Gift Ideas New Business

Gift Ideas New Business – There’s never been a greater need for Small Business Saturday. To say that this year has been tough for small business owners would be the understatement of the century.

Small shops in our cities and private businesses in the country need our help, and while in recent years I have always enjoyed shopping in small shops, this time it was a mission.

Gift Ideas New Business

Gift Ideas New Business

This year, Robert and I are especially proud to work on home projects with STIHL, who sell their outdoor tools only through local dealers, and support independent V Stands to help local businesses thrive.

Small Business Holiday Gift Guide • One Lovely Life

So when STIHL asked me if I wanted to join them around small businesses and share some of my personal favorites, I was all in! And he loves me more than his company.

I’ve rounded up 100 beautiful gifts for him, her, kids, grandparents, and for the home made by personal boutiques and my favorite small businesses from Etsy and hope they’ll help some of us just bless our Christmas shopping. not list, but also bless our neighbors and friends who need us now more than ever.

Do you know of any great small businesses to buy Christmas gifts for this year? Or are you a store owner yourself? Put their names in the comments so we can make this post a great source of support! Small Business Holiday Gift Guide – Shop small businesses and support small businesses this holiday season with ideas for everyone on your list!

Welcome to the first gift guide of the season! I’m going to be doing a few posts over the next few weeks to help you with your holiday shopping, and I’m super excited about today’s guide: The Small Business Holiday Gift Guide!

Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Small Business Saturday

It’s been a rough year (to say the least) and small businesses need our help and support more than ever. I enjoy being able to give my money to a family or team that has built a business that they are passionate about. You tend to get more unique items, which often come with little extras like personalized packaging, a few charms or accessories thrown in, etc. that just add to the special feeling.

So, without further ado, here are some of our favorite small businesses to support this holiday season. (None of it is paid or sponsored in any way.)

StoryWorth is one of our favorite gifts for adults this year. My siblings and I gave our parents a subscription for Mother’s and Father’s Day this year, so it was fun getting weekly stories from our parents. You can choose from suggested questions or come up with your own, and your parents can submit their story as an email each week. letter. At the end of the subscription, all their stories are combined into one book! It makes a great gift for parents, grandparents or in-laws!

Gift Ideas New Business

We love baby radishes. You can review our experience in detail here, but in short, it’s a monthly cooking subscription for kids. Each month you’ll get 3 recipes that match the theme (which can be seasonal, multicultural, etc.), a fun bonus craft or activity, a collectible patch, and a full-size cookware set. Each recipe teaches your child a new cooking skill that is easily age-appropriate. They even have accommodations for common allergies and dietary restrictions!

Small Business Gift Ideas For The Reader In Your Life (or Maybe For Yourself!) — Mollie’s Bookshelf

(Fun fact: I often take photos for use on my website. Milo + Sophie does almost all the hand modeling you’ll see, and she regularly appears in Radish ads!)

Not sure you want a full subscription? You can buy a one-of-a-kind set (from previous months) to see what you think first!

The most beautiful family in the world owns the Queen Creek Olive Mill. (The cutest!) I’ve been to the olive grove and the room where the oil is bottled, and it’s a great process made with care and quality in mind. Their award-winning Balanced Oil is my everyday favorite, but they also sell flavored olive oils and vinegars that can enhance all kinds of dishes. This bottle makes a great gift for a hostess or mother-in-law! A Few Favorites:

Olive + June is my favorite thing about nails. They have quality nail polish (made without many harsh chemicals/additives) as well as nail tools that can help you achieve the perfect manicure or pedicure at home.

Unique Corporate Gift Ideas [updated Jan. 2023]

I often use Color CV in my recipe videos and love their kits for fun pedicures. Their 7-free topcoat is also super awesome. I feel like it really protects my manicure and it lasts longer (which is great considering how much I do with my hands!).

I met Lynsey (celebrity makeup artist and creator of Flake Cosmetics) at an event a few years ago and she was as nice as could be. When she launched her makeup line I knew I had to try it and I was not disappointed!

Her Flake Eyeshadow Palettes are basically drawn by eyeshadow counts – for beginners and makeup pros alike! I love that there aren’t really any I colors

Gift Ideas New Business

To use, and its brush set makes application easy. I have a nice palette and use the brush set every day, even if I don’t do full eyeshadow. (The palette + brush set is the best deal ever!)

New Gift Ideas For Small Business Owners

Not sure which colors to buy? You can use their quiz or even email. Letter in the photo and they will give you a free personal consultation!

I love that Safe + Fair was founded by two fathers of children with food allergies. They never skimp on flavor and their popcorn and granola are our favorites. I recommend the Honeycrisp Apple Pie Granola and the All Flavor Popcorn.

Fun flavored popcorn makes a great gift with movie ticket or movie rental gift cards, or with nice cards or gift cards for neighbors or teachers.

The tightest dresses you can find. Alice & Ames is a really nice family owned company that makes fun clothes that your daughter will love. We used them for years and most were still in good enough shape to pass our cousins!

Holiday Gift Ideas For Small Business Entrepreneurs In 2023

Baddies is another great mom-owned business! Their company makes our favorite children’s beds – we have the ones in Milo and Sophie’s room. It’s designed so that 2- and 3-year-olds can make their own bed and almost always look tidy. It’s perfect for bunk beds, campers, and RVs!

I absolutely love Bravery magazine and have been sharing about them for years. This quarterly magazine features the amazing heroes of the story, bringing their life stories to the magazines along with crafts, games, projects, recipes, STEM ideas, amazing art, fun challenges and more. Both kids love getting new questions in the mail. Subscribe or order copies of back issues here.

(PS – Subscriptions also come with digital downloads of PDF copies of any craft/project pages that multiple kids can work on!)

Gift Ideas New Business

If you’re looking for other great magazines for kids, you might like Mighty Kind Kids, Honest History, or Ditto Magazines. Everyone has different stories and activities that we loved!

Standwithsmall Shopping On Etsy

If you have a little adventurer or jumper in your life, London Littles makes adorable, book-inspired shoes for kids. Milo wore a pair after long miles and loved them so much we ordered another.

Sarah Jane (author/illustrator of Grandma’s Dutch Books) March started with everyday activities for children through her business, Rising Wonder, and has expanded these crafts and learning activities into courses, packages and books. We love her coloring pages and nature camps, and her creative base is a great way to complement learning at home and find new ways to explore and create at home. Shop all of her options here.

Young Wild & Friedman saved our days at the start of our month long journey. Her play dough sets and sensory boxes are amazing and keep my kids busy for hours. We also used several manipulations for other sensory sets. So fun! We had a lot of fun with the 4-pack with the mini set, but her full size sets are just as much fun! If you’re really in love, she even has a monthly subscription!

What is your favorite small business to support for the holidays? I want to discover some new ones! No longer supports older versions of your web browser to protect user data. Update to the latest version.

The Ultimate Small Business Father’s Day Gift Guide

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Gift Ideas New Business

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