How To Start Your Own Mma Gym

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If you are considering joining an MMA gym, consider what kind of MMA training equipment you need. Some equipment is mandatory before coming to the gym, and other equipment can be borrowed and returned to the gym if permitted.Most of the equipment is for your safety during your workout. is. The right MMA training equipment can make your experience more enjoyable while minimizing injuries. We encourage you to invest in good equipment, not stuff.Here are some of the best equipment you can have in your MMA gym. Mouthguards Mouthguards are the only piece of equipment that protects not only your hands, but also your mouth and teeth. If you do any kind of sparring or grappling, you can get punched in the mouth. Several mouthguards are available that vary in quality and price. This protects your mouth, so it’s a good idea to consider which option best suits your needs. Standard soft mouthpiece for beginners, assuming the use of harnesses such as sparring. As fighters progress through the gym and start learning clinch and ground fighting, they’ll want to upgrade to much better styles designed to help them breathe easier and talk into the corners between rounds. This is a must-have piece of MMA training gear to look like a beginner or a pro.It is an important piece of equipment to protect the groin of a cup fighter. They come in many shapes and sizes. Most cups are worn under a kimono or gym suit, much like underwear.They have elastic straps with removable cups or are fully padded on the front, back and sides. , you can find a higher quality type that more closely resembles a helmet.This is the preferred choice among most fighters. When trying a glass, you have to consider the impact of hitting it. Handle-shaped cups are made of hard plastic, which can put a lot of strain on your legs and intestines. The professional competition style cup is one piece made of soft foam wrapped in vinyl. Rash Guard Rash Guard is the perfect piece of MMA training equipment, especially if your focus is on martial arts. They come in short or long sleeves, men’s and women’s sizes, all varying in comfort and fighter fit.Wear as a shirt for no-gi competitions or under any gi in any situation. You can also wear it.If you just joined the gym or are on a tight budget, you can use a t-shirt instead. However, as you grow into the sport of MMA and get better at grappling, it’s a good idea to have a rash guard to minimize cuts, scrapes, rashes, and wick away sweat to keep you cool. . Gloves Gloves are a very important part of MMA attire. What kind of glove and what quality you choose is also important. At least he should consider a pair of two, if not three. The pair you need is a standard 14-16 oz boxing glove for bag and pad training. This glove isn’t the best for sparring, but you should use a softer, lighter glove.You’ll also want an MMA glove with less padding and weighing only 4 ounces. This glove is for competition use only. So if you’re a beginner, you probably won’t need this type of glove until you start looking for competition. Also, if you’re just starting out, many gyms have gloves available for rent. This is the way to go if you’re on a tight budget but you’re comfortable with other people’s sweat. Shin guards Most shin guards you’ll see are fairly standard apart from a few minor differences. The two most common styles are those that primarily cover just the shins and those that also cover the shins and the top of the foot. If you’re new to MMA, you shouldn’t have to worry about buying shin guards. They are used not only as protection for the shin and foot bones, but also as pads to protect the kicker.Many training sessions take place with his partner in live sparring. This reduces both injuries during training. Earmuffs Earmuffs are used for several reasons and come in a variety of styles. Again, it may not be something that a beginner will need to buy right away and can borrow for a while before buying. It is also used to minimize cauliflower ears without. Cauliflower ears result from blunt trauma to the ear, causing inflammation that restricts blood flow to the ear.Classic wrestling mat his style, or with the addition of some straps around the head and chin Choose from new styles with improved fit and comfort. These are not to be used in place of a harness for sparring or other uses, they are meant to be used as mats. Headgear Headgear offers many options for style, comfort, and intended use at the gym. You can ask your gym instructor to choose the best harness for you. One type is a full face harness. Pads are used all over the head, covering the entire face and covering the chin and cheeks. The other most common harness is the open face helmet. The head is also padded, but the chin and face remain open.This makes breathing much easier because the whole face feels cramped. If you sparr in semi-contact or full-contact training, this is a must-have. As with any safety equipment, there are many types, brands and styles to suit the fighter’s needs and comfort. After spending a few months at the gym, you’ll have a better idea of ​​what you want to buy than what you’re going to rent. Again, you can always ask your instructor for advice on what equipment to buy, but we recommend reading equipment reviews on MMA equipment websites to find information and invest in all the equipment you need. Recommended.

How To Start Your Own Mma Gym

How To Start Your Own Mma Gym

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However, you can make your time at the gym a lot more enjoyable if you follow a few general rules of conduct.

With the help of his three athletes from ONE Championship, he reveals his nine rules of gym etiquette that every martial arts novice should follow.

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Introduce yourself to gym instructors, staff and members.

World Cup Jiu-Jitsu Champion Alex “Little Rock” Silva encourages all students to socialize and get to know each other.

“Everyone is here to learn,” he says. “We see each other in class every day, so getting to know our teammates and becoming friends makes learning more fun.”

How To Start Your Own Mma Gym

Always punctual.

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