Vision Advertising

Vision Advertising – MASON, Ohio–( BUSINESS WIRE )–LensCrafters is proud to launch a global creative campaign that encourages consumers to stop and wonder about the important role lenses play in their emotional lives, personal identity and overall health. Titled “Take a Stand for Quality Vision Care,” the campaign expresses LensCrafters’ passion for celebrating the eye and serving as a partner in total vision care—providing trusted eye care and exceptional Synchronization of springs. LensCrafters is the North American representation of the I Love global retail brand family, which includes LensCrafters China (China), OPSM (Australia) and GMO (South America). The campaign will be launched by LensCrafters on Sunday 2nd February and on March 2014 by LensCrafters China and GMO.

“Take a Stand for Quality Vision Care” encourages viewers to rethink the eyewear retail category and believe they are taking care of their eyes. This encourages the public to seek qualified partners who understand the importance of the eye not only to vision but to the entire life experience. The campaign features striking imagery paired with bold, provocative language that captures the emotional essence of the eyes and the precious importance of vision. It expresses the experience of looking deep into someone’s eyes and getting lost, discovering their humanity and measuring their soul.

Vision Advertising

Vision Advertising

Owned by Luxottica—the leader in premium, luxury and sports eyewear—LensCrafters is truly a leading provider of complete vision care. The brand serves vision care specialists, including eye doctors and ophthalmologists; A personalized experience by knowledgeable staff backed by proprietary technologies, and a comprehensive selection of high quality and name brand eyewear.

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“The new campaign is more than a new creative direction—it’s a common vision for our brand, that everyone who walks into our stores sees what they love and what they see,” says Eric Anderson, SVP and GM. He loves her.” Lens Crafters. “We achieve this by offering the latest technologies for fitting and selecting glasses and high-quality branded eyewear. The campaign challenges people to rethink how they care for their vision. And who they trust to help them along the way.

With its 30-year history, Lenscrafters is a leader in optical retailing, with more locations than any other retailer in North America. Owned by Luxottica Group, a leader in premium, luxury and sports eyewear with approximately 7,000 optical and sun retail stores in North America, Asia Pacific, China, South Africa, Latin America and Europe. LensCrafters I Love is part of a global retail brand family that provides complete vision care through trusted eye care and quality eyewear. Under the I Love brand, including Lenscrafters China (China), OPSM (Australia) and GMO (South America), they inspire people to love their sense of sight, invest in new technology and offer an exceptional range of eyewear. are encouraged to do. with their parent company, the Luxoteca Group. The brands share a heritage of care and innovation that collectively spans more than 80 years.

With approximately 7,000 optical and sun retail stores in North America, Asia Pacific, China, South Africa, Latin America and Europe, the Luxottica Group is a leader in premium, luxury and sports eyewear and a strong, balanced brand portfolio. House brands include the world’s most famous sunglass brands Ray-Ban, Oakley, Vogue Eyewear, Persol, Oliver Peoples, Alain Mickley, Arnett and REVO, while licensed brands include Giorgio Armani, Bulgari, Burberry, Chanel, Coach, Dolce & Gabbana. Gabbana included. , Donna Karan, Polo Ralph Lauren, Prada, Stark Eyes, Tiffany and Versace. In addition to a global wholesale network spanning 130 different countries, the group operates leading retail chains in key markets, including LensCrafters, Pearl Vision and ILORI in North America, OPSM and Laubman & Pank in Asia Pacific, LensCrafters in China, Latin Contains GMOs. . USA and sunglasses hit worldwide. The Group’s products are designed and manufactured in six production plants in Italy, two wholly-owned plants in the People’s Republic of China, one plant in Brazil and one plant dedicated to the manufacture of sports eyewear in the United States. In 2012, the Luxoteca Group posted net sales of more than €7.0 billion. Additional information about the Group is available at

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