Starting My Own Business Uk

Starting My Own Business Uk – The lockdown changed Britain in ways we are still trying to understand. It has changed the way we communicate, the way we shop and the way we work. For many of us, it’s been replaced by endless Zoom Meetings (“ANDY, IT’S YOURS!”) and lugging laptops around the house, trying to find the best Wi-Fi spots.

And for many people, the daily changes have inspired them to rethink their working lives. Do they want to be 9-5 forever? Or is it time for a change? Are they looking for something more important than a line on their CV?

Starting My Own Business Uk

Starting My Own Business Uk

This is especially true for many of those who are fired. Then they have time on their hands and have the opportunity to plan for the future. And many of them took advantage of the day; starting new businesses, turning hobbies into careers, and developing new careers. We call these people FURLANCERS and in the next few months we will see more of them.

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(Please note: The word ‘Furlancer’ is a portmanteau combining furlough and freelancer. This is not a clash between furs and lancers – although there is nothing against people dressing up like squirrels or regiments the horseman)

The shutdown has been a busy time for us, and our customer base has grown over the last few weeks – more than 50% more than usual. So we started asking why this happened. And one thing we’ve seen is that many of the new funds are young companies that have been launched in the last month – sometimes in just a few days.

To explore this in more detail, we teamed up with YouGov to poll 2,069 people in the UK. This is what we see.

26% of young people (18-34) have been fired from their workplace. Add in all the other people working from home, temporarily retired or even laid off – and there are many people living at home wondering what the future holds for work.

How Can I Start My Own Business As A Woman In Lockdown?

There is a business crisis among many young people (they are more than twice as likely as 35 to start a business) and this extension of time at home is an opportunity for them to decide whether to start a business. they are. go self-employment or change jobs. When some of us watch Tiger King and The Last Dance, 29% of us think of business ideas. I hope that doesn’t happen with Tiger King.

The surprising thing is that 4 out of 10 young people are looking for a change after the lockdown is lifted. Within 12 months, 19% of 18-34s plan to start a business or become self-employed. We love the idea of ​​Furlancers leaving the company when things start to develop and their ideas start to blossom.

It’s no surprise that time at home is the cause. Closing is like daydreaming on the beach on vacation (hmm… but more work, no space and takes all the fun out of it) – it makes people think about what they’ve done with their lives.

Starting My Own Business Uk

In addition, there is a strong concern that there will be an impact on everyone’s perception of the job market, which is why young people take control of their role in building a company. Copy. We are proud of it. Furlancers are many people.

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Time at home makes a big difference – but so does the outlook for the future of business

You don’t have to be hired as a Furlancer, and there are all kinds of businesses popping up – including those driven by Covid-19 needs and shutdowns.

Stef and Kaly previously ran separate businesses, but now run, the place to get “renewable surgical mask replacements”. As the demand for masks increased, and as government guidelines strengthened their benefits, JetMask developed its own diamond mask. “We want to give people the opportunity to still feel beautiful wearing a face mask”. Although the recording presented them with many challenges, it “forced us to think outside the box and push our ideas to new heights”

Marios and his partner Eleanor started a skincare business, called MeOrganics, during the lockdown. “The shutdown has given us the opportunity to create some products that people really need because of the coronavirus,” which has led them to quickly release a range of hand sanitizers and disinfectants as demand for the products increases. “Combining sanitizers with natural ingredients such as essential oils is very effective.”

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We hope that in the coming years we will be able to track down some of the biggest companies in the UK for Furlancers in 2020; a generation of entrepreneurs and dreamers who saw the shutdown as an opportunity to change their lives. Go Furlancers! (You don’t have to say that out loud if you don’t want to).

Is the perfect place to help Furlancers take their first steps into the business world. You can open a business account with us in 5 minutes, we have dedicated 24/7 customer service direct from Cardiff, and we’ll help you figure out your fees and taxes. Even better, we can when you get started.

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Starting My Own Business Uk

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Starting My Own Business Uk

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