Best Brand Of Safety Glasses

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Safety glasses are a standard product of metallurgical shops and construction sites. But they’re also useful for countless activities around the home—from dusting off a high shelf to digging holes—that can send debris flying right into your delicate eyes. A good pair of goggles will protect your eyes and be comfortable to wear, but the best pair is a lot like the best face mask: it’s the one you’ll actually use regularly and not worry about. After researching and testing 27 pairs of safety glasses, as well as consulting with an eye surgeon, a professional racquetball player, and dozens of robot builders, we believe the Radians MR0111ID Mirage is the pair most people will wear most of the time. If you already wear prescription glasses, the HexArmor LT250 will be the least distracting.

Best Brand Of Safety Glasses

Best Brand Of Safety Glasses

Our group of testers found these goggles to be the lightest and most comfortable to wear. At about $2 each, they’re easy to replace if lost or damaged in the line of duty.

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Among the lightest and cheapest safety glasses we tested, the Radians MR0111ID Mirage pair surprisingly offered the best protection and comfort. While the one-size-fits-all design doesn’t offer any adjustment options, the extremely flexible handles of this pair allowed them to fit a wide range of head sizes. And some of our testers barely noticed they were wearing these glasses after the first few minutes.

You can adjust the length and angle of the arms and bridge of the nose on this pair, so there’s a good chance you’ll get the perfect fit.

If you find that “one size fits most” doesn’t work for you, NoCry safety glasses allow for much more customization. They’re also available in several different colors and provide coverage that’s a little more snug (with less space between the skin and the glasses) than our top picks.

The HexArmor LT250 fit well over our testers’ glasses, and this pair stayed in place better than some other goggle options.

Safety Glasses P9004

For those who already wear prescription glasses and want to protect their lenses from unnecessary scratches, the HexArmor LT250 super glasses provide a tight fit without obstruction.

My history — and general annoyance — with bad safety glasses goes back to my high school years, when I was a member of the FIRST Robotics team (a competitive robotics program that requires you to wear safety glasses for several hours, often days at a time. ). As a result, I’ve unofficially tried on different types of goggles over the years to find a pair I wouldn’t hate after a four-day competition.

I also spoke with Chris R. Alabiad, a reconstructive ophthalmic surgeon and assistant professor of clinical ophthalmology at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, about what can protect you from glasses and what can go wrong when foreign particles get inside. . in your eyes Additionally, I spoke with Paola Longoria—the No. 1 player on the Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour and three-time International Racquetball Federation World Champion in women’s singles—about common complaints about how goggles fit and stay on your face during you’re active (Full disclosure: Longoria has an endorsement deal with Oakley, but that company didn’t make it into our test group because its glasses cost a lot more than most.)

Best Brand Of Safety Glasses

Almost everyone will encounter a situation where they absolutely must wear eye protection. This applies to everything from yard work to sports and basic household chores. “Any activity that you’re involved in where you can accidentally get something in your eye is an activity that you want to wear glasses for,” Alabiad told me when we spoke. When foreign particles enter the eye, they can damage the sensitive membranes of the eyeball, leading to irritation, sensitivity to light, and infection. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, about 2,000 American workers suffer eye injuries that require medical attention every day.

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Most safety glasses are made of polycarbonate (a tough material widely used in all types of lenses and protective equipment due to its high resistance to splinters) and are designed to protect your sensitive eyes from anything that might hit your face. Sunglasses or eyeglass lenses made of glass or plastic sometimes help with this, but unlike polycarbonate, these items run the risk of breaking and causing additional problems, as shards can scratch or lodge in the eyeball.

Safety glasses are also useful protective equipment for some sports. “You can get blunt force trauma,” Alabiad said, which can result in direct damage to the eye or damage to the protective bony structures around the eye. “Like if you’re playing basketball and someone elbows you. A pair of protective lenses can go a long way in protecting your eyes.” In fact, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, basketball is the leading cause of sports-related eye injuries, usually due to players inadvertently poking other players in the eye and making unpleasant noises. injuries like retinal detachment Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in particular started wearing glasses during games after scratching his cornea several times early in his career (He told the Los Angeles Times, “I remember hearing a few times when someone clicked their fingernails on my glasses and I knew I had done the right thing. she pointed out, “you could lose your vision.”

Whenever you’re looking for protective gear, you want to know that it’s been tested and approved by an independent agency and rated for the activity you plan to use it for. For this guide, we’ve focused on goggles that have at least achieved an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z87.1+ rating (PDF) (which indicates that the goggles will protect against, among other things, small particles traveling up to 150 feet). per second) or the equivalent rating of European standards EN 166-1F (PDF) (which specifies that the glasses will protect against small particles traveling at speeds up to 45 meters per second, or 147.6 feet per second).

We wanted to find glasses that would cover a wide range of circumstances that most people might encounter on a daily basis in areas such as home and lawn care, entertainment, crafts and hobbies. In addition to researching the most popular pairs on Amazon and those recommended by other review sites, I reached out to my colleagues at FIRST Robotics to get feedback on some of their favorites.

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We also considered the appearance of potential glasses. Style may not be the most important thing when it comes to protective gear, but if you like how you look in a pair, you’re more likely to wear them — and therefore be more protected. Longoria admitted to being fashion-conscious when it comes to her safety glasses, but she said, “at the end of the day, you just have to protect your eyes.”

Once we had a good list of potential models, I ended up with 17 of the most promising pairs to test. In this initial test, I wore each pair for at least 30 minutes, assessing their comfort as well as potential issues like fogging during my typical day. I’ve also used them when doing basic home projects like hanging pictures and putting up wall panels for storage in my new apartment (if my landlord is reading this, don’t worry, I have a plan to fill the holes in the walls). Despite its impact resistance, polycarbonate is prone to scratches. So I scratched the left lens of each pair with a nail, using a kitchen scale to maintain a constant pressure of between 1½ and 2 pounds (it wasn’t scientific, but I tried my best) to see how the marking would affect visibility.

We tried to pop the eye out of the styrofoam head, but our goggles got caught. Video: Joshua Lyon

Best Brand Of Safety Glasses

Once I figured out which pairings were likely to be the most effective, I organized a panel of nine Wirecutter employees (and, in some cases, their significant others) to independently test the chosen group of four. We invited a wide range of volunteers and looked for different head sizes (both large and small), different bridge widths, different distance between eyes, variation in ear size, etc. We ended up with a diverse group that represented different genders, ethnicities and ages. And while testing the panels, our team worked on projects ranging from eliminating play on mechanical keyboards, using a wire wheel to polish and restore old table vises, using a rotary tool to sand 3D prints, chopping wood with an ax and chainsaw. and just wear glasses at home. One tester even hit his pairs with a replica Red Ryder BB gun to see if they would provide the same protection as Ralphie’s goggles inside.

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