Free Gift Ideas For Customers Small Business

Free Gift Ideas For Customers Small Business – We are a couple of housewives working to uncover the home we desire for our home. And we’re so glad you’re here.

Browse the store for before, after, mood boards, projects, failures and successes. We made many plans and they are all here. We have a longstanding relationship with DIY and love to roll up our sleeves and do it. Even if you don’t want to tear down a wall, you can make the most of this space in your home. Currently Browse All Browse All Browse All02 01 03

Free Gift Ideas For Customers Small Business

Free Gift Ideas For Customers Small Business

We wanted to start this year’s gift guides by highlighting some of our favorite small businesses that make great gifts! Small businesses often need extra time to process and ship orders, especially when it comes to handmade orders. So we want to get this out as soon as possible! Here we’ve linked some great small businesses that we love and collected earlier this year that are worth checking out!

Awesome Gifts Under $20 That Won’t Get Thrown Out

1. Heirloom Print Shop – Landscape Art $11 This shop is filled with so many beautiful prints that match so many different homes. If you have someone on your list who is interested in home decor, this is a gift that will be well received!

2. Baby Blue Print – Pewter Ultrasound $40 I have one of these ultrasound prints for each of my girls and they are so timeless and special and the perfect gift for a mom-to-be!

3. Heirloom Kids – Bunny Pull-Toy $39 This store is filled with the cutest American-made toys for kids that will last forever.

4. The Quinn – Cutting Board $43 One of our favorite gifts is a gorgeous charcuterie board and some fun cheese to start.

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5. Xasmin Interiors – Pillowcase $78 I’ll take one of each pillow in this store, please!

6. Wayfaren – Personalized Wooden Keepsake Box $90 I think there is something very special about giving someone a safe and beautiful place to keep memories. Great paired with an Instax camera.

7. Plain Jane Poppy Stripe Pajama Set $40 The softest pajamas I’ve ever worn, I had to get each of my girls one. In earnest. You will be amazed and very proud to build these.

Free Gift Ideas For Customers Small Business

A fresh set of stylish towels is exciting! I brought them to a favorite party!

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9. Rahel K. Hadley – Virtual Cooking Class $45 Want to gift an experience? I love the idea of ​​this virtual cooking class!

10. Walker Family Goods – Lunch Box $32 My favorite duffle bag brand now makes a lunch box and bum bag and lots of other cute tote bags in great colors with lots of storage.

11. Bookshop – Home $16 A cute book from a local store. (More favorite books to give away here!)

12. Gold Hill Candle Co – Oakmoss & Amber Soy Candle $48 I keep buying this candle. I love Gold Hill – they have some great Christmas scents, 30% off this week! To run!

Small Business Gift Ideas

14. Poppy & Pout Lip Balm Set $39 The loveliest lip balm in delicious scents and flavors. (The packaging is awesome too!)

15. Rostock Toys – Wooden Animals $49 My girls are obsessed with animals and little toys and the fact that all of these little animals can fit in this cute little storage house made me so excited to give it to Polly!

16. A Family Print Shop – Silhouette Locket $115 I’ve always thought that giving a locket was a very thoughtful and almost romantic gift. Jewelry that captures what is in your heart to wear next to your heart. i love it so much

Free Gift Ideas For Customers Small Business

18. Host & Home – Clay Cleanser $28 It’s been a really big year for self-care and this shop is full of soothing cleaning products and beautiful magazines and fabrics and more.

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Visit for more small businesses, manufacturers and stores near you. We love this new resource!

Semi-Handcrafted Our wood grain shaker cabinet fronts are designed for busy, high-traffic homes like ours. The line features durable textured thermal sheets and is compatible with IKEA’s Section, Akurum, Godmorgan and Besta wardrobes. It is the perfect and practical way to add the warmth of wood to any room in your home. Cooperations Find out more

Loloi We made it affordable creating a range of affordable rugs with Loloi. The collection offers a great mix of traditional and modern rugs in country tones as well as vintage-inspired beauties that you’ll want to highlight in any room. Cooperations Find out more

ProperTee For the homebody in everyone, ProperTee is our snuggly/cool range of apparel marked with odes to staying and partying indoors. Cooperations Find out more

Unique Gifts For People Who Have Everything In 2022

STUGA We have teamed up with Stuga for a range of hardwood floors – Ingrid is really homely and the color is very neutral. It doesn’t warm or cool, it stays in the thick of it. We really love having it everywhere in our house. It’s an excellent starting point for design, whatever your interior style. Ingrid is not only beautiful but also very durable – we have three children and we always have a house building project. Ingrid faces everything. Cooperations Find out more

Looking for our favorite items? A place to shop room by room in our home or find out what Julia is wearing/loving at the moment? Browse the CLJ store.

Love Where You Live In an industry designed to get you excited, we want to be where you come for inspiration, ideas and encouragement to make the space you’re already in feel like home feels. Love Stories Read all posts

Free Gift Ideas For Customers Small Business

Design Before, After, Moodboards, Projects, Failures, Victories. We made many plans and they are all here.

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We have a longstanding relationship with DIY and love to roll up our sleeves and do it. Projects Even if you don’t want to tear down a wall, you can make the most of the space in your home. right now Read more Read more Read more02 01 03

Last week Chris and I had the amazing opportunity to travel to London for work. Williams Sonoma and William Morris & Co invited us to give a sneak peek at their new collaboration and the inspiration behind it. It was my first time in London and although it was a short trip they took us everywhere […]

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Welcome to our online community where we’ve been posting articles about home improvement, DIY, style, renovations and family since ’09. Renovating our #cljmoderncottage in Idaho and embarking on new adventures in Raleigh, NC. #cljfam #cljtransformations Small Business Christmas Gift Guide – Shop small businesses and support small businesses this holiday season for everyone on your list!

Hooray for the season’s first gift guide! I plan on making several posts over the next few weeks to help with Christmas shopping and I’m really excited for today’s guide: The Small Business Christmas Gift Guide!

Free Gift Ideas For Customers Small Business

It’s been a year (to say the least), so small businesses need our help and support more than ever. I’m happy to put my money into helping a family or team that has built a business that interests them. They tend to get more unique items that come with little extras like personalized packaging, little tags or extras thrown in, etc. that only add to the special feeling.

Sustainable Gift Ideas For The Holiday Period

So, without further ado, here are some of our favorite small businesses supporting this holiday season. (None of this is paid for or sponsored in any way.)

Storyworth is one of our favorite gifts we’re giving the adults in our lives this year. My siblings and I gave my parents a subscription for Mother’s and Father’s Day this year and it was so much fun getting the weekly stories from my parents. You can choose from suggested questions or create your own, and your parents will submit their story via email each week. At the end of the subscription, all of their stories will be added to the book! It’s a great gift for parents, grandparents or in-laws!

We love radish babies. You can review our experience in detail here, but in short, this is a monthly cooking subscription for kids. Each month, you’ll receive 3 recipes that fit a specific theme (be it seasonal, multicultural, etc.), a fun bonus craft or activity, a collectible patch, and a full-size cooking pot. Each recipe teaches your child new cooking skills that can be easily adapted based on their age. They even have accommodations for common allergies and dietary restrictions!

(Fun fact: I often take photos to use on their website. Milo + Sophie will do all the hand modeling you do

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