New Employee Gift Basket

New Employee Gift Basket – New Employee Welcome Gift Basket Show your new employee how excited you are to have them on your team with our unique new hire gift basket.

At All the Buzz, we’ve been creating delicious gift baskets in San Jose since 2004 and have helped hundreds of Silicon Valley companies from all industries welcome their new employees.

New Employee Gift Basket

New Employee Gift Basket

We offer a variety of employee gift ideas, from bespoke employee appreciation gifts for new hires to fully customized gift baskets to represent your business just as personalized. See what we’ve done with the iSolved gift basket shown above!

Best New Hire Welcome Kits Ultimate List Of Examples & Ideas

“I have worked with All the Buzz for several years. Sean is very creative and I always admire the gifts he brings together. We incorporate our company branded items into the gifts and the logo ribbon really makes the gifts stand out! I won’t go anywhere else!” Lee L, Yelp Review 3/4/2018

Over the years we have had several clients use our services to create personalized gifts for their new hires. They often put together a kit for their new employees with their orientation workbook, maps of nearby restaurants and hotspots, a layout of their office, a list of company holidays, or other company goodies to include in the giveaways. We can help with corporate swag.

Do you have a special design you would like us to make? We can do it. We can also add your company logo to mugs, water bottles, key rings, cutting boards, magnets, cookies and more and include them in your gift baskets, as well as branded bows and ribbons in over 20 different colours, sizes and patterns. . Match your company’s brand image. If your company has its own gift items, we would be happy to use them too. Vinyl lettering can be added to select gift baskets for under $10. Check out our Custom Gift Baskets page to see more of what we offer!

When we finish our custom work, we put it all together in a fun gift basket to send directly to your new employee’s home or corporate office. While we are based in San Jose and have the pleasure of serving many businesses throughout the Bay Area and Silicon Valley, we also ship nationwide!

Corporate Gift Ideas For Employees

Need some more ideas to put in your gift basket for your new employees? Check out our helpful list below.

We have many creative ideas for you. Below is a small sample of some corporate-style employee appreciation gifts we’ve been giving recently.

Our Set & Go New Employee Gift Program We plan ahead and have your personalized gift basket ready to be packed and delivered. Just a quick phone call.

New Employee Gift Basket

Some companies use our Set & Go New Hire gift program so that whenever their new hire is available, it’s just a phone call away to get the order and send the gift basket to the new hires.

Diy Employee Gift Ideas With Free Printables

First, we meet over the phone or Zoom to design your gift basket. Next, you’ll send us everything we need to create your own new hire gift, such as your logo, any branded items you’d like to include beyond what we have, and any other personal touches and gifts you’d like to include. You decide how much you think we should keep in stock. (We don’t know how often you rent.)

Everything will be ready to go here next time you get a new employee. All you have to do is call us and let us know where to send the gift. We ship nationwide, but also hand deliver in the city of San Jose and Santa Clara County.

A personalized new hire gift basket is sure to show employee appreciation and show your new team member that you are interested in working with them. Order a new rental gift basket from them today! We can help you with all your onboarding gifts.

Don’t see something you like? Then let us order a personalized gift basket just for you! You can even add customized and/or branded items!

Employee Gift Basket

Why pay for shipping if you’re in the Bay Area? Come to our Hive in San Jose to pick up M-F by appointment. It’s no secret that there is a strong relationship between employee recognition and retention. The employee survey found that 44% of employees would change jobs because they didn’t get enough recognition for their efforts, and 69% would feel encouraged to say so if they received better employee rewards.

First impressions are key, so efforts to recognize and reward employees should start on day one. And since decision making is 70% emotional and only 30% rational, how new employees feel about their new job on an emotional level is a very important part of onboarding.

In this article, we’ll explore how to leverage corporate gifts to make your new employees feel welcome and excited about their first day on the job!

New Employee Gift Basket

A new employee welcome gift or onboarding gift is a popular way to welcome and celebrate new team members with a company. Gift giving is an important part of overall employee recognition, but it’s a simple and effective way to make a good first impression. A gift will engage new employees on a sensitive level and start their employment off on the right foot.

Hotel Welcome Basket Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Depending on whether they work remotely or in the office, a welcome gift may be waiting for them at their desk or in their home. The gift can be a “welcome kit” containing everything the new employee might need to get started, including practical items like an employee handbook, or the gift can be purely fun and celebratory.

Investing in welcome gifts for new team members benefits your employees and your business. Onboarding gifts make your employees feel welcome and celebrated, making them more enthusiastic and engaged team members. Better employee engagement helps with retention rates, which can save your company time and money in the long run.

Plus, the new hire gift is an opportunity to express and share your company’s values ​​and culture with new team members. For example, if sustainability is one of your core values, you can offer an eco-friendly gift in sustainable packaging to convey this concept and educate your employees on what is most important to your company.

As a bonus, welcome gifts to new employees can help build brand awareness, company reputation, and even talent acquisition. Many new hires share photos and updates from their first day on the job on social media or within their personal and professional networks. Also, if your housewarming gift includes a few branded items, it will help build more brand recognition over time.

Pop The Cork

Of course, gifting new employees is only effective when done right; An inadequate or wasted gift can do more harm than good! To point you in the right direction, here are five popular types of gifts for new hires and some specific ideas for each:

Branded items aren’t always preferred by existing employees, but they’re perfect for welcoming new team members. If you own any designer clothing or corporate “swag,” be sure to include it as part of your housewarming gift. You can add a small logo to something more unique, like an insulated coffee mug, notebook, laptop case, headphones… the list goes on. However, it’s important not to go overboard with your branding. Instead, keep it subtle and tasteful and only include a few branded items with other gifts. Then top it all off with beautiful brand packaging!

Another great item to include in a housewarming gift is one that helps educate new employees about your company’s core values ​​and mission statement, such as a book written by your founder or a book inspired by your mission statement. Another idea is to give your new employees samples of your products (or a gift card) so they get to know your brand from the customer’s point of view, which will make them better employees.

New Employee Gift Basket

New hires may not be equipped with everything they need on day one, so make sure you cover the basics, whether it’s a notebook, pen, mouse pad, etc. Surprise them if you decide to give them a notebook With a nice welcome note on the front page. Beyond the essentials, think about what can help boost their productivity and make their workday more enjoyable, like a wireless charging pad for their desk or a stylish computer backpack (“We’ve got your back!”).

Employee Appreciation Gift Baskets & Personalized Boxes: Saul Good Gift Co.

While welcome gifts/kits are a great opportunity to include practical items, make sure you make it feel like a party. Add some luxe items like locally made treats or festive beverages. Or include a gift card to your favorite cafe or lunch spot (taking into account dietary restrictions).

Royal gifts are a big part of the equation. To make the gift more personal and thoughtful, be sure to seal it with a card, ideally signed

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