Employee Recognition Gift Ideas

Employee Recognition Gift Ideas – Employee appreciation gifts are an effective way to motivate, recognize and engage your team, but finding the right gift for the right occasion can be challenging. We’ve compiled a top ten list of our favorite employee appreciation gifts to serve as your guide!

1. Bags. If employees are transporting items in and out of the building, wallets are very popular! There are many themes to choose from and we now carry a Team Tote bag featuring Baudville’s ever-popular Smart Sayings™. To spice things up a bit, put one of our gifts or other items in the bag as a fun surprise!

Employee Recognition Gift Ideas

Employee Recognition Gift Ideas

2. Twist Top Tumblers. This versatile mug is a Baudville employee and customer favorite! Teams love employee appreciation gifts like the Twist Top Tumbler because they get used every day. For an even sweeter treat, choose the Candy-Filled Twist Top Tumbler as an employee appreciation gift! Or get our classic glass and add your logo! The budget? We have glasses for that. Check out our Value Tumbler.

Unique And Affordable Employee Appreciation Gifts

3. Lapel pins. Want to know your employees but have a limited budget? Check out our huge selection of Lapel Pins and Character Pins™! The lapel can be worn by employees or placed on notice boards and backpacks. Choose your favorite way to display crutches with our button displays.

4. Notebook and pen gift sets. These lovely gift sets are perfect for an awards ceremony or event. Placed on individual place settings, these employee appreciation gifts will decorate the room and reinforce the theme of the event. in addition. Note Cube and Pen Gift Sets are practical gifts that all recipients can use at home or in the office. If you’ve already given our note cube and pen gift sets but are looking for similar options, check out our Goofy Guy Note Cubes or Note Clips.

5. Reveal the top note holders. Give your team our Flip Top notepads to keep organized. This vinyl case contains a two-year, 12-month calendar, eight sticky sheets, a sticky notepad, and a pen. The perfect gift for employees who like to stay organized or coworkers who swear by the “organized chaos” method! Can’t find the right title? Add your logo to this favorite instead!

6. Group swing. Our smart sayings t-shirts have quickly become popular with our customers. T-shirts are suitable for corporate events or if you want to give gifts to your employees on casual days. You can add your company logo and/or custom text – or order it as is! If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the Smart Saying category, we also have event and themed t-shirts!

Top 10 Employee Recognition Gifts

7. Behavior Tins. Personalized employee recognition gifts are the best choice to recognize major achievements and service milestones. When designing this character tin gift set, include the recipient’s name, the date, and the award title or award. You can customize the gift set to add your logo! If you’re a fan of our character boxes, check out our executive carbon fiber pen set or flashlight and pen gift sets.

8. Travel containers. You’ll know you’ve got the best employee recognition gifts when you see your team using them in and out of the office. Whether it’s a coffee shop at work or a group of employees who love their coffee, everyone can make good use of travel coffee mugs. And with a sense of recognition, it also effectively strengthens your recognition! Also check out our coffee lover gift collection.

9. Key chains. Affordable, yet decorative keychains are great to have on hand for on-the-spot recognition. When employees hold their keys, they’ll remember that their hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed!

Employee Recognition Gift Ideas

10. Priced coolers. Looking for a gift that your employees can use every day? Our price refrigerators are the perfect gift: affordable and practical! We have many themes to choose from, so you can mix and match! Perfect for a company picnic or as a thank you gift for your hardworking employees!

Employee Recognition Gifts & Custom Awards

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No matter what you call it, November officially kicks off with Mo (The Beard) Bros… Employee appreciation gifts send an inspiring message to your team and show your appreciation for their hard work and dedication in an inspiring way. The best employee recognition gifts are the ones your recipients really want, and you can choose or have your employees collect rewards points and spend them at a unique online employee store.

If you’re wondering when to give employee appreciation gifts, there are many options, including employee anniversaries, holiday parties, employee appreciation days, company barbecues, and more. So, to make sure you celebrate your team the right way, check out these popular employee appreciation gift ideas for 2023.

Employee Appreciation Ideas Your Staff Will Love

These phone stands are one of the best employee appreciation gifts for home or office use. An attractive desk accessory, staff members will be captivated by the beautiful bamboo wood and will appreciate that these creative employee recognition gifts are environmentally friendly. Give them to boost morale and keep your team engaged.

Give the gift of self-care with this thoughtful botanical and spa gift set. Complete with a vegan honey and turmeric sugar scrub, organic citrus and sunflower face spray, and sunflower, your employees will be excited to grow their career with your company after being rewarded with one of these unique employee appreciation gifts. .

Whether it’s for your morning coffee or to keep you hydrated throughout the day, travel mugs and tank tops are among the most popular employee rewards. This 20oz stainless steel tumbler has the added benefit of being filled with a bag of delicious chocolate. These are two amazing employee recognition products in one gift!

Employee Recognition Gift Ideas

Are there team members who are always on the go? From camping to beach trips, the backpack cooler features a padded back and convenient backpack straps to make your adventures a breeze. With room for up to 20 boxes, you’ll love these great employee appreciation gifts and thank you every time you go out.

Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas For Your Staff In 2022

Help employees charge their devices throughout the week so they don’t have to worry about running out of battery during an important phone call. These power banks are compact, making them convenient for travel and storage. Both Apple and Android™ have cable connectivity to meet the needs of all devices.

Let your employees know they’re doing a great job with these MopToppers® pens. Creative employee appreciation gifts that can be used around the office These pens are made with durable microfiber bristles that act as screen cleaners and a soft silicone tip for use on touchscreen devices. If you want to put a smile on your team’s face, place these team appreciation gifts on their desks as a fun surprise.

Warmth and comfort are some of the best employee appreciation gift ideas, and these blankets offer both. Durable polyester fleece with a waterproof PE backing makes them ideal for outdoor adventures. This means employees love it for picnics, camping, sports games, and more.

If you’re looking for employee recognition gifts, these stainless steel vacuum 12 ounce mugs are perfect for recognizing your team’s excellence. They have an attractive powder coating to highlight your message, and with a push-on, see-through lid, employees can enjoy their drinks at the desired temperature throughout the day.

Thanks For Being An Awesome Employee

Looking for some awesome employee appreciation gift ideas? Few people can resist these mouth-watering chocolate mages. Packaged in a fully customizable box that lets your employees know how much you appreciate their contribution, these unique and sweet gifts offer a completely different way to show your employees your appreciation.

These speakers are extremely versatile, allowing receivers to not only enjoy crisp and clear music, but also charge their devices with wireless charging options. Plus, these staff recognition gifts are made from 100% natural FSC certified bamboo board – a renewable and sustainable resource, so they’re eco-friendly.

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Employee Recognition Gift Ideas

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