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Corporate Volunteer Programs Benefits To Business

By | May 30, 2023

Corporate Volunteer Programs Benefits To Business – Summary. Across society, volunteering has been stagnant or in slight decline in recent years. However, in the corporate world though, it has increased. In fact, voluntary time off is one of the fastest growing employee benefits in the last five years. The benefits of well-designed volunteer programs are well established: they… Read More »

Corporate Employee Wellness Programs

By | March 23, 2023

Corporate Employee Wellness Programs – UnitedHealthcare’s Consumer Sentiment Survey: “Health Check” asked employees nationwide about their attitudes and knowledge about employer-sponsored health programs, with key findings including 59 percent of respondents saying the program has improved their health (Infographic: UnitedHealthcare). MINNETONKA, Minn.–( BUSINESS WIRE )–Most employees who access a workplace wellness program say it has a positive impact… Read More »

Corporate Volunteer Opportunities Chicago

By | March 19, 2023

Corporate Volunteer Opportunities Chicago – Last year, I asked for content recommendations and I loved that someone asked for a summary of volunteer opportunities in Chicago. It is always important to give back whether it is with your time or by donating materials/funds. And this year feels more important than ever. 2020 was very difficult for many. If… Read More »

Corporate Employee Engagement Programs

By | February 6, 2023

Corporate Employee Engagement Programs – Employee involvement is a key driver of community involvement and business success. Companies are increasingly looking at community organizations as an investment in recruitment and retention: When employees participate in volunteer or employer programs, they not only give back to their community on behalf of the company, but also Feel loyal to their… Read More »

Corporate Employee Volunteer Programs

By | February 3, 2023

Corporate Employee Volunteer Programs – Employees today are more aware of social responsibility and corporate values ​​play a greater role in their career choices. Job seekers want to be part of an organization that shares their values ​​and takes an active interest in serving the community or other defined goals. Creating an employee volunteer program not only attracts… Read More »

Corporate Employee Discount Programs

By | January 29, 2023

Corporate Employee Discount Programs – Employee discount programs have traditionally provided employees with a variety of discounted products and services. These services may include sporting events, Broadway shows, personal services (such as spa and beauty treatments), and electronics. Employee discount programs are becoming increasingly popular among large corporations and organizations. When employees use these discount programs, it generates… Read More »