What Are The Qualities Of A Good Language Teacher

What Are The Qualities Of A Good Language Teacher – Although we must be careful when choosing course books for our specific classes, we cannot completely separate ourselves from the textbooks, as they are often part of the curriculum that is integrated with the provision of security concepts, character and development of our students. . There is no doubt that textbooks bring much-needed organization to the teaching and learning process. We cannot rely on the ability/effort of the teachers to be consistent enough to cover the syllabus on their own. Following the book helps to bridge the gap between what teachers do and what they say in the classroom. Many textbooks these days are also an excellent source of cultural information and can inspire our students with their fascinating illustrations and the added resources they provide.

The reality is that we cannot expect the tools to predict or know what is being learned in the classroom. But if we want students to be independent and responsible for their language development by actively participating in the L2 process, then the materials should be designed in a way that encourages students to make more decisions/choices for themselves learn L2 on their own. . As Harmer (2001) points out, “it is important to ask which books are good for textbooks and how they should be used so that their advantages outweigh their disadvantages.”

What Are The Qualities Of A Good Language Teacher

What Are The Qualities Of A Good Language Teacher

Harmer (2001) considers textbooks to be “good starting points for beginning teachers” as “practical suggestions, not instructions for use”. The key is for teachers to find ways to adapt the materials to their own contexts to increase student engagement and student language development. Resources need to be flexible and responsive to the ongoing changes in our students and their learning needs. Therefore, teachers should be encouraged to use their professional judgment to approach their materials and methods in ways that are appropriate for their students.

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We must always remember that the goods are there to provide a supplement in a certain situation. This introduction contains a selection of L2 content that our students need to mentally process in some way. Our students’ existing language skills, their basic L1 and TL skills, and their intellectual and cognitive abilities are current. In order to stimulate language learning, therefore the main aim of the teachers will be to carefully select the materials and activities found in the course book and adapt them to their special language classes to meet the methods/ special discrimination of students. age/requirements. Our main aim should be to combine the background knowledge of our learners with the tips and activities found in the textbooks to stimulate the learners’ work. While there is cooperation, opportunities to promote the development of different languages ​​of our students.

Active participation is the key to a successful learning environment. By letting our students speak and choose the topics and assignments they want to focus on, we immediately give them an active role, making them co-creators of learning. Then learning is more meaningful to them because it is related to their daily life, their hobbies and interests. With this inclusion, our students feel in control of the flow of learning and engage in language activities. Reflecting on the study material and textbook is also useful. We need to show them that their opinions are important by giving them the opportunity to express what they liked about the lesson, what worries them or any changes they can make.

Developing an expectation of discovery should be one of our primary tasks in the classroom. We need to use the materials and activities we find in the textbook for our classrooms and find ways to add some level of uncertainty to the activities. We need to implement students’ plans and prior knowledge, make them guess what the topic and purpose of the lesson is through brainstorming, real and engaging activities that stimulate our students’ minds and imaginations. . We must train them to expect the unexpected. The teacher does not give them advice and instructions, but gives encouragement and allows students to give an answer and participate in the learning process.

An important and meaningful lesson for our students will certainly help to increase their willingness to participate. Enhancing student creativity by adapting or carefully modifying activities found in student textbooks will eliminate boredom and boost student motivation. We need to give them the opportunity to share their interests, ideas, whatever interests them with the rest of the group. We should let them use their imagination to come up with stories, dramas, games, questions. In this way, they have the opportunity to learn a foreign language and build skills in areas that are important to them.

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In most cases, our EFL students have little opportunity to use the TL outside the classroom, so they don’t have many opportunities to practice the language. In order to stimulate their language development, we need to create the right environment to help them do this during the lesson by changing the information in the course book to suit their needs. We need to help them develop communication skills that will ultimately promote language learning. By encouraging interaction between students through collaborative writing or speaking activities, STT (student speaking time) increases and gradually our students begin to develop fluency and learn to others.

We need to give them the freedom to interact with TL, to try to communicate effectively and adequately (not precisely), to convey their message without fear of mistakes. Our students’ language will be constantly changing with creative errors. Not only lessons and exercises will stimulate their language development, but also cooperation, a constant effort to turn their vocabulary into active.

In addition to focusing on actively involving our students during learning, we must also encourage independent thinking. This autonomy of the learner must take place outside the classroom, during individual learning. To promote the successful development of our students, we need to teach them the strategies they need to use (listening strategies, reading strategies, organization, etc.) to take responsibility for their learning. and making informed decisions about it, studying the issues. carefully. found in their books and choose what will help them in their learning process. They need to be trained to set personal goals, realize what their strengths and weaknesses are, and think about what they should focus on according to their individual needs. Of course, this depends a lot on the age and level of our students and involves a lot of effort on the part of the teachers to guide and train their students to success.

What Are The Qualities Of A Good Language Teacher

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