What Are The Main Components Of Robots

What Are The Main Components Of Robots – Based on Honda’s original spirit of using technology to help people, which has remained unchanged since the company’s founding, Honda continues its research and development in the field of robotics, striving to create robots that will always be there for people, helping people , improve the quality of people’s daily life, and expand the potential of people. Humans and robots need to be able to exist not only physically in the same space, but also psychologically, and we need to take a human-centered approach to designing and developing robot functionality. Based on these principles, Honda has developed several robotics products, including ASIMO, UNI-CUB and the walking aid device.

From here on, Honda will focus on the research and development of various robots that focus on specific functions, which will allow us to realize them and offer value to people and society faster. One example of such an initiative is the Honda Avatar robot, for which we are working on research and development with the aim of maximizing the value of time and expanding physical functions for people.

What Are The Main Components Of Robots

What Are The Main Components Of Robots

Avatar is the representation of the user. By offering robot avatars, Honda wants to create a society where everyone, no matter how far they are, where they are and who they are, can do what they want to do without having to be “in space” in person.

The 5 Core Parts Of A Robotic Arm In Industrial Robots

In today’s world, we can see images of remote areas by allowing robots to move around the area. The last piece of the puzzle to take another step forward and understand the society we see, is the ability to deal with real things as if we were there in person. To that end, we are researching and developing a Honda multi-fingered hand and avatar robot that people can intuitively control to use tools designed for human use. No matter how far you are, where you are and who you are, Honda Avatar Robot will let you do what you want without being there in person. With the Honda Avatar Robot, we want to contribute to the realization of a society where people can choose their lifestyles more freely and achieve self-fulfillment.

Honda Avatar Robot has a wide range of application scenarios because it can create free time for people to enjoy their lives and exercise their creativity, and also because it can allow people to do things in environments that are not suitable for people. For example, since the Honda Avatar Robot allows the user to demonstrate a high level of expertise even in a remote area without time to get to the location, it can be used to handle an urgent matter, such as a medical emergency or maintenance and troubleshooting Services of various types of equipment. Also, Honda’s avatar robot can perform tasks even in environments that are not easily accessible to humans, including dangerous environments such as disaster sites and environments where humans cannot easily access/perform activities such as outer space.

Now, Honda will go further by building on what we already have and infusing the latest technologies. When we get there, we will be in a world that no one has ever experienced.

In the development of ASIMO, we realized functions that allowed ASIMO to 1) move around in the same space as people, such as walking among people and not falling down even when it meets a person, 2) use its hands to perform tasks and 3 ) interact with people, such as understanding what people say and controlling his movements based on the intention of the people around him.

A Soft Thumb Sized Vision Based Sensor With Accurate All Round Force Perception

In addition to hardware (a multi-fingered hand), the Honda Avatar Robot will require the development of various technologies including software technologies. For example, software that enables precise control as well as artificial intelligence will be needed to operate the robot arm at the operator’s will. In this respect, Honda has continuously accumulated robotic technologies since the beginning of ASIMO’s development, and has experts in various fields such as mechanical mechanism design, control and artificial intelligence. Additionally, being a manufacturing company, Honda has highly capable prototype teams, and the speed with which ideas are brought to tangible form has been one of Honda’s main strengths.

Our goal is to realize a multi-fingered robotic hand with which the user, even remotely, can perform tasks intuitively and precisely as if he had done it in person.

Human hands exhibit both the delicate touch to pinch a small item and the strength to grasp an item tightly. On the other hand, multi-finger robotic hands available today, including ASIMO’s hands, are not as capable in this respect as human hands.

What Are The Main Components Of Robots

Honda met the challenge and achieved human-like delicacy and strength by precisely designing and controlling the drive system of the mechanical mechanism. Our multi-fingered robotic hand can now perform a wide range of everyday tasks, such as dexterously picking a coin, opening a can with a pull tab, and opening a pet bottle.

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ASIMO’s arms are driven by a hydraulic actuator built into the upper body, while the Honda Avatar robot adopts a wire (cable) driven mechanism to generate strong force while concentrating the components on the forearm rather than the upper body.

The mechanism of a sliding pulley, used for construction cranes and other equipment, is activated and built into each finger as a three-dimensional mechanism. As a result, the fingertip force is dramatically increased to more than five times that of ASIMO, while the components are compactly built into the robot’s forearm.

Compared to a direct drive system, where the motor drives the equipment directly through gears, it is more difficult to achieve precise control with a wire driven system due to the elongation of the wire. To address this problem, the effect of elasticity and friction is corrected by using strain sensors that measure wire tension and information such as finger bend angles. This allows precise control of our multi-fingered hand. In addition, a compact design for the circuit system is pursued by dividing the circuits into separate boards for each function.

The motors that drive the fingers of the robotic hand also play an important role in achieving strength and delicacy. For example, to open the lid of a glass jar, the fingers must continue to hold the lid while applying a strong force. So, we developed an engine that can continuously generate strong power suitable for such use. In developing ASIMO, we conducted research on engines with a high power density to weight ratio. We used the knowledge gained through such research to realize a compact but high-power motor for our robotic arm. Eleven motors are built into the forearm to move four fingers with a total of 16 joints connected by wires, covering most of the hand shapes that people use in their daily lives. As a result, our robotic arm is capable of performing various tasks.

What Is Robotic Surgery?

The multi-fingered hand alone cannot work perfectly. AI-supported remote control technology is used to understand the operator’s intentions and correct hand movements accordingly. This technology is essential to achieve an operation that feels natural to the user.

The movement of grasping an object, which we perform casually, is a complex process. First, we plan by deciding what object we want to grasp and what kind of shape our hand should make, then reach our arm/hand to grasp it. We check if the object is kept properly, and if necessary take corrective actions.

When we try to do the same thing with a remote-controlled robotic hand, we can make a mostly correct shape of the hand, but it is difficult to understand the distance when looking at the image captured by the camera. Also, the operator cannot feel the tactile state. It becomes a problem that causes a gap between what we feel and reality.

What Are The Main Components Of Robots

To meet this challenge, Honda is researching and developing “Artificial Intelligence Supported Remote Control”, which uses artificial intelligence to provide support in overcoming the difficulties of remote control and realizes a smooth grip.

Motiv Space Systems And Nasa To Develop Robotic Arm For Extreme Cold Environments

ASIMO achieved autonomous behavior by detecting the movement of people around it based on information from multiple sensors and deciding its next action on its own without human intervention. With the Honda Avatar robot, the human (the operator) is responsible for identifying the situation and determining the robot’s actions, while the AI ​​supports the action by assessing the operator’s intentions and applying corrective control to the multi-fingered hand according to The. Intentions. Based on ASIMO’s autonomous technology, we have increased the accuracy of such AI-based support by incorporating the latest AI technologies.

Artificial intelligence evaluates the intentions of the operator based on multidimensional information obtained from various sensors installed on the avatar robot, as well as on protective glasses and gloves worn by the operator. Based on the evaluation of the intentions of the operator, necessary corrections will be made in the position of the finger/hand in relation to the object and in the balance of forces to achieve a smooth grip.


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