our review of the best safety glasses was useful. For more similar suppliers, including suppliers of ultraviolet glasses, dustproof glass, medical glasses and reading glasses, see our additional guides or visit the Thomas Supplier Discovery platform.

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Best Safety Glasses Brand

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Most of us have done our best to fight off the coronavirus (and its Delta and Omicron variants) by shaking off the face mask and sanitizing as often as possible. But there is another protective measure that makes a huge difference: safety glasses.

Last July, Dr. Anthony Fauci urged Americans to wear protective eyewear with their virus protection cabinets, saying, “If you have goggles or eye protection, you should wear them. The CDC, meanwhile, recommends “protective eyewear,” such as goggles during times “when splashes and spraying are expected” or when “long face-to-face or close contact with a potentially infectious patient is unavoidable”.

The reason for this recommendation is quite simple. Our eyes

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