Bank Of America Checking Account Opening Bonus

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Whether you need a convenient way to pay your bills, track your finances, or provide proof of payment, a checking account can come in handy. It is also a safer method of payment than cash.

Bank Of America Checking Account Opening Bonus

Bank Of America Checking Account Opening Bonus

While there’s no shortage of financial institutions to choose from when looking to open an account, Member FDIC Bank of America was ranked among the best banks of 2023. So it’s no coincidence that the bank has many good checks. Account options to consider. Read all the bank’s Advantage Banking checking account details and what you need to open an account.

Guide To Bank Of America Preferred Rewards

Choose a savings, chequing, CD or high-interest investment account from our list of the best banks to start saving today.

To open a checking account with Bank of America, you will need to provide your personal information to complete the application, including:

Once you’ve gathered your documents, you need to choose the Bank of America checking account that best suits your needs. Bank of America currently offers three options.

This account setting is designed for individuals and students who want an account with a minimum required balance.

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The monthly service fee is $12, but Bank of America will waive the fee for students under 25 or if you have a monthly direct deposit of $250, you maintain a minimum daily balance of $1,500, or you sign up for a preferred rewards program.

This account setting is for people who maintain high balances in their checking accounts. You’ll earn interest and enjoy benefits like waiving service charges, free incoming domestic calls, and the ability to open other checking or savings accounts with waiving monthly maintenance fees.

If you do not maintain a combined balance of $10,000 between all of your Bank of America accounts and are not a member of a Preferred Rewards program, you will pay a $25 monthly service fee for the Advantage relationship. .

Bank Of America Checking Account Opening Bonus

Advantage SafeBalance is a “chequeless” current account setup, meaning there is no paper check entry for this account. It has a monthly service fee of $4.95 which is waived for students under 25 and Preferred Rewards members.

Earn 25,000 Virgin Atlantic Miles For Opening A Bank Of America Checking Account

Now that you’ve reviewed what Bank of America’s Advantage bank check setting has to offer, you can make an informed decision as to whether it meets your needs. If you’re still unsure or want to learn more before making a decision, check out the bank’s reviews that compare its products, fees, and how it stacks up against competitors.

Bank of America Checking Account FAQs While the basic idea of ​​a checking account may be simple to understand, there are still many common questions, in part because there are so many different types. Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about checking accounts.

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A Business Advantage checking account has a monthly fee of $29.95 per month, but this fee is waived for the first three months. After this introductory period, you must do one of the following to remain free of charge:

Bank Of America Checking Account Opening Bonus

I think the best option is to not worry about monthly fees for the first three months and then have an average balance of $15,000 (you’ll lose $12.5 per month compared to a 1% checking account ) or keep it. $2,500 per month on a linked Bank of America business credit card.

Bank Of America Cd Rates

There is a public offer for $200 with fewer requirements. I don’t recommend signing up for merchant services (merchant services is the ability to accept card payments. I’m not sure of the fee structure and also assume it creates a tax liability) for bonuses bank account, so the maximum bonus this account actually has is $300 yes. Although this requires opening a business credit card, you will still benefit from the sign-up bonus on this card. The best option would probably be the Alaska Card with the 30,000 mile bonus.

It’s a shame he has to go to branches and merchant services for the full $500 bonus. If you live near a branch and plan to open a business credit card in the near future, this is a better offer than the public offer, otherwise I’ll stick with it. Keep in mind that Bank of America business credit cards do not include your personal credit reports. This is useful for anyone trying to stay under 5/24 for chess cards. There is also a $100 personal check bonus currently available

Many thanks to the reader, A P who let us know. Learn how to find bonuses and contribute to the site here. Bank of America offers up to $500 bonus when you open a new Business Advantage or Business Basic checking account as follows:

A Business Advantage checking account has a monthly fee of $29.95 per month, but this fee is waived for the first three months. After this introductory period, you must do one of the following to remain free of charge:

Bank Of America Boosts Pay For Tellers By $400 A Month, Cuts Hours

The fine print indicates that this offer is “only available to Bank of America Small Business Specialists or customers who receive this offer through direct communication from Bank of America Communications.” Looking at our previous post, it’s not entirely clear to me if this has been implemented. Three readers recently had this $500 offer for them before or after logging into their Bank of America account. One had a long string of numbers appended to the offer URL that appeared after login, hence the offer’s “direct communication” targeting. This offer can be obtained from a business specialist at a Bank of America branch, so it’s worth making an appointment before you go.

I don’t see any time period requirement for $20,000. That said, I will probably send the funds at the end of the 60 days and leave them there for 60 days after the account is approved for the avoidance of doubt. . Then I withdraw $17,000 and leave $3,000 in the basic account to avoid monthly fees until the bonuses are posted. There are no early termination fees on the account.

To avoid suspicion, it may help to deposit $20,000 in cash or a check at a branch.

Bank Of America Checking Account Opening Bonus

There was a “similar” $500 bonus that Bank of America offered for a while, except it required a credit card or merchant services, and was not what we would call a regular bank bonus. It’s pretty straightforward with $20,000 locked in at the end of 60 days to trigger the $500 bonus. This bonus has expired and is no longer valid. Click here to see the best business verification bonus.

Checking Vs. Savings Accounts

There is no direct link to this offer to our knowledge; Reader Matt got it from his banker Bank of America Small Business. Ask your local branch if this is available to you, you will need to speak with a small business banker to check. The offer code for this offer is: BBR7OFF, which may help the banker find it, as there are many different offer codes showing up in their system all the time.

A Business Advantage checking account has a monthly fee of $29.95 per month, but this fee is waived for the first three months. After this introductory period, you must do one of the following to remain free of charge:

You should be able to downgrade at some point down the road to basic checks which have easier requirements: just $250 in credit card spending or a balance of $5,000. It’s worth waiting for bonus posts before downgrading – judging by previous reviews, it could take around 5-6 months.

A more standard corporate check bonus from BofA is $200 (recently expired, hopefully renewed soon). We saw a similar $2,000 bonus from BofA in 2015. The downside of this proposal compared to the 2015 proposal

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