Best Grand Opening Ideas

Best Grand Opening Ideas – Your company’s grand opening is an exciting and important and nerve-wracking time. To set the best tone for your business moving forward, it’s important to get it right. Our experts have created a list of proven small business grand opening ideas to help you get the word out and host the best event possible.

Social media is one of the best ways to reach a large audience for your grand opening. Spread the word through key mediums like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Snapchat, but don’t forget your native social media apps too.

Best Grand Opening Ideas

Best Grand Opening Ideas

Partnering with other local businesses to display marquees before your grand opening is a great way to build brand awareness and promote the big event at the same time.

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Try to break the world record for your business on grand opening day. It’s a great advertising spot and a unique draw for your business that’s sure to attract plenty of onlookers (and maybe attendees).

Whether you’re having a grand opening or not, it’s a good idea to hand out promotional items with your name on them. Use promotional products before, during and after the big day to keep your business in the spotlight.

Online social media is a powerful resource for advertising your grand opening, but don’t neglect traditional media along the way.

Television, radio, newspapers, and other print media are still great ways to make sure as many people as possible know about your new business and grand opening.

The Best 20 Grand Opening Tips For Small Businesses

Hanging flyers on telephone poles and public notice boards has been around for a long time. Because it is cheap and functional, it has remained a mainstay of advertising.

Partnering with a local charity to raise money for their efforts is a great way to bring community-minded people to your grand opening.

Choose a cause that’s near and dear to your heart or that benefits your local community and donate your money to that organization.

Best Grand Opening Ideas

To advertise your opening, have local cafes, coffee shops and other eateries serve their drinks in specially printed paper cups (with your information on them).

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They will be happy to reduce their expenses for a while and you will get good publicity for your business.

On opening day, hire a band to play classic hits for your guests. Not only can you advertise the band in advance to get people excited, but the sound and activity on the big day will attract people to your event.

If you’re opening a new restaurant or offering food in your business, serve up delicious dishes from your menu as an example of what customers can expect.

However, if you are not in the food industry, consider hiring a caterer to serve finger foods and other delicacies during your grand opening.

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Organizing a publicity stunt is an effective way to generate buzz before and during your inauguration. For example, choreograph a flash mob or create a human sign.

The past decades are a big draw for many people. Harness the power of nostalgia and bring more people to your grand opening by hosting a 70’s, 80’s or 90’s themed grand opening.

Choose a decade that resonates with your target audience and decorate with memorabilia from that era. Dress your staff in matching attire and invite attendees to rock their best ’80s hair or ’70s disco outfits.

Best Grand Opening Ideas

You can even take it a step further by booking a popular musical act (or tribute band) from that decade.

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Themed parties are all the rage now. You can use this popularity to your advantage by organizing your inauguration around a theme, such as a favorite show or movie.

People come in droves to see celebrities. Use this fact to attract people to your inauguration.

Also, don’t feel like you have to get a famous movie star to do this (that would be great if you could). Sometimes local influencers have just as much appeal as their more popular counterparts.

During the opening, you can get 50, 60 or 75 percent off certain products or services. This will entice visitors to try your business and keep coming back when they like what they see.

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While other events are going on inside your business, set up a booth or display outside to attract people.

Give your business a different feel and build a strong relationship with your community by bringing local artists to your grand opening. You can even continue to showcase their work after the grand opening to highlight and promote your community interests.

Get creative and harness the power of guerrilla marketing when launching your launch. For example, Chipotle restaurant hired local college kids to participate in community events. While there, they threw Chipotle T-shirts (folded into a burrito) into the crowd.

Best Grand Opening Ideas

Think about it and we’re sure you’ll find a unique way to market your grand opening.

Proven Grand Opening Ideas For Small Businesses

If your business caters to families, be sure to offer something for kids. Clowns, bounce houses, caricature artists—activities like these give kids of all ages something to do while adults check out your business.

Guided tours are a unique opportunity for people to see behind the scenes of your new business. During your opening, schedule tours every hour or half hour to give people a thorough introduction to your offerings.

Poker races aren’t just for motorcycles anymore. These fun events are also a great addition to, or even essential to, your grand opening.

Standard poker outlets are usually spread over a large geographic area (giving participants a chance to enjoy their turn), but you can tailor this walking event to a smaller location, or even your business.

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Set up checkpoints around your business or partner with nearby businesses to spread things out a bit and have a fun activity or party all around.

Then have everyone gather at your company at a certain time to see who wins. Fun for all ages!

As a great opening event, the scavenger hunt is a lot like a poker run, only with clues instead of cards.

Best Grand Opening Ideas

Round them all up at a certain time, give them the first clue, then leave them to follow the clues until the end of the hunt.

Best Grand Opening Slogans, Quotes And Captions

You can do it locally, or you can still partner with other local businesses to spread the hunt over a wider geographic area.

Consider offering small prizes to everyone who completes the challenge, and larger prizes for first, second, and third place. Be creative with how you set up your scavenger hunt and it will be fun for everyone.

Need a fun activity to spice up your opening? Try offering free ballroom dance lessons during the day.

With the right equipment and preparation, dance instructors can accommodate both small and large groups, so you don’t have to worry about how many people will show up.

Grand Opening Images

Schedule time for both fast and slow dances, such as swing, merengue, waltz, and tango. You can also arrange for participants to learn a simple group dance. Invite everyone back at the end of the day to practice what they learned at the open dance.

You may not have access to the open space associated with your business, but there is a botanical garden or park pavilion nearby. Why not throw a garden party?

You can even combine several of the suggestions on this list and turn your garden into a formal, catering affair, or the last stop at a poker round and lottery announcements site.

Best Grand Opening Ideas

Again, get creative and think outside the box for a fabulous garden party that can’t be beat!

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People of all ages love to dress up for fun occasions – and it doesn’t even have to be Halloween. Make your inauguration special by choosing a theme and asking attendees to dress up.

If your brand focuses more on luxury, consider making it a formal event or a Great Gatsby theme where the men wear tuxedos and the women wear fancy dresses.

If your business is more family-oriented, consider choosing a “kid-friendly” theme, such as superheroes, and give everyone a chance to pull off their Halloween costume once again.

The beauty of “clothing” is that you can do it anywhere. If you can’t get together physically or your clients are in other cities, states or countries, consider holding your grand opening simultaneously online.

Grand Opening Invitation Images

You can live stream physical parties and invite virtual attendees to dress up as the rest and enjoy a cocktail while you watch.

To make virtual attendees feel more welcome, remove their contact information and send them a coupon to encourage them to visit your business in person.

Few things attract attention like loud music, flashing lights, fun rides, and promises of great food and games.

Best Grand Opening Ideas

This may sound like a lot of extra

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