What Is The Concept Of Social Entrepreneurship?

What Is The Concept Of Social Entrepreneurship? – A Model for Social Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development The role of education in developing the impact and discourse of social entrepreneurial leaders;

1.2 Billion People Drinking Safe Water Challenge: Transport (Back to Consumption) Innovation in the Water Sector Acumen Fund; IDEO, supported by the Gates Foundation;

What Is The Concept Of Social Entrepreneurship?

What Is The Concept Of Social Entrepreneurship?

A social entrepreneur identifies a social problem and organizes a business; Someone who uses business principles to create and manage…. Instead of taking an idea to market to solve a consumer problem, social entrepreneurs try to turn an idea into reality. . Market to solve public problems. (Alex Nicholls, Skoll Center, University of Oxford) Social entrepreneurship takes many forms, but at its core it is characterized by leaders’ social awareness and desire to have a positive impact on society.

Mapping Women’s Social Entrepreneurship In Europe By European Womens Lobby

Philanthropy/Philanthropy “Give a man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day…” Fishing returns at a good rate and changes the world.”

(in all its forms: poverty, access to clean water, health care, environmental pollution, sustainability, etc.) Business thought leadership with a collaborative effort with a differentiated approach and a refined triple bottom line;

“Socially focused, globally engaged…” – –Dr. Dave Gershon National Institute for Pharmacoeconomics and Health Care Policy Social Enterprise Incubator

The three most important ‘external’ forces in global environmental sustainability over the next three years Source: IBM Global Student Survey 2010; IBM Global Leader Survey 2010

Concept Of Social Entrepreneurship

“I consider economic performance and social/environmental performance as two parts of the same wealth creation process. We need to rethink what wealth means” (Student, France) “Resources are shrinking a lot. Governments will now take matters into their own hands and sustain their resources in the country.” (Student, India) “Natural resources … are becoming scarcer… (Student, USA) “Global thinking is essential for leaders, but must go hand in hand with a focus on sustainability and integrity. Otherwise, short businesses.” (Student, Japan) Fewer than 4 in 10 students believe that education prepares them well to face the new realities of a shared planet.

To meet future challenges…. Rethink business value to create strong global connections that promote Creative Leadership Source: IBM Global Student Survey 2010; IBM Global Leader Survey 2010

12 What is needed? “…collaborative, task-based, real-world problem solving is the best strategy for improving knowledge and learning.” (— Reflecting on W. R. Harper’s beliefs about higher education in Benson. (2005)): “Integrating Commitment to the Public Good into Institutional Structure.”

What Is The Concept Of Social Entrepreneurship?

Innovators – (Psychological Trait) Achievement Oriented – Emotionally Independent – Emotionally Internally Directed – Risk-tolerant Mentality – Tolerant of Complexity – Emotional

What Is Social Entrepreneurship? A Guide

High innovation and low risk-taking = Entrepreneur Innovation and low risk-taking =  Gambler High innovation and high entrepreneurship = Dreamer

A Social Entrepreneur (SE) recognizes a social problem and all its complexities and connects the problem with a vision capable of directly reframing the situation and changing public attitudes that follow the original problem. SE’s critical privacy (reference power) . To deploy the necessary resources and build the necessary network of people and organizations, SE generates followers’ commitment to a project by framing the project around important social values, not just economic ones. This creates a common purpose between the social entrepreneur and the participants in the effort.

SEs are anti-business – instead of coordinating and collaborating for mutual benefit There is a difference between SE and Commercial Entrepreneurship (CE) ‘GREED’ – many SEs are also CEs. SEs run non-profit activities – the process of social entrepreneurship can be done in any sector and legal setting (continued on next slide)

SEs are born, not made – people can learn to be comfortable with risk and uncertainty and grow their community. According to Kolb’s theory of moral development, moral maturity is important in forming SE. SEs are wrong – they value different goals; But SEs usually fail – although less than 50% of CEs ‘fail’. A small percentage of SEs fail (<30%)[Cordes, et.al., 2001] . SEs love risk – There is little evidence for this claim, but every successful entrepreneur “takes well-thought-out risks. good thinking Through analysis and planning, they reduce risk and act in a calculated risk model.

Social Entrepreneurship: A Movement Of Change

Two excellent examples of social entrepreneur creativity can be found on the following websites: Students can use both to get a “feel” of being a social entrepreneur in the real world. Or if you want more information!

