Harry Potter Store In New York

Harry Potter Store In New York – If you’ve been craving one of the world’s greatest literary and cinematic characters of all time, you won’t want to miss the grand opening of the Harry Potter flagship store, which opens on Thursday, June 3. In the famous Flatiron district of New York.

Once inside the magical wonderland, the first three-story virtual reality experience located at 935 Broadway and a 3-minute walk from Madison Square Park, you’ll find many original Harry Potter props, authentic sets, costumes, and volumes. The volume will appear. “Behind the scenes” footage from all the Harry Potter films.

Harry Potter Store In New York

Harry Potter Store In New York

Harry Potter opens in New York on June 3. (Photo: Warner Bros. Studio Tour London) Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

Harry Potter New York Store

In addition to plenty of fan memorabilia, the New York location will include a more than 20,000-square-foot Butterbeer Bar, a place to enjoy the iconic Wizarding World drink, and a giant model of Phoenix Fawkes. down from the ceiling.

About 1,000 bottles will rise from the floor and “float above the bar as butterbeer magically travels through the ceiling in copper pipes. Draft butterbeer, butterbeer ice cream, and bottled butterbeer as well as world-inspired Choose from an array of would-be wizards.

The items for sale are inspired by the Harry Potter series and are divided into different houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin.

There are also 15 different themed areas, exclusive products and interactive elements that celebrate different aspects of the wizarding world.

Butterbeer Has Arrived At The Harry Potter Flagship Store In Nyc

Bags, books, clothing, collectibles, cosmetics, housewares, jewelry, soft toys, gifts, stationery and travel items, trunk items, and wand shop items will be available for purchase.

Amongst the wonders on display in store, fans will find some magical photo opportunities and more mystical offerings to experience and sample, from the Ministry of Magic’s London-style telephone box to an incredibly immersive to environments where you can pose in one of Hagrid’s shoes. . !

Wizarding World.com says the store will offer a special immersive experience during the summer months.

Harry Potter Store In New York

Fans will soon be able to try out two sensory VR adventures, the first being Chaos at Hogwarts, which invites users to step inside the beloved castle. The second is called “Wizard’s Tech Flight,” where fans will feel like they’re flying through the skies of London on a broomstick.

All About The Harry Potter Store In Nyc (with Prices)

Members of the Harry Potter Fan Club will be able to unlock additional surprises when exploring through the official app.

According to the website, the store will also have the world’s largest collection of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts merchandise, ranging from pocket money to rare collectibles.

People can also buy Wizarding World products and Harry Potter exclusives handpicked from New York at the online store.

“This will be the largest dedicated Harry Potter store in the world and a must-visit for fans, where Harry Potter enthusiasts will experience a myriad of interactive experiences and images as they step into the magic,” said Senior Vice President Sarah Roots. can enjoy the opportunities.” President of Warner Bros. Worldwide Travel and Retail. “We are thrilled to be opening in New York. With so many dedicated Wizarding World fans, a cutting-edge retail environment, and a community that embraces innovative experiences, it’s an ideal city to start.

The Harry Potter Store Nyc Review

We may receive compensation if you purchase a product or sign up for an account using one of the links on our site. Harry Potter has a fantastic new store in New York – now officially open. Read on to learn more about it and get your first look inside!

Wizards and witches may have Diagon Alley, but now we have Harry Potter in New York, a new three-story retail experience with the largest collection of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts products under one roof. From photo opportunities to upcoming virtual reality experiences, here’s just a glimpse of what to expect.

Located at 935 Broadway, next to the iconic historic Flatiron Building, Harry Potter New York is much more than your average shopping experience, offering 15 different themed areas, exclusive products and interactive elements that celebrate different aspects of the wizarding world. are

Harry Potter Store In New York

Upon entering Harry Potter New York, visitors will be greeted by a giant, floating model of Focus the Phoenix, created especially for the new store. Created over several months by a specialist props team, the Focus weighs in at over 100kg and is one of the many subtleties you can expect. In fact, the store will have hundreds of Wizarding World props, including some authentic ones from the movies.

The 7 Coolest Things To Do At Harry Potter New York

With so many amazing details on display in the store, fans will have a number of photo opportunities on each floor, from the Ministry of Magic’s London-style phone box to a more immersive environment where you can wear one of Hagrid’s shoes. Can pose in one! We’re sure you’ve never had a photo opportunity like this before.

Additionally, Harry Potter New York is also planning to venture into the realm of virtual reality, with a special immersive experience coming to the store later this summer. Fans will soon be able to experience two sensory VR adventures, the first, Chaos at Hogwarts, which invites users to step into their beloved castle, and the second, Wizards Take Flight, which will give fans a sense of flight. The sky over London. Stay tuned for more updates on this upcoming feature later this summer once the store opens!

The interactions don’t stop there. With our official app members of our very own Harry Potter Fan Club will be able to unlock extra surprises as they explore. For additional information about the store and environment, and for some behind-the-scenes snippets of your shopping experience, simply check out our Magic Keys that can be scanned in your app. These keys are placed insecurely around the shop so please be careful.

Harry Potter New York leaves no stone unturned when it comes to detail with every inch of magical nuance and fan-favorite story moments. For example, fans can try out the wand of their choice on the interactive wand table, just like Harry did at Ollivander’s. The store even has its own wand shop, with more than 50 wands inspired by characters, locations and props from the wizarding world. This includes wands you won’t see anywhere else, such as the Golden Snitch Wand, made especially for Harry Potter in New York.

Photo Tour: I Tried The Butterbeer Inside The ‘harry Potter’ Store

Even the products that fans can buy in-store have been specialised, introducing a personalization area. Here, shoppers can browse a selection of unique products, as well as add their name to many of the items they choose, such as engraving their wand, embroidery on Hogwarts house robes, or a Print in magazines.

Harry Potter in New York will be a store of many firsts. For example, it will be the first time that fans in the US will be able to visit Mena Lima, home of the graphic designers who created the iconic props seen in the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films. An area of ​​the store will be dedicated to Mena Lima’s artwork, ranging from the cover of the Daily Prop and Quibbler to Harry’s own Hogwarts acceptance letter. You can learn more about MinaLima on their official website.

The sheer breadth of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts items means that every fan of the wizarding world will find something special here and take part in many other unique experiences. We can’t wait to see what you all think!

Harry Potter Store In New York

Harry Potter opens today in New York. You can find out more about the store at HarryPotterStore.com, and some of the store’s products are currently available online at HarryPotterShop.com. Covid-19 guidelines will apply at Harry Potter New York.

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New York, your acceptance letter to Hogwarts is here – New York’s most magical place, the Harry Potter Store in New York, is now open.

We’ve been waiting for a year to walk through these magical doors and finally got to check it out. Harry Potter fan? You’re going to flip.

Harry Potter Store New York

Every detail of the Harry Potter store in New York was intricately designed.

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