X Ray Safety Glasses

By | April 8, 2023
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X Ray Safety Glasses – Radiation protection and eye functions are also defined. The BR330 protects the user’s eyes from radiation from all directions, while at the same time dosimetry can be combined with X-Ray protective glasses.

How will these X-rays look like to me? Try it now with your webcam. a “virtual mirror” symbol. Just follow the link for the color of your choice:

X Ray Safety Glasses

X Ray Safety Glasses

All you have to do is let the browser app on your device access the camera and activate the video on the “virtual screen”.

Mavig Br331 X Ray Protective Glasses

The common goal of setting new standards for radiation protection glasses and dose goggles has brought together three project partners Dosilab, Mirion Technologies (AWST) GmbH (formerly AWST Evaluation Center of the Helmholtz Center) and.

For the first time the European EURATOM Directive 2013/59 limits the annual price for the measurement of glasses to the maximum legal limit. 20 mSv per year. However, even below this limit, exposure to radiation should be as low as possible. In addition, it is mandatory to constantly monitor the dose of goggles for the risk group of those involved in the work – in accordance with the new Law on Radiation Protection (31.12.2018) , and on the organ dose can be equal to 15 mSv.

If it is for eye dose monitoring, the dosimeter is a better position. Together with the partners of the AWST Evaluation Center project, the Helmholtz Center and Dosilab, a range of radiation protective glasses has been developed that integrates optical measurement in the working process. The BR330 lenses can be used for metering due to the connection of the barrier metering on the left, right or both sides. The measurement interface is designed in such a way that the users have no restrictions but the best possible measurement is guaranteed.

For wide range, values ​​in the range of +4.00 dpt to -4.00 dpt and roundness of +2.00 dpt to -2.00 dpt are possible. The shape of the X-Ray protection glass BR124 fits the body and ensures high quality. heat protection via heat protection zones on the back, screen cleaning.

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How will these X-rays look like to me? Try it now with your webcam. a “virtual mirror” symbol. Just follow the link for the color of your choice:

All you have to do is let the browser app on your device access the camera and activate the video on the “virtual screen”.

The shape of the BR124 series, which fits the body, provides excellent comfort. The BR124 offers a variety of options: Temples can be installed and the soft nose can be adjusted to your individual needs. There are three different colors to choose from and two frame sizes for each frame: Small-Medium and Large.

X Ray Safety Glasses

The design of these glasses takes into account the wide protective zones on the sides, made of a special, patented “Trielle” material, full of heat insulation (no-nonsense). X-ray side shields are manufactured with a lead value of 0.50 mm Pb and certified according to IEC 61331-1: 2014.

Universal Super Flexible X Ray Protective Glasses With Side Protection 0.50mmpb

The best class is used. This guarantees you the best and clearest information. An effective combination of chemicals and special production methods ensure high thermal efficiency and uniform mixing of additives. For front protection glass, you have the choice between protection values ​​of 0.50 mm Pb and 0.75 mm Pb.

Our radiation shielding lens allows precise cropping, single and multiple vision correction.

At least, values ​​for the environment of +2.00 dpt to -2.00 dpt and drop of +2.00 dpt to -2.00 dpt are possible.

For larger sizes, the optical correction is circular +2.00 dpt to -2.00 dpt and cylindrical +2.00 dpt to -2.00 dpt.Our glasses are manufactured in quality tempered glass. high. It ensures good light transmission and sharp vision. Doing good and easy in every area is a must for us. This ensures high level eye care for medical use.

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Our latest catalog (valid from December 1, 2022) is available for download on our website from now.

The human eye is very sensitive to ionizing radiation, so it should be protected with, for example, X-ray protective glasses. Good glasses are important: X-ray protective glasses should fit the cheeks and sides of the user’s face. The reason for this is that the second radiation sent to the fake patient hits the front of the lenses but comes from below or from the sides in different directions.

In our new Excel tool, you can enter your prescription and first choose the model that suits you. Click here for the Excel file. Click here to download the Excel file.

X Ray Safety Glasses

Please note: the results shown are a preliminary guide. If there are small deviations from the available space, the focus can be adjusted in some cases. After a personal inspection, we can confirm whether the required lenses can be ordered.

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