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Advertisement In Spanish – Diversity is the spirit of life. And if you’re getting bored of Spanish, mixing is the key to breaking that boredom and keeping Spanish fresh.

Study Spanish with the same book (or podcast, or course) every day, and one of two things will happen:

Advertisement In Spanish

Advertisement In Spanish

Music, movies, books, podcasts, and conversations with real people can all add variety to learning Spanish, and keep things fresh.

Spanish In One Lesson With Phonetic Pronunciation [cover Title] By [texas]. [spanish Language]

In fact, you’re probably as distracted by TV commercials as the next person. Businesses often get in the way of what you want to do.

Movies can be an effective study aid. But for starters, the length of the movies is too long. You will be bombarded with something new for ninety minutes, and that can be difficult.

A TV commercial is a big movie. It is detailed, short and to the point. As a beginner, you can follow along and discover everything that has been said. And you will not feel tired.

With movies, you run the risk of getting lost in the confusing plot while trying to follow all the dialogue at once.

Should 2020 Presidential Candidates Try To Speak Spanish?

Television commercials are designed to reach as many people as possible. This means keeping it simple and using consistent themes. In other words, clues are the best way to improve your comprehension skills.

Most ads are less than a minute long. This means they need to stand out if they are going to impress consumers. Advertisers employ teams of full-time professionals to deliver the most bang for your buck.

Like it or not, advertising is a part of our lives. Use this to your advantage by turning it into an opportunity to practice your Spanish skills.

Advertisement In Spanish

In addition, it includes everyday vocabulary about family, work and marriage. These are all topics that you need to talk about early on while learning Spanish, especially when meeting new people.

Cava Advertisement

The annual Christmas Lottery is a national institution in Spain. It is the second longest running lottery in the world, and the biggest total payout over two billion euros!

(Spanish Lottery Commission) produces TV commercials to promote the lottery, and I shared the video from 2014. To understand what is happening in the video, you will need some information about how the lottery works.

), as individual tickets are very expensive. If the ticket wins, everyone who buys a tenth of that ticket will receive 10% of the prize. In this ad, the owner of the cafe offers to sell it to his friend

, but the friend refused. It means that money is tight for him now. Unemployment in Spain remains one of the highest in the EU.

Zoom Session Advertisement_spanish_0409

, a book in Spanish that provides a detailed analysis of the great influence of Facebook on the world.

The discussion of this ad will give you a bunch of useful words about Facebook. You can help this dictionary stay in your mind by changing your Facebook language settings to Spanish.

Even if you don’t have one yourself, I guarantee you know a lot of people who do. iPhones are as popular in Spain and Latin America as they are in the rest of the world. When you meet real Spanish speakers, you can apply this business vocabulary to have an interesting conversation about a topic that almost everyone is thinking about.

Advertisement In Spanish

For that reason, why not change the language of your phone to Spanish? This way, you’ll consider more work every time you use your phone.

Spanish Art Deco Label, El Secreto De Una Camelia Advertisement

Like most beer ads, this ad isn’t about beer. It’s an interesting, interesting talk about what it means to be Andalusian.

Andalucía is the region of Spain where this wine brand originated. I can’t vouch for the quality of the wine there, but I’ve visited Andalucía and it’s amazing. It is everything this business says and more.

A word of warning: the narrator in this ad is talking fast. This is a good thing! He does not speak faster than the average Spanish speaker in everyday conversation. This is the speed you need to get used to if you want to have a real conversation in Spanish.

Do you want to practice slowly before you get your Spanish up to speed? Use the settings button on YouTube to zoom out the video (the button that looks like a cog at the bottom right of the video).

Spanish For University Poster

It is interesting how today’s statistics predict the future of human health. Try to ignore the absurdity of this being a Coke commercial, and just enjoy the content. There are many useful Spanish dictionaries.

With this ad, IKEA brings home an interesting message about what’s most important at Christmas. Notice: it’s not a toy!

I love how this industry has so many different voices. You will hear all kinds of people speaking Spanish, including children of all ages.

Advertisement In Spanish

Why is it helpful to hear children talk? For one thing, you get a different listening experience, because young children haven’t learned their language yet and don’t speak the way adults do. For another, they tend to speak slowly, which is especially helpful in an electronic fast language like Spanish!

Poster Advertising A New Book About The Spanish American War (broadsid

Everyone has heard of Nutella, right? But have you heard of Nocilla? It is the most popular hazelnut chocolate spread in Spain and Portugal, far surpassing Nutella.

Spanish chocolate is the only advertising that can focus on football. And soccer is likely to be a topic of conversation when you visit any Spanish-speaking country. If you don’t want to be left out of these conversations, you better brush up on your football vocabulary,

Don’t be surprised if after watching this ad you get a craving for rich, rich hazelnuts while studying the difference between

These ads are just a taste of what you’ll find online. Here are some places where you can find Spanish TV advertising.

Advertising In Spanish In The Subway In New York Admonishes Consumers From Letting Their Children Drink Sugary Beverages Stock Photo

Dear Irish lad, full-time world trotter and international best-selling author. Benny believes that the best way to learn a language is to speak it from day one. it does not support older versions of your web browser to ensure that user information remains secure. Please update to the latest version.

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SPANISH TOWER 1936 ADKINSSONS LavON Lavanda Lavanda Lavender Lavender Under the Underground Under the Underground Under the Lavender

Advertisement In Spanish

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A Modern Poster Of A Spanish Dancer Used As The Advertisement For A Festival In Sevilla, Spain. 1924 Poster Print By Sara Pierce

This is a perfume, fragrance, and perfume ad from a Spanish magazine published in Argentina in 1936. This is a beautiful ad showing a beautiful woman with long brown hair blowing in the air, perhaps a scent she likes lavender. The ad is good and would do well in the same ad group from the time or other perfume ads. Click on the Image below for more information about this ad.

Condition: Excellent / Excellent – The ads in this series are bright, colorful and clear, with no cracks or tears. This advert is a bit on the small side, which is not surprising as it is over 80 years old It still has a great image with good definition and nice clean sharp lines.

As mentioned, this ad is over 80 years old and is guaranteed to be original. It is an original advertisement from a Spanish publication, and it is NOT FREE.

The print is approximately 8 1/4″ x 11 1/4″. Print sizes 11″ x 14″. This is a matte matte finish that fits a custom frame – no expensive custom frames required.

Miami Florida,allapattah Billboard Advertisement Advertising Ad Spanish Language Aids Does Not Discriminate Stock Photo


All our prints are expertly assembled in high quality plain white/ivory leather with a slight bevel. The support, NOT IN THE CREATION, also meets the same quality standards.

The mat is acid free and the small tape used to attach the cloth to the surface of the stick is artists tape. This edition is actually ready to organize and save. We’re proud of what we sell – check out our reviews.

Advertisement In Spanish

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to answer questions and can usually do so within 24 hours.

The Spanish Jade (1922 Film)

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