Unique Gift Basket Ideas For Christmas

Unique Gift Basket Ideas For Christmas – We’re sharing 6 unique DIY gift basket ideas to gift your loved ones this year on a budget.

What if you could give everyone on your holiday shopping list a special gift while staying on budget? Yes, and we can’t wait to show you how. You don’t have to rely on gift cards anymore. Your friends and family will love your personalized Christmas gift basket, and your gift will be the talk of the holidays.

Unique Gift Basket Ideas For Christmas

Unique Gift Basket Ideas For Christmas

Welcome friends. If you’re new here, we’re The Design Twins, Jodie and Julie. We are twins who share a love for home decor inspiration, budget decorating and DIY projects. We’re so glad you’re here, and we hope you’ll come and stay a while.

Best Christmas Gift Baskets Of 2022

Are you often looking for last minute Christmas gifts? By the last minute, I mean the bravery of folly that is at the heart of Christmas; line up a mile and fight for the last turkey? Yikes. It should not be part of our Christmas experience.

There are so many things to do during the holidays, it’s almost impossible to get them done in time. There is no shame at all; we’ve all been there everywhere. But we are here to end it, hopefully. To help you avoid the stress of holiday shopping, we’ve rounded up six DIY Christmas gift baskets for everyone on your list.

In today’s overcrowded, prescriptive and fast-paced world, personal gifts are becoming less and less common. Unfortunately, gift cards and checks have become commonplace. Gift giving has become so trivial, but we want to change that.

These Christmas gift baskets are the perfect solution to put some thought and love into gift giving. Give people gifts that reflect who you are. With a little time and effort, you can show your friends and family that you really care.

Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas

Another important idea to avoid crowded Christmas shopping in the store is to shop online. You can do this from the comfort of the sofa (or bed) at any time of the day. The time you save at the end of shopping you can use for the final creation.

If you’re busy like us, online shopping is your new friend. That’s why we turn to Walmart.com, especially the Better Homes and Gardens collection, for our holiday gift shopping needs on a budget.

On a budget? No problem, because Walmart is the king of low prices. Easy shopping is essential when your list is long. Get more bang for your buck this holiday season with Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart. These DIY Christmas gift baskets all started with the Better Homes and Gardens project from Walmart. These high quality and stylish products inspired each basket. Then all we have to do is add a few final touches, wrap and secure with a bow. It’s easy; we promise.

Unique Gift Basket Ideas For Christmas

Julie and I are part of the Better Homes and Gardens Network at Walmart Influencer. We love representing brands that provide quality style at an affordable price. We are compensated for the effort we put into creating this work. Our easy shopping links help support our blog’s work and do not add any extra money to you. All of our reviews are genuine, and as always, we hope you enjoy them. There are many more ideas available from the talented BHG Better Living Influencer network.

Cute Slipper Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

There is something special about giving or receiving a special gift during the holidays. Instead of buying generic gifts for everyone on your list, why not surprise your loved ones with a beautiful gift basket customized just for them. We couldn’t resist sharing our very own DIY Christmas gift baskets with you. With six unique gift themes, you’re sure to impress your kids, your in-laws, your spouse, and even your neighbors. Let’s get started.

You know that person who wants to stay out of the fire to watch their favorite holiday movie? Or people who go to movies JUST for popcorn? Yes, it’s me, just saying. This gift basket is perfect for busy college students who could use a fun movie night. My niece (Julie’s daughter) Bianca loves this gift. For this DIY Christmas gift basket, I decided to share one of my personal holiday favorites. I call it ‘Christmas Peppermint Crunch Popcorn.’ The recipe is just to die for. You won’t want to go without it this season.

The whole recipe only takes 20 minutes. Fill a small clear plastic bag. Tie with a bow and add to this adorable ceramic popcorn bowl from Better Homes & Gardens. This sweet and savory holiday recipe makes the perfect gift for anyone on your list. There is an added bonus if you have leftovers for yourself. It’s Christmas. Get on board! Treat yourself.

This gift basket idea is perfect for someone new to baking. This basket has my son Roan’s name on it.

Best Holiday Gift Baskets Of 2022: Wine, Fruit, Chocolate And More

Give them a little edge in becoming the next Great Britain Baking Show Champion. Just kidding, it’s nice to dream.

This basket is perfect for the beginner baker in your life. Of course, that’s not all they need, but it’s a good start to push them in the right direction.

This candle lover Christmas gift basket is perfect for anyone on your list. I mean, who doesn’t love the smell of holiday scented candles in their home on a cold winter day? I know I do.

Unique Gift Basket Ideas For Christmas

An everyday candle with universal appeal, perfect for your friends or neighbors. These long-lasting candles from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart are perfect for burning all season long. We’ve also included a beautiful Sherpa blanket and throw from Better Homes & Gardens to match the candles for the ultimate cozy combination.

Holiday Spa Gift Basket With Homemade Beauty Gifts

I chose this beautiful Vermont White Spruce candle that makes my house look like a Christmas tree forest. It’s the perfect scent to get you and your family in the holiday spirit. I recommend getting one of these for yourself. It’s so irresistible. Don’t forget to throw in some scented wax candles with these fun farmhouse candles, all from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart. Julie’s favorite is Fresh Cut Frasier.

Whether building a home-cooked meal for his family, or just trying out a new recipe, this gourmet chef kit is just what he’s been looking for. I decided to include these popular gold and navy kitchen accessories from Better Homes and Gardens, their acacia sink and two beautiful storage bowls for flour or pasta. You can purchase these three gift items from Better Homes & Gardens products at Walmart.

Don’t be afraid to be a little practical with your holiday gifts. We added gourmet spices and avocado oil to complete the theme. Now they have what they need to make a weeknight meal.

What makes a wonderful Christmas morning? We started with a fun and cute red holiday pillow from the Better Homes & Gardens collection at Walmart.

Unique Gift Basket Ideas

Then we added hot cocoa and coffee, two delicious holiday mugs, and gourmet pancake mix. Give the gift of Christmas to a friend or colleague with this thoughtful gift. Toss all these items into beautiful metal baskets and trays from Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart. Wrap in cellophane and a holiday bow. Talk about Christmas gift goals: cheap, affordable, thoughtful and loving.

Hosting Christmas dinner can be a whirlwind of responsibilities, but you can make it easier with this holiday table starter kit.

This gift is perfect for a mother-in-law, best friend or as a hostess gift for any party.

Unique Gift Basket Ideas For Christmas

You may be wondering, now that I have everything imaginable and cheap on a budget for a Christmas gift basket, how do I put them together? Like all gifts, it’s about giving.

Holiday Gift Guide 2020: The Best Baked Goods Gift Baskets

For your final touch, add a personalized gift tag with the recipient’s name and a cute note wishing them a Merry Christmas. Voila, your gift basket is ready.

About those gift tags. What makes a gift more special? Handmade gift cards, of course! Here are some free printable Christmas gift tags that I love.

The holidays are about embracing the magic of the season and spending quality time with friends and family. We hope to inspire others to give this season. Come now, enjoy your loved ones and have a great party full of joy and laughter.

For more DIY Christmas gift inspiration, check out this Ginger Spiced Nuts recipe perfect for holiday gift giving.

Unique Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

Fresh popcorn dipped in white chocolate and topped with party chips and M&M’s. I call this my favorite ‘Christmas Peppermint Crunch’. The recipe is just to die for. You won’t want to go without it this season.

Don’t worry about last-minute holiday shopping with these DIY Christmas gift baskets that your friends and family will love. I call him. Christmas shopping DONE! I have to tell myself to stop “officially” otherwise

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