Leadership practices challenge the process Encourage a shared vision Encourage heart Encourage a way to involve others Source: Kouses & Posner, The Leadership Challenge

Vision Empowering Design and Alignment Reward and Feedback Team Building External Orientation Global Mindfulness Resilience Emotional Intelligence Life Balance Stress Resilience Source: DeVries, Global Executive Leadership Index

What Is The Concept Of Social Entrepreneurship?

24 Applying Experiential Learning Education: Service Learning and Internships Objective; A comprehensive strategy for community engagement: an approach to purpose and educational action

Let’s Start Our Social Enterprise

25 Skoll Foundation Vision: Live in a world of sustainable peace and prosperity. Mission: Investing in social entrepreneurs and other innovators dedicated to solving the world’s most pressing problems; Driving radical change by connecting and celebrating. Example: Root Capital Funding and Starbucks link s-fixes-filling-the-gap-between-farm- and d-fair-trade/#more-3679

An investment firm with the largest flow of capital to innovative businesses that create market-based solutions to inequality and poverty….investing in the most promising social enterprises and providing them with the tools and guidance they need to succeed. In addition, Good Capital is actively leading the development of the emerging social capital market. … a new, strategic movement of capital We share a deep commitment to creating an informed and inspired investment world.

Participating in strategic alliances in social enterprises Learning about alliances Experiential learning Testing ideas and reflections Testing the impact of concepts in new contexts that promote ideas and innovations

Identifying innovation opportunities that address social concerns Enabling a generation to experience social business How to redefine stakeholder interests and increase shareholder value What it takes to create transformational growth and game change – Need any/or advice? Questions?

What Is Social Entrepreneurship?

We record and share user data with processors to make this website work. To use this website; You must agree to our privacy policy, including our cookie policy. Amidst the general confusion; Four schools of thought can be identified; Each has a different outcome (revenue generation, social impact, job creation and broader social change) and different levels of importance in the economy. Link to social and management values. Social entrepreneurship.

Social entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly popular as a way to do business while achieving social and economic impact. However, This rapid rise in popularity (see the ‘Rising Popularity of Social Entrepreneurship’ box) has led to social entrepreneurship being misunderstood or even misused. NGOs that integrate corporate social responsibility (CSR) and entrepreneurial values ​​into their organizations are experimenting with the concept of social entrepreneurship and moving towards each other.

At the same time, All over the world, small social enterprises are founded by individuals who believe in their ability to do ‘good’ through entrepreneurship. Their main challenge is to find a balance between social impact and financial survival or in a highly competitive environment. The result is a murky landscape that makes it difficult to define exactly what social entrepreneurship is.

What Is The Concept Of Social Entrepreneurship?

For example, Can an entrepreneur who sells a product or service that helps the poor and uses the profits to buy a luxury car be called a social entrepreneur? Or is the NGO under pressure to become self-reliant to finance its social mission, starting a shop or restaurant to diversify its income?

Introduction To Social Entrepreneurship

Social activities have become more numerous than ever before. However, data on the number of social enterprises are not available as no separate research has been conducted for most countries. without a legally recognized formal form; No social activities found. Data favoring this trend therefore come mainly from the United Kingdom, where social enterprises are classified under the official model of ‘community benefit company (CIC)’. In a national survey conducted in the UK in 2011, 14% of social enterprises said they were two years old or younger. That’s more than three times the percentage of traditional small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), of which only 4 percent are two years old or younger. ယူကေရှိ လူမှုရေးလုပ်ငန်းပေါင်း ၆၈,၀၀၀ သည် စီးပွားရေးအတွက် ပေါင် ၂၄ ဘီလီယံ လှူဒါန်းခဲ့ကြောင်း Social Enterprise UK မှ ခန့်မှန်းထားသည်။

ယေဘုယျအားဖြင့်၊ လူမှုရေးစွန့်ဦးတီထွင်မှုဆိုင်ရာ ဆွေးနွေးငြင်းခုံမှုသည် မတူညီသော အဖွဲ့အစည်းများတွင် ကျယ်ပြန့်လာသည်။ Harvard University (US), INSEAD (ပြင်သစ်), Stanford University (US), Roskilde University (Denmark), Utrecht University (နယ်သာလန်) ကဲ့သို့သော ပညာရေးဆိုင်ရာ အဖွဲ့အစည်းများ၊

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