Advertising Agency Vision Statement Examples

Advertising Agency Vision Statement Examples – One of the members of my Idea Time for Facilitators workshop Facebook group asked me to provide some ideas for creative facilitation activities to use when working with groups to establish their vision, purpose and values.

Vision, purpose and values ​​go a long way in bringing people together. They support a shared sense of purpose and direction and are key elements of collaboration and collaborative working at the organizational, team and project level.

Advertising Agency Vision Statement Examples

Advertising Agency Vision Statement Examples

Let’s start by defining what vision, mission and values ​​mean. There are different definitions. I use the ones that I use, the ones that I have taught on the system and development programs in universities and commercials. These are the accepted definitions, but of course you will find variations on those themes as well.

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When you are in workshops, do not create specifics and words of vision, purpose and values ​​with the whole team, or a large group of people. Instead, focus on gathering ideas from your agents, and encourage them to bring ideas and articles so that the final versions are created, your agents feel and know that they have contributed directly. Trying out final words and answers by committee can be stressful and stressful. Instead, take ideas from everyone, put them together, combine and develop them outside of the workshop, and then bring them back to the delegates for final approval in a separate session.

Here are my favorite travel tips for getting that vision, mission and value into the meeting with the delegation. Depending on the time you have, you can mix and match all of these. I will share a few of each of the vision, purpose and values, and you can mix and match them. You don’t have to stick to one event on the theme of the brand, purpose or value.

‘ as often as they can, focusing on things they can influence, or control, or create.

Another activity you can do that works well is to donate some magazines, old newspapers, glue sticks, scissors, large pieces of paper. Invite the workshop participants to complete the statement ‘wouldn’t it be great…’ through a chorus, or poster, using pictures and headlines from newspapers and magazines, cutting and pasting, writing and drawing. Using different stimuli like words and pictures, and using cut and paste, use different parts of our brain and create different ideas. Also, having people work in smaller groups than this is a great way to get them to connect, start talking and create something together.

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‘ is to ask agents to build something, i.e. to create something in 3D, representing their vision of the future. I know this may sound unusual, but this honestly works! Some of these exercises are very difficult or confusing to explain in words, but if you practice in a workshop, they can work well.

Provide materials such as Lego, Play-doh or other modeling clay, or clean scraps for crafting pieces. I like to collect clean dirt for a few weeks before the workshop! Save cardboard boxes, maybe old gift bags, or tags, and some Sellotape, string, tubes and whatever is available. Delegates always have fun making their own creations from scraps!

There is method and reasoning behind these travel tips. When you ask delegates to build something in 3D, the magic happens when they explain what they built. They use words to talk about their creations that are different from how they would answer a direct question and answer a conversation. The participants in the meeting use different words, and explain them in different ways. They talk about a model or a poster, which changes their perspective. I highly recommend that you use a dictaphone, a recording app on your phone or tablet to record delegates’ reports, or to get the main points, phrases and things they are getting at on a flip chart as they speak.

Advertising Agency Vision Statement Examples

A good way to convey this is to use the word ‘Why?’ Ask the representatives to answer the question ‘Why are we in business?’ on a flip chart or sticky notes, writing down as many reasons as possible. Ask the agents to ask again ‘why?’ for each thing they have written. For example:

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‘Well, we’re here because we want to give our customers sandwiches when they want to eat at work’.

‘So why do we want those sandwiches from those customers? What do we do differently?…’

Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk, Start with Why, is a good watch if you’re considering using this event.

Most of us feel that we are giving and doing something useful when we are doing something for others. So, by asking the representatives to think ‘Who do we serve? Who are the people we are really trying to help? What do we bring that is special and different?’ can be a powerful way to assess the main purpose of a business.

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Invite candidates to look at ways they can complete a statement of purpose using the process I have outlined here in the symbols below:

Ask agents to create a complete customer journey, or customer experience by experience, breaking it down into the main parts of the work that the organization, group or team does for customers. Delegates were able to draw, draw, and use magazines, newspapers and cut and paste materials to create different activities.

The last event in the storyboard is to show the customer behavior, or change, provided by the business. That change can be very big or very small.

Advertising Agency Vision Statement Examples

Ask agents to create as many customer journey story papers as they can. Then ask them to review everything they’ve created—especially the changes they enable their customers—and use their knowledge to shape the content of the mission statement.

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Values ​​are the guiding principles that guide our behavior, our behavior, our culture, our approach, the way we do business, and are extremely important to teams. There are some good things you can do in workshops to help candidates define their shared values.

Invite the teams to create a poster that shows them working at their best, when they are really on fire, doing well, everything is going well and the customer is happy. Ask the representatives to create these in pictures and then as a next step put some key words that describe the value in the process.

Put people in pairs and ask them to write 3-5 positive words that describe their partner’s personality on sticky notes, writing one word on each sticky note (so that everyone writes 3-5 sticky notes).

The next step is to put all the stickers on the wall, or on the whiteboards, and put them in groups, so that they are grouped together. What you’re doing at this point is taking the best qualities in an existing team, finding all the defining words in the team’s language, and identifying themes so that you can work with the qualities that start to emerge.

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The last step of that activity is to ask the group to write one or two sentences about the meaning of those words, and if those words were relevant to the business, to describe the business, how those words would be used to describe the business.

A third design process for character development is called the ‘character list’. Deal a pile of cards, each with a different value. Use 40-50 different cards, one word per card, on the tables around the house. Here are some examples of words you can use in the video below.

Ask the representatives to ‘sort’ into small groups to see which words relate to them, and which don’t, and add any that don’t. Have some blank cards available for this.

Advertising Agency Vision Statement Examples

The next step is for the representatives to prioritize from the cards they have chosen, and choose a final set of 3-5 words per group.

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The final step is for the representatives to write a statement explaining each of the words they have chosen, and present their ideas to the larger group. For example, here are the characteristics of our business, and supporting explanatory statements for each of these characteristics.

Each of these vision techniques, mission and value drive components are tried and tested. They effectively help create content that can be created and developed as an additional step.

Thanks for reading – I hope these tips have helped you. I’d love to hear how you get on when you use it. Please contact with any questions. If you are interested in increasing your skills, influence and confidence as a facilitator, join my free Facebook group, Idea Time for Conference Facilitators. We are a collaborative and supportive group

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