Christmas Gift Ideas For Real Estate Clients

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Finding holiday gifts for local customers can be difficult. you need something that will impress your customers, but you need it to fit your budget.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Real Estate Clients

Christmas Gift Ideas For Real Estate Clients

In this post, we have covered 10 equally affordable but interesting Christmas gift ideas for local customers. And where do we get these gifts? Etsy, of course!

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If you’ve been following this page for a while, you know that we regularly use Etsy for business plan products, calendars, and promotional materials. But Etsy is also our go-to for unique gift ideas with a personal touch.

Before we dive into the list, let’s look at some gift giving principles. If you read our popular scholarship post, you already know the rules. But here’s a quick summary with a little twist especially for Christmas gift giving:

Help your new buyers from last year put their own stamp on their new home with a custom address plate

There are just so many options when it comes to personalized wall art! Make it home-centric to help your customers remember that the gift came from the great businessman who helped them buy the home.

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Lawn games are a blast. And you can order personalized lawn games on Etsy. Who wants some Yardzee?

From traditional small bowls to fancy side dishes, serving platters are always impressive. And as a bonus, when your customers serve their friends and family, you can bet people will be asking where they got those special dishes. This gives your customers the perfect opportunity to talk about you!

Affordable to get all your purchases from last year, even if you’re on a budget, these “Master” coffee mugs make such a great Christmas gift!

Christmas Gift Ideas For Real Estate Clients

Custom graphics may be a bit more expensive than some of the ideas on this list, but can you think of something that will surprise and delight your customers?

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Simple and comfortable pillows help make a house feel like home. These Cozy Home throw pillows are sure to be a hit with your customers. You can even customize them!

A stemless wine glass is a great Christmas gift. You can personalize them with your customers’ names or even have your state printed on these trendy Shindig glasses.

. You know how it is when someone gets a party delivered to the office; everyone wants to know who came out and what happened. Your client will tell all his colleagues about their professional agent, who continues to spoil them even after the sale is closed. Watch the reviewers roll as these bouquet baskets got the office all talking! THE CONTENTS IN THIS ARTICLE ARE PROVIDED FOR INFORMATION ONLY AND DO NOT CONSTITUTE PROFESSIONAL ADVICE. THIS MATERIAL AND YOU SHOULD CONDUCT YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND/OR SEEK THE ADVICE OF APPROPRIATE EXPERIENCE FOR YOUR PARTICULAR SITE BEFORE TAKING ACTION. Home Warranty LANDMARK IS NOT LIABLE AND SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS ALL LIABILITY FOR THE USE OF ANY INFORMATION CONTAINED HEREIN.

Regardless of the season, homeowners are always looking for unique gifts for the home. A good housewarming gift not only shows your customers how much you appreciate them, but also reminds them of your service as a talking point for your guests. When you do a great job and follow it up with a special closing gift, you get something great in return: speakers!

Simple Resources To Get You Free Christmas Gifts

When thinking of the perfect closing gift for your buyers, it’s important to remember that it’s not about you. Most real estate agents give gifts with their logo, they have contact information on them so the new home owner doesn’t feel they can use it or show it off. While the idea behind these branded gifts may be to remind the host every time they look at it, a thoughtful gift without a brand will have a greater impact!

Follow Landmark’s closing gift guide and you’ll be sure to give gifts your customers will enjoy and remember long after closing.

Make your customers remember you every time they arrive at the front door of their new home! Do you want to match your customers’ style or go the extra mile and personalize it with their names. Either way, a welcome mat is a great idea to keep new floors looking nice and tidy.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Real Estate Clients

Once your homeowners have closed on their new home, the next step is of course to move their tools and furniture in to make their home! Make it a little easier for them by hiring movers for a moving day! We guarantee they will remember your generosity and enjoy their moving experience more than they would without this gift.

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Are your customers moving to an unfamiliar neighborhood without a great support system? Throw them a wonderful party and invite everyone! This is the best way to introduce them to their neighbors and you can make a few contacts for yourself too!

Are your buyers the type to sit in or host a fancy dinner party? If so, this next gift will be perfect for them. Get them a beautiful custom wood cutting board with their last name or monogrammed with their initials! Not only will they remember you while cooking dinner, but this is a great statement for the hosts to mention your name and talk about your service.

Are your clients moving from a home that doesn’t have a yard to one that does? If so, they probably don’t have many vegetables. After all, who would have gloves and gardening gloves without having a garden to grow things in? Talk to your buyers and see if they have a green thumb. If they’re itching to plant come spring, vegetables will be well received as the ultimate gift! These products cover a major need for many new homeowners.

Another gift that will impress and help new homeowners is a lawn mower! Many homeowners who have never owned a home with a lawn before do not own a lawn mower. Get them one and help them mow their lawn for the first time! They can’t stop talking about the amazing service.

Unique Real Estate Closing Gifts That Wow

Are your customers moving from hot climates to snowy winters? Buy them a snow thrower or snow shovel and come and herald their first snow ride. They will be talking about your closing gift for years to come.

If new homeowners aren’t moving into a home with a yard, there’s no reason you can’t bring some greenery into their home. Buy them a plant or two (they can be fake!), or for a more hands-on approach, turn them into a terrarium.

A home warranty is a smart and useful gift for new homeowners. Protects home systems and devices when they fail from wear and tear. In fact, most new homeowners don’t know much more about their home’s layout and fixtures than what was found in their home inspection. Protect them from the unknowns that arise in the first year of home ownership by purchasing a Landmark home warranty.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Real Estate Clients

Many new homeowners dream of turning their new home into a smart home, but they usually don’t have the money for it – especially after buying a home! Offer smart home products as closing gifts to your tech-savvy buyers. Smart home products can be expensive, but they make the ultimate gift. Buy a smart home speaker like Echo or Echo Dot. With this start to their smart home, they can easily branch out to get their smart speaker to control their lights, outlets, thermostat, TV and more!

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If your customers already have a smart speaker, find something else that is compatible with smart speakers. Consider buying a Nest Smart Thermostat or a smart lighting device.

Trying to find the perfect last minute gift for a buyer who loves interior design? Find a place for them to hang the new house keys! Private key storage is a utility tool. Just be sure to find an option that fits your seller’s style and taste…and their new home!

If you want something personal, but aren’t sure about getting your new buyers a keychain, find something different to hang on their wall or display. Order a design or painting for their new home or family.

You can get a graphic that shows the last names of your buyers in pictures or a printed edition that has a new home GPS connection.

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If you’re stuck on home gifts that appeal to new buyers, consider getting them something seasonal! If they celebrate Christmas, buy a new Christmas tree

